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24-01-07, 05:14 AM
well it took me a while but i finally remembered my camera

this is my paddock yesterday

and well no explanation needed here

and yes the 2 oldies are back together my "mate" took her(the black one) back for about a 3 weeks. but when he went to ride her she started pig rooting and carrying on sent him flying
so after a few rants and raves about me ruining her he through his arms in the air an told me to take her back then.
(owwwww what a pity)
funny but she hasn't even put a foot out of place since she came back!!!

24-01-07, 05:18 AM
Lol you made me laugh (though no laughing matter for you :().

I hope you get some rain soon. We have had so much lately and there is a thing called green grass everywhere. Hey this is great for us, Townsville has the nick name of Brownsville :).

Glad to see you have the Standie mare back :). Did he let you have it in writing? If not quick run and get him to give you a receipt for a $1.
The silly man, oh well at least she is home with you now :).


24-01-07, 05:37 AM
no no receipt
i tried but i don't think it will happen
hes one of those city slicker "i own a horse people"
like its the best thing in the world that he owns a horse
the fact that he can't ride it and doesn't know how to look after it doesnt mean a thing to him.

I'm not too fused if he takes her back again because shes only 2 doors down the road and he is only their on weekend so i get the privilege of feeding her and riding her when i want :)

and another plus is that his paddock is steeper then mine and she come back with a bit more top line then she went with :)

24-01-07, 05:42 AM
He should let you use his paddock :). An extra paddock is always handy :). Most likely he won't want her back anyway. Like you said, it is the novelty of owning a horse (and this way he doesn't have to do anything).


24-01-07, 05:50 AM
mmm well his paddock id another story
at the moment he has 20 skinny cows 4 with calves that need it more then i do

but my pony was finally picked up so I've got the home paddocks that i can move them to if i need to

so just a question
now that i only half! own 2 standies dose that still make me a member of the standie club lol :)

24-01-07, 05:53 AM
Lol, even if you didn't own a standie, your love and appreciation of the breed makes you one!

Hahaha remember my Standie really is my OH's. We are going to start doing some work on him soon though. He should be a good saddle horse for my OH. He will be also something I can do a little jumping/dressage lessons on later possibly :).


24-01-07, 09:40 AM
thats ok i still make the grade then