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08-02-07, 06:36 AM
Hi all..this may have been posted before,but I have
havent seen it...its awesome!!!

Did you hear about the horses that were trapped for 3 days on a
tiny piece of land in wind and rain in the Netherlands? Apparently it
had the nation mesmerized, watching more than 100 horses huddle against
the wind and having to watch 18 of them die. First firemen, then the
Dutch army, tried to rescue them - both unsuccessfully. So 4 WOMEN on
horseback rode out to the rescue. Here's a video of it.


08-02-07, 06:48 AM
:-( :( I cant see the video

Cheekyspirt 26
08-02-07, 07:22 AM
Very cool :)

08-02-07, 07:48 AM

08-02-07, 12:29 PM
A lovely video :) There's alot to be said for the herd instinct at times - it was amazing how they all followed the path set by the riders... gorgeous :D

Horse sense - something that horses have that stops them betting on humans.