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03-02-07, 02:58 AM
Being a friday I have my mind in other places and was wondering what boots people use on their horses for cross country riding. Its just out of curiosity, there are so many different boots out there and I wouldn't know where to start or what sort of protection you are looking for. Whilst i'm certainly not going to be jumping a 2** X-country course in the near future, i would like to have some form of protection when I start doing PC grade 5 courses ;-)



03-02-07, 07:17 AM

I am also looking. I wont use neoprene XC and connot find decent leather boots.

I like some of the N.E.W range.

03-02-07, 07:39 AM
Sunlight, what about the older style jumping boot which is PVC on the outside and that funny holey cushiony stuff on the inside? Usually has those flip-over clip fastenings.

Personally, I use Hampa open fronts which are quite moulded. That's just for general jumping though - I don't event. I picked up some Eskadrons in a sale and they are the mostly neoprene ones with the PVC guard inside...nice boots, but I like the Hampas better, mainly coz they are a better fit size-wise.


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03-02-07, 08:20 AM
Oh yea, I hadn't thought of those PVC ones and I've even got a pair here! lol.

Has anyone had any experience with them? I think I would have to tape them because I don't trust those clips for XC.

03-02-07, 08:34 AM
The PVC ones are fine. They definitely need to be taped though, but they look great and they provide pretty good protection.

03-02-07, 10:42 AM
So how exactly do you tape them? I have never done it before. (Sorry if this seems to be stealing the thread.