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27-02-07, 04:42 PM
This morning I spent on the phone to the big wigs at the RSPCA, and found out another inspection would take place early afternoon.. so down there I went and got to speak to Julie before they arrived..I watched and photographed some of the inspection. One filly had coliced the nite before but seemed fine today .. I was about to leave when I saw Julie about to feed the horses.. I yelled out "do ya want a hand" and she said Yes!!.. So I got to help her feed out and also got to see all the horses and dogs hidden on the back of the property. There are some mares and colts in appalling condition
The dogs are all in pens but not real skinny. I listened to Julie tell me all about her breeding program and she showed me sons and daughters of Catch a Bird, one colt has a banded tail. Julie is still possessed about her breeding program .. But she has given away many of the horses. She wants to keep 2 colts and 2 fillys.. I was taken back by Julie and felt sorry for her predicament.. but the sight of starving horses brought me back to realty..Julie is at her wits end and glad all the publicity is making her do something.. she has given up, broke and her dream is shattered.. I'm inclined to endorse the donation of feed and hay for the remaining horses. I organised for a friend to take one of the T/bred mares and latter this arvo we went with Julie to see the Stallions in Lovely Banks and the 2 remaining mares in Elcho road. The stallions are a little better condition than a month ago and one of the mares is in good condition.. The other offered to my friend is very poor..
To my knowledge Julie did not lie to me and she cried when she told me she is not a cruel person .. But the horses were really in a BAD condition and have been for many years.. Ever since her partner left and the money ran out.. Julie has mental problems and broke and its all been to much for her.. But the horses did suffer..
I really don't know how I feel .. But at least the horses are eating....Its a very sad situation.. She will not give up her horses to the RSPCA because she is sure they will put them down..The horses seem to like her and she knows all of them .. So sad!!!

27-02-07, 05:57 PM
pffft she IS cruel and her mental problems are NO excuse. i have serious mental illness - thats why i dont currently have horses!! my pet cat isnt starved because im mentally ill - im sick of hearing the implication that mentally ill people cannot take responsibility for their actions and shouldnt be expected to.

if i went out on the street and started shooting people id be tried, convicted and locked up just like anyone else, because its the RIGHT thing to do. just because youre mentally ill doesnt mean youre incapable of doing the right thing, as long as you know the difference between right and wrong - and as a vet she KNOWS what the right thing to do is.

i have so much praise, respect and thanks for you reata, and the many other caring volunteers who have put themselves into this case - thank you from the bottom of my soul, from a person who was bawling when i saw their pictures (and cant do much living in the city!).

28-02-07, 12:40 AM
Reata what you are doing is truly wonderful, not only for those poor horses but by trying to help this woman!
Big hugs Pauper

Bye bye birdie, goodbye!

28-02-07, 01:19 AM
Well as the saying goes "there are always two sides to a story" As much as I believe what has happened to those horses is appaling it also seems that there is a person in need of help as well.
This lady obviously needs help and I hope she can get it. Having worked with people with mental illness I fully understand how Julie could be in position she is (not to say that I agree for one minute with what has happened to the horses)

Its good to know that people are lobbying for the horses and I hope they all recover but I think it is important to remember our humanity and make sure that Julie gets help and recovers as well.

I really admire what everyone has done and wish I could contribute more but time and distance don't allow.

Hope this stroy ends up with a happy ending
Thanks for showing us the other side Reata.

28-02-07, 01:40 AM
Reata - you are obviously a very caring, compassionate person, and it is wonderful that you are trying to see both sides to this tragedy. However, don't lose sight of what compelled you to become involved in the first place, and that is the plight of the horses. Anyone can have misfortune in their life and this can affect all aspects of their existence, but that is still no excuse for the continued suffering of the animals. This woman must have had enough mental capacity to plan and instigate the breeding program which has resulted in her present predicament. Despite knowing for some time that she was unable to fund the project, she continued acquiring and breeding these poor creatures with little thought other than to reach her misguided objective.

Remember, if you and the others who have taken it upon yourselves to become involved had sat back and done nothing, the situation would not have changed and the horses would have no chance of escaping a horrible future. This case has also highlighted the inadequecies of our animal protection system and if her situation in any way changes how these things are handled, then it will certainly be well worth the effort.

You clearly feel sympathy for her, and that is a wonderful quality to have, but try not to let that deter you from seeing the big picture.

28-02-07, 02:10 AM
Hi Reata,
don't lose sight of what the main issue is here.The fact that the relevant body,paid to do a job, has not been able to protect these horses from abuse,despite being aware of the circumstances.

YOU can't be there for everybody,believe me when I say you WILL burn out!

Working at a children's hospital years ago,we had a ward for those little ones who had been abused.Many of the mums or dads had also been abused as children,but that didn't make it ok for them to inflict pain and misery on innocent victims because they were hurting.
There has to be a line separating right from wrong.If you start justifying why people do wrong and making excuses for them,you are only enabling their dysfunctional behaviour.Nobody wins.Not the sick person needing to be helped,not those they are abusing and not you for getting your head scrambled!!

Step back now and take a break.You have highlighted a problem with your tenacity and courage and compassion.Leave it at that for now.What Julie is doing to you is called 'crazy making stuff'.

28-02-07, 02:12 AM
It is wonderful that she is feeding her horses - and that she is willing to let some go. Good on you for being compassionate enough to listen to her side of the story.

However, I am with Novacaine - she most certainly is cruel. To starve horses in order to fulfill a dream could be considered nothing less. There is no excuse for the neglect of animals that rely on you for their very existance.

Congratulations to your friend for taking on the horses she could - and giving them a real chance at life. Unfortunately the fact that this woman is keeping 2 colts and 2 fillies tells me these wonderful people are going to be back here in another 10 years trying to save a new generation of neglected horses. I truly hope she has learnt her lesson and proves me wrong.

28-02-07, 03:06 AM
After doing some research during the weekend I found a website advertising Julie's stud and sent them an email suggesting that their advertisement may not be such a great idea at the moment and this is what I received back.

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email. We very much appreciate you contacting us as we are very concerned about the mistreatment of the horses at Tildara Stud, Lara. Horse Directory Australia is not supporting this kind of behaviour in any way.

We have removed the Standard Listings of Tildara Stud, Lara in our categories Breeders - Australian Stock Horses, Standardbred and Equine Service - Artificial Breeding.

Hopefully the abuse of those poor starving horses will be resolved soon.

Thank you for using Horse Directory Australia.
Kind regards
Horse Directory Australia Team

Website: http://www.horsedirectory.com.au or http://www.horsedirectory.net.au

Email: salesinfo@horsedirectory.com.au
Ph. (03) 9018 9692 Fax (03) 9011 6211

While she may finally be complying, I certainly don't think she needs any more encouragement to start again. Thank you to the Horse Directory Australia Team.

28-02-07, 03:24 AM
While i do agree it is abuse/neglect i also see this womans situation as something akin to gambling addiction! she has been lucky enough to have some wonderful bloodlines in her stock and has obviously been zealously trying to reachieve those again, unfortunately she has lost "the big picture" and the horses have paid the ultimate price!
but without wonderful people like Reata steeping in this will just keep going round and round.

Bye bye birdie, goodbye!

28-02-07, 03:27 AM
Reata I have pm'd you..

28-02-07, 05:37 AM
I agree fully with what people have posted above.

This situation had to end, no matter what. No matter the circumstances, no matter how sad the story, no matter of the person's possible diminished capabilities. It HAD to stop for the horses. And from the past history of repeated RSPCA intervention it had to be something momentous to finally stop it!!

Nothing else has seemed to work. It wasn't going to get any better for those poor horses otherwise, and for certain, there would have been FUTURE horses in the same sickening circumstances within not too long. It is not just these poor unfortunate horses now present but all the potential newcomers that have, hopefully, been saved the very same fate.

There are no excuses in my eyes and no reasons good enough for allowing animals to suffer in such a deplorable way.

28-02-07, 05:59 AM
Agree, and I have dealt with gamblers (as a comparison above was done) and when they give you their sad story, generally it is to appeal to your forgiving nature. This is because those generally suffering from an addiction don't want to face the truth . The truth that they are causing the problems even though there may be contributing factors. You can not allow a gambler or anyone with an addiction to make excuses. You have to be firm and strong and encourage them to seek help. You are not to be it, they need professional help and they need to face the ugly truth of their problems not make or seek excuses.

I know from personal experiences with my cousin (chronic gambler who lost his house to gambling) and my Aunt who was a severe alcoholic.




28-02-07, 06:17 AM
Reata what a beautiful heart you have!

Thanks for your post, It was good to hear a different sort of perspective.

And who knows, maybe this lady just needs people like you to reach out to her to help turn her life around.

I'm not suggesting you become her best friend, but it seems kind of obvious from what you say that she is hurting inside. It is great people can come together and help the animals, I hope she can see that she needs help too and that its OK to reach out for it.

28-02-07, 06:28 AM
Good for you Reata!
I don't think anyone would begrudge this woman the help she so obviously needs, however the horses are the innocent victims in this scenario and ought not be allowed to suffer one moment more than is necessary.
After all, social services don't wait until mum stops shooting up and is out of rehab. before the children are removed.

28-02-07, 06:43 AM
I contacted the RSPCA and Julie IS going to be charged with animal cruelty. They have enough information to go to court. But court takes TIME..
The RSPCA were at the property again this morning with the vet and some people in suits..
I have been told no horses will be seized at this time. I asked my contact is it Ok to donate feed to help Julie and the horses and he said yes.. I also would like to see if Julie would move 5-6 mares to 100 acres she has in Elcho Road with only 2 horses on it .. at least they would be out of the filthy cramped conditions. The 2 mares on the 100 acres are bright eyed and enjoying life.. even if one is very poor. He said that would be a good idea.
BUT I have had conflicting information that the horses may be seized in the next couple of days. so we have been advised to wait and see.. just a few more days.. meanwhile the horses are being fed..

Really I have done very little in this situation. I just have been in the right place at the right time and learned some inside information. Yesterday I almost drove off with out offering to help. I guess I do know how hard it is to lump hay bales by yourself!! To the people who have Pmed and emailed me I will return emails tonight..

Don't worry I will soon be back on here being my old anoying self and pissing you all off again!!!:+

"Your not working on the horse your working on yourself" RAY HUNT!!!

28-02-07, 06:49 AM
Pauper, the likely hood of her breeding another horse like the stallion, is the same percentage as me trying to breed another horse like Tramp.

VERY LOW! she would have been aware of that, being a vet & all, she'd understand colour genetics.

We can't forget that she's been gambling with animal's lives here!

& I can sympathise that she has a mental problem..

but when it comes down to it, I feel allot more sorry for her horses than I do for her.

Like I said in the other post,(& like what’s been said in this thread)

being a 'hoarder' should not be an excuse to then ruin 50 animals lives.
if it was a woman having children & then starving them, I'm sure you would all think different.

I can appreciate that you want to help this woman, yes she has gotten to the point of no return.. but Fer F*ck's sake, like Ashy said, the fact she wants to retain 2 filly's & 2 colts, obviously shows.. she really doesnt give a sh*te about the horses.

28-02-07, 06:54 AM
Yep 100% agree Trampy! She should never be allowed to own horses again. The fact she wants to keep two stallions and two mares implies she wants to continue to breed. NOOOOOOOO, not on! She should never been allowed to own any animals again. Even if she is one day considered sound of mind. No animal should ever be put at risk by this lady.




28-02-07, 07:43 AM
This was on horseyard. Email address there is you want more info. :)

Lara, VIC
Preferred Contact by Any Method
Email : mckee1@iprimus.com.au

UPDATE 11.00am Lara Horses!!!!

As of about 11.00am this morning I had confirmation that the horses would be seized by the RSPCA. This has been a huge effort by a whole community and I would like to thank you all. At the moment the word is they will be seizing 21 horses. She has more than this and we will be very watchful over the next few weeks to see what action will be taken for the rest of them.
Every one needs to give themselves a pat on the back. Every one of you who sent letters off to the RSPCA, Ministers, Prem's and Local Authorites has done a wonderful job.
Thank you to all!!
The protest that was to take place on the 4th will now be cancelled. If further action is needed I will again post my plea's on the forums and sites. A big thank you to the site managers for allowing me to post a 'off topic'

Age: 25 Sex: Filly
Colour: roan Breed: Aust. Stock Horse
Height: 12.2 Rider Suitability: Not Applicable
Discipline Most Suitable: Other (e.g. Breeding)
Location of the Horse - State: VIC
Date of Ad: 27/2/07

I hope it's true as whether she has a problem or not, it shouldn't be the horses'.

Edited to say: I still think you're doing a wonderful job Reata. :) Good on ya.

28-02-07, 07:45 AM
Reata I have pm'd you.

28-02-07, 09:23 AM
You know we all have dreams, but we don't combine our dreams with animal cruelty usually!
I feel sorry for this woman.... but I feel a lot more compassion for her horses because it's her selfish clinging on to her dream that has cost them their health and caused their suffering.
Sorry.... no tears for this woman from me. If she truly cared about the state of those horses she would never have been able to walk out every day and look at what she has done to them.
She needs help...but she also needs to be kept well away from defenceless animals that she has no way of caring for.
At last..action from the RSPCA. Let's hope they don't take the easy road and take them out the back and have them all put to sleep.

28-02-07, 09:24 AM
why does she want to keep 2 colts and 2 fillies anyway?


she shouldnt be allowed to keep a damn goldfish if she cant look after it. im not lacking in compassion, i really do feel for her, all shes been through and the position shes in BUT she is to blame for that position!!

mental illness is an explanation NOT an excuse. i am a child abuse survivor and i have NEVER taken that out on anyone or anything else. i have a cat which is about the level of responsibility i feel safe taking on, he is healthy and happy and i know i can cope with whatever trouble he might get into. horses take a lot more - more work, more responsibility, more money.

if your health concerns prevent you looking after your animals, you give them up ASAP before they start to suffer for YOUR illness.

28-02-07, 10:28 AM
I just heard Steve Bracks on the Vega radio news stating all the info as listed above. He confirmed that the woman is to be prosecuted and they are seeking to have her banned from owning any animals in the future, which would effectively prevent her from retaining the 4 horses she wanted to keep. I wonder if that ban will include all the dogs, reptiles, etc. that she also hoards, or if it will specifically relate to the horses only?

28-02-07, 11:29 AM
Just curious, but is this the "colicky" horse Reata that you speak of?

And, ahem, may I ask that everyone look at http://www.horseproblems.com.au/problem_horse_world.htm for latest pictures. Sorry, but these look worse then ever. Mental illness or no mental illness - this is pretty disgusting.

For both her sake and that of the horses, she should not be allowed to own another.

28-02-07, 03:13 PM
I dealt with a lot of cases just like this when i was with the RSPCA helping out but they didn't reach the news this kinda thing is more common then people think and we use to call them collectors , these people get it into there heads that they are doing something important and no one else could do it even thou the animals are suffering they don't see it like that , In there eyes they are saving the animals , I could show you pics of some cases that would make you vomit and done for the most unbelieveable reason , and im not talking just horses you find this with dogs , cats , cows , donkeys .
Its very hard to understand when the animals are suffering yet the owners think they are doing the best and everyone else couldnt look after them , But nothing shocks me anymore ive pretty well seen the worst of the worst and these horses are actually better then some of the ones i have helped in the past , She should have the lot taken off her and do jail time mental illness or not by the pics of her she is well enough to dress herself in latess fashion she dose know better just dosn't want to admit it.

ok had to vent that :)

Palomino's make your day :)


28-02-07, 03:17 PM
I guess we can now realise how she managed to fit over 20 horses on 5 acres. Disgraceful.

28-02-07, 03:42 PM
That's one of her 'precious' roan horses she is so desperate to breed, dying on the ground.
Hope she never owns another animal, if this is how she looks after the ones she values so much.

28-02-07, 04:00 PM
That IS the filly that coliced. I didn't see her when she was sick .. but the next morning, Monday, she was up and looking fine..
Well not fine.. appallingly thin but not colicy.
The Rspca officers were aware what horse it was..
I was told this morning by my contact in the RSPCA Melbourne that Julie would be charged and anything we do now will not jeopardize the case at all. All evidence had been collected.. I asked about asking her to move some horses out of the cramped conditions and he said that was a good idea. But this arvo, I got word to just wait. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if horses ARE seized tomorrow..She has hay for a few more days.. Lets just wait to see what happens..

Jenny Barnes 1
28-02-07, 04:01 PM
How sad is this story all round. Catch a Bird I remember him - is he still alive? He'd be in his mid 20s now.


28-02-07, 05:22 PM
he is, owned by someone called naomi, i think shes in the racing forum?

the stupidest thing is five whole minutes on the internet will tell you that baz has NEVER reproduced his colouring - sure, some offspring with interesting markings etc but nothing like himself. the whole thing is a fraud.