View Full Version : GOOD QUALITY BRIDLE???

18-03-07, 12:34 PM
Can anyone suggest a good quality bridle? I am wanting to buy another bridle for general use as I dont compete or show etc...

I have had a few different horses over the years but can you believe I cant ever remember buying a bridle for any of them. I just seem to aquire them (from god knows where)

As it was my birthday a week ago & I got some money I decided that I'm gonna to buy a new bridle - I have 3 but only one of them fits my boys big boof head!!!

I have decided on a budget of about $120 or so. Will this get me a nice soft english leather one? If not, does anyone have any good tips to soften 'cheap' leather? Any suggestions on brands etc?

Cheers & thanks in advance

18-03-07, 04:08 PM
Yairs.... The "good english" ones almost all use indian leather now days too.... However, this is not all bad, as the Indians now make good grain leather that is rolled just the same as the English leathers are. They don't have the same old hardness and coating that the old Indian leathers used to, makng them loads easier to soften and clean.

Therefore, some of your higher priced Indian brands such as Jeremy Lord (lovely lovely bridles) and Kincaide are fantasitc. You don't have to work away at them too much. One good coating of Saddle Soap, then a couple of oilings, then something lovely like Effax is enough to make them superbly soft and last for years. We love all our Kincaids and Jeremy Lords jsut as much as the Stubbens.

19-03-07, 12:04 AM
The best investment I ever made was getting my local saddler to make my bridle. It is genuine english leather, you have the choice of silver or brass buckles, what design, and the width of the leather.

Mine was a stock bridle, I even had him add a buckle on the piece behind the ears so I can adjust the bridle to fit a full or cob. And I think I paid $110.00, thats without the reins. I loved it so much, I had him make a matching breastplate.

Check with your local saddler they might already have a bridle made up for you to look at. If the workmanship is good, I am sure you could not go wrong.