View Full Version : Should I Buy Him?

poor girl
25-01-07, 02:08 PM
Hey Everyone! Need some advice please. I am currently free leasing a 17 y/o thoroughbred gelding off my instructor. He is fantastic in every way, quiet, educated, etc etc. Has a few little 'issues' but nothing that can't be handled with patience. Once his muscles become stronger he will be perfect for me to compete dressage and showing with, he'll be able to do the higher levels which is where i want to get to (hrcav).

My OH asked me whether it was worth buying him if my instructor would sell him? I nearly fell over!! You're telling me to buy ANOTHER horse i questioned?! If you can afford it he said :) course i can!! i'll pull the money from somewhere.

Anway, i spoke to her tonight. She is willing to sell him, she was going to sell him as soon as i returned him to her, which wouldn't be for about 3 years! But she understands if i do want to buy him as my last horse i was leasing was pulled out from under me with not much warning and i was fairly disappointed.

Question though, she has said i can lease for as long as i want with no obligation to buy but if i would prefer to own him that's fine too. Price would be around $1500, just the money to cover what she has spent on him. Should i buy him??? i'm a real softy and would probably never end up selling him! my young fella won't be ready to compete for at least 4 or 5 years (he's only 15 months), hopefully Macka would last this long. He appears to be sound, i have had him for the last 6 weeks. She has said i can think about it as long as i want. So should i just continue to lease him, or should i buy him????

Sorry about the essay.