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19-03-07, 06:37 AM
Hi, I would like some peoples advice on what places we could stay that allow horses, ie., horse motels, between Perth and Brisbane. Also, If anyone has made the trip themselves, some hints on places to avoid, and the distances to plan for that would be great. Thanks.:+

19-03-07, 08:37 AM
Contact Paula DiCandilo & her family (lovely people), they have done the trip a couple of times now & I bet they know all the good places to stay & the ones to avoid etc. Sorry I don't have a number for her. But she shouldn't be too hard to find or try Brian Cramp, he is their trainer (western) & travelled with them.

Good luck.

19-03-07, 11:03 AM
Hi, I'm a newbie too. My partner and I have done this trip quite a few times. You'll be having a fun time trying to find horse motels, etc across the nullabor!! We usually camp & swag it across. We stay at Eucla (the rd house has a round yard), then stay @ Ceduna race course, all places in between we camp. A lot of rd houses on the nullabor will let you camp as long as you keep away from other campers & clean up after yourselves.

The distance varies for us, depends on whether we're going by truck or towing the float. We've done as little as 400km a day to over 800km a day.

When you're loading up & making sure your at the safe towing capacity remember you'll need to take into concideration water (it can be more expensive per litre than fuel!!), feed (we take our own hay)... we take enough for the trip to Ceduna & wrap the rest of the hay in black plastic - that has been approved for export to QLD from WA) Make sure you have your ag dept certificate signed by the farmer with you. It'll save you dumping your hay and trying to find a stock feed supplier at Ceduna. Also keep in mind the weight of yards. We have metal yards with electric wire brackets. Spare tyres, tools, spare parts, etc, we always carry spare everything (poor suspension :'()

There are a few places to avoid... I'm having a huge memory blankout. Commonsense will tell you where it's safe and where it's not. One town we always joke and wind up our windows (if you go via broken hill you'll go thru the place... partner's not here, otherwise would have known the name). We've never ran into trouble, shared camp fires & met some great people on our travels.

Hope that helps a bit. I've skimming on the basics.

All I can say is be PREPARED for ANYTHING...

20-03-07, 08:42 AM
That has been very helpful. We have two children and plan to do 500kn per day. One Pony and one Tb gelding, so both easy travellers. What has the general cost of fuel been and is there any way of giving me a list of paces you have stayed to give us an idea how far we could go each night? Do you have many problems with stck or kangaroos on the road? Dare I ask about Aboriginal communities???? Sorry if that question offends anyone.

Big J

20-03-07, 08:44 AM
Thankyou for your reply. All information is helpful. are these people from QLD or Perth?

Big J

20-03-07, 09:04 AM
It offends me no end. Was going to post some helpful information but will now refrain.

20-03-07, 02:22 PM
Never had an issue with the Aboriginal communities. o/h is half cast, we get on well with the locals. You didn't offend. You'll pass through native land on your way over the nullabor (yalata) - one of our favourite places.

Anyway - last time we travelled across it went up to $1.65 (by memory = as soon as the man gets home I'll get more details = i have a shocking memory) we fill up drums of petrol before we leave - very rarely need to fill up at servo's across.

Be very careful & watch out for roo's (we always seem to get clean runs) - but you'll be lucky not to pass a carcase every 20 metres! Also... watch out for camels! We've seen a couple now get chainsawed out of B-doubles. You pass eagles that stand as tall as your hip feeding on carcases - don't even move off the road for the trucks. There are also bush chooks (emus) to deal with.

Again, speed depends on what we're driving, weather, how loaded we are. Towing we usually stick on around 90-100kms for better fuel economy.

The places we stay at vary (stay at meaning camping!) favourites are (somewhere between) just past coolgardie, either eucla or cocklediddy (camp at the servo), ceduna race course (never been across without staying there), we have mates in peterborough so we stay with them, then randomly swag it thru nsw up to qld.

You pretty much cant escape from roughing it somewhere across. Ekkk.... we've never attempted the cross with the kiddies... Good luck with that one!!

22-03-07, 03:30 AM
he question was not an offensive question but I knew someone was bound to read it wrong?? Anyone who has done the trip will know you pass through native land areas depending on which way you go> I am a youth worker who worked with aboriginal youth in perth so I know!!!
But I need to know what to expect in term of rules and community laws reagrding the land and having horses.

That should clarify the matter for anyone.

Belle Cheval
22-03-07, 03:39 AM
Gee I've learned alot from this post myself!

...and no, your question should not have offended anyone...I think you were being responsible asking and not just taking things for granted...anyway, can't please everyone all the time!

I actually have nothing to add as I wouldn't have a clue! But good luck with your trip, hope it's fun and safe.

22-03-07, 04:37 PM
Thankyou to every one who has replied. All have been very helpful. I am quite excited about the trip and sill probably post more specific questions as we get further into the planning.

Cheers everyone!!

27-03-07, 06:44 AM
I just found a post in Eques on a trip from Perth to Hunter Valley that has some really good tips and places to stay.

It's in Handy Hints and is 'Floating Across Australia'
Thought it might be of interest to you.