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03-02-07, 05:44 AM
I just purchased a thoroughbred who had been 'rescued' a month before I bought him and need some serious condition.
He is 16hh, 5 yrs and has been off the track for 18 months. He only had 4 starts ( too slow) as far as I can gather he was in a paddock and just starving when bought by his previous owner.

I have him on a diet of
Oaten chaff
lucerne chaff
coprice M
milk powder

Lucerne hay ( can't get grass hay)

I had a friend say I should put him on rice bran as it is very fattening and not heating at all.
Has anyone got any info on it as well as price and availability. I am in Qld

03-02-07, 06:01 AM
I use Rice Bran made by Coprice and have had great results. I also feed full fat Soyabean Meal $65/40kg bag - you only need to feed a couple of cupfuls a day.
White Chaff and a rice based pelleted feed (I stay away from whole grain as this takes too much energy to process).
I wouldn't double up the lucerne hay with lucerne chaff or the millrun with the Rice Bran.
Milk Powder isn't a good idea either, try a calcium supplement that has the correct Calcium/Phosphurus ratio in it.
I started with three feeds a day with hay and after two months can now feed twice a day, and have a great looking TB. (he just needs more muscle and topline through correct training - that will take a bit longer)
Copra and Livermol are also great if you can afford it.
I just feed the above as that does the job and doesn't cost too much!
I am in SE QLD.