View Full Version : Another Fungal thing? NOOOooo...

23-03-07, 12:17 PM
I can't stand this. Spike has had a fungal infection on his back a couple of months ago (like 4) and it has now completley healed over the past 2 months. Thank god. To tell you the truth i didn't even go to much hassle... just left ALL rugs off him and let the sunlight get to it as well as the fresh air. Sometimes i put Vetadine or Betadine on it, which i guess helped it.

Now i am wondering if he has it again... *sighs* on this area:

He has kind of lost some of his fur and you can see his black skin... (not on these photo's- i'm just showing you the location)... i don't really know what it is... i was thinking it might be because he had his summer rug on and he might have got warm under it (it was 34 today) and tried to get it off so he was rubbing his head...?

When he is eating he sometimes puts his head up and rubs his head on the wooden posts... this would be a sign of irritation/itchyness wouldn't it?

I don't want him to have another fungal thing... it's like EVERY time he has SOMETHING WRONG. grrr...

Um... i tried picking off some of the fur left on but it didn't really come off easily... it also didn't feel unusual or different compard to his other skin...

Is this a fungas?

23-03-07, 12:32 PM
It could well be. My chestnut had something similar recently, but his was all over his face. Fungas is likely in February and March due to the much higher humidity.

Wash it in betadine daily just to be safe. It takes absolutely no time at all to grab a sponge, wet it with betadine and sponge it down.

It cleared my guys fungas up in less than a week, was really easy and cheap!

If betadine doesn't work, you are going to have to try other things. But betadine is a fantastic start because it's an anti-fungal/anti-bacterial.

23-03-07, 12:42 PM
Yeah i'll do that. Sadly i can't do it everyday though. But i will put something on it tomorrow and then betadine stuff on saturday.

I have Vetadine though... so i might use that instead of betadine.

24-03-07, 08:04 AM
An old friend (who is a chemist) told me to use Sulphur & Lime spray (from garden centre or supermarket) - it is what they use to kill fungus growth off plants e.g. tomatoes etc. My boy had severe mud fever/greasy heel - nothing else worked - the spray worked within a week - you may have to dilute it - check the insructions on the bottle.

As for the skin coming off around his head - my boy still scratches skin off his head if I leave his flymask off overnight - maybe mozzie or other insect bites?.If I keep it on then all is good.

24-03-07, 12:44 PM
Hmm ok. Well today i put some 'Melicept' on it... don't know how to spell it... but it's for dogs too and other animals...

I'll see how it goes.

Thanks. :)