View Full Version : Newmarket Catalogue vs Horseland Ca

27-02-07, 03:43 AM
Hi All
Just received my Newmarket Catalogue and it was just like looking through a Horseland Catalogue same products same overblown prices.
Extremely disappointed to say the least we make the trip all the way to Newmarket as I much prefer their range & it gives you a choice but it doesn't look like that is going to happen now. Oh well hopw the new stores stock something a little different.

27-02-07, 05:27 AM
while i have not seen the newmarket catalogue yet, i find that you have to shop around anyway.

Depending on what im after horseland, newmarket or saddleworld could be the cheapest.

28-02-07, 03:17 AM
Whats the point of retail saddleries I ask myself often - especially since they all buy from a duopoly of wholesalers or direct import from china producers themselves. Much rather buy from smaller retailers or source from individuals who make their own gear.

28-02-07, 03:49 AM
I know the feeling, we went to a show on the weekend and in a class of 29 only 2 didn't have on a Navy Windsor show jacket with gold piping & out of the 29 only 4 horses didn't have a red,white & blue browband.
It's no wonder my daughter refuses to wear Navy. But trying to find a jacket other than Navy at a reasonable price is proving rather difficult, seems like Windsor is the only Brand available under the $300 mark.

28-02-07, 05:35 AM
Yes.. It's all too common and annoying. Same retailers, same wholesalers.. same products. A sheer lack of variety. The other option is purchasing from overseas online saddleries.

Here are a few you could check out..




I guess there is some variety, you just have to search hard... It's annoying buying over the internet tho, without being able to try it on.

28-02-07, 06:27 AM
I tried www.horseswarehouse.com.au for the underblanket for Minicraft Doona Combo for my 6'9" QH. Fit is FANTASTIC. Prices reasonable I thought and rug has lasted well.
When I realised she wasnt terribly far from me, I asked if I could pop in and she was more than happy for me to come around and see her products in the flesh.

Pity bout Newmarket? Soemtiems as you'll know their best specials are not advertised and are those in store 'only half a dozen left' type of things.

Lets see what the Horselands Warehouse sale this weekend brings? (Last year I got a brand new Ascot Outfitters pure wool jacket for 50 bucks! Prob not latest fad for the hacky ring, but great for my low level dressage and Western Hunter stuff)