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young horse
24-03-07, 12:52 PM
Hi, we are in the process of building the stables in our barn and was just wondering about the height of the front of the stables and do they need to have bars at the top. Because dad thinks that he is going to build the stable door so that it goes right to the roof of the barn and the rest of the front wall he wants to fully enclose except for a small space for the horses to look out because he thinks that other wise the horses will jump out or rear and get there legs caught. As there is no window facing to the outside of the barn I thought the horses would feel to traped. I would like to just put the front wall of thier stable above chest height so that they have the whole front of thier stable to look out from and would help with ventilation. So if I was to do this would the horses try to jump out or rear up and get there front legs caught? Hope this makes sense and doesnt sound stupid!


24-03-07, 04:06 PM
Hi there - my OH has nearly finished lining our new stables. We have split doors - bottom half normal height and the top half is made from mesh metal which is fairly reasonable to buy. This way, horses cant touch each other and there is great ventilation.If your dad is handy, it is quite an easy way as you can buy the mesh in standard sizes which is great for stables.We have used this mesh on the sides and fronts of all the stables.I'm not that cluey on the measurements etc but if interested I can check with OH tomorrow (snoring by now)for specifications etc.Just one more idea for you.Good luck.

young horse
25-03-07, 07:20 AM
Also forgot to say that I am putting in two stables, one on each side of the barn directly facing each other. the rest of the barn is going to made into rooms (tack, feed ect.).

also just a thought instead of having a solid stable door can you put in a paddock type gate instead? Like ours are metal piping on top, bottom and sides with a staight metal piping bar placed horizontally halfway between the top and bottom. And is only about 80cm in height so the horses cannot get there feet caught.