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04-03-07, 01:37 PM
Just wondering if anyone has seen any paddock boots that are the same shape as these ones......
I need them to cover the whole lower leg. These look great, but they are $150 for a pair. Just wanted to know if there was anything similar out there?? Thanks

04-03-07, 02:03 PM
I have only seen or used paddock boots made of REAL sheepskin which breathes as it is a natural fibre and they only cover the shin area not over the fetlock as you have pictured, a few years ago a friend of mine used synthetic sheepskin lined paddock boots on her T B yearling when prepping him for the Sydney sales and unfortunately blistered him mildly because the boots didn't breathe at all. If the boots you have pictured actually work without a blistering effect on a long term basis I would be very interested as I use boots all the time to try to keep my show stock blemish free and comfortable at the same time.

04-03-07, 02:12 PM
Yeah ive seen the sheepskin paddock boots, but i need them to cover the whole lower leg. It claims that these boots are breatheable and can be worm for a long period of time without rubbing and also keeps legs dry to prevent mud fever. But i havent spoken to anyone who has used them before

04-03-07, 03:52 PM
If you find out some real feedback from someone who has used them, especially in very warm climates I would be extremely interested

05-03-07, 02:04 PM
I import them, I just saw your post about FSE (which is my business) and I started importing them because I was using the products, these boots do breathe but they advise taking them off every 12 hours or so. I have turned out my horse who had an injury that had been on box rest for 2 months in them. Unlike sheepskin boots they go all the way down to the hoof like boots and bell boots in one.

05-03-07, 02:10 PM
I just noticed the one's pictured are actually the Hardy-Chaps which don't breathe, the one's you are thinking of are the Equi-Chaps which are exactly the same shape, just different material.. I use mine as work boots too :)