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20-04-07, 04:10 AM
HI, this pic is of a gelding i bred. He is a 4y/old just over 14hh. Been out on lease for 2 years. Getting him back in a couple of weeks, was wondering what peoples opinions of him are? He is out of a pony mare (unknown breeding) and the sire was a pure arab.. This photo was taken just before he went to the breakers at 2y/old.. Hope the pic works, ive never done it before. Cheers Riddlebrook

20-04-07, 04:17 AM
I reckon he's very cute.
I like his head, and his sire may be an arab but he doesnt look like no fine 'party pony' type. He looks like an all round handy pony.

And he's obviously a 'good do'er' which is always a nice thing. ;-)

Hard to say much about conformation etc if that is what you are after. If so, you really need a clean side on shot and one from front, also one from behind straight on.


20-04-07, 04:22 AM
My opinion?? What I think of him??

I think he would look good in my paddock }>

Very nice pony - needs to change his look (the pregnant mare look is not in this season - or so I have heard), hehe - doesn't look like their is too much wrong with him to me!!!

20-04-07, 04:27 AM
I would like conformation opinions, but this is the only shot i have, other then when he was a baby. I want to mess around with him, do some dressage. He needs alot of work, ive been told he is really lazy...lol like his mummy... When he returns i can get some better pics and post em i guess.. thanks

20-04-07, 04:33 AM
His conformation looks good to me!
He has a lovely front and a nice natural neck (although he is a bit porky in the pic!!)
Nice length of back and shoulder.
He is really well marked. You should register him as a Part-Bred Arabian and do some shows!!

20-04-07, 04:36 AM

My horse is a bit too laid back for some folks too. (Not lazy, just willing to not work given the opportunity LOL)

My spin on it is that it makes me a greater rider. I have really had to learn to switch on 100% of the time which I wasnt doing previously. You have to ride each and every step of the way. Eventually you get to the point where its a quick 5 minute up and down transition warm up to get their brain 'in the classroom' (which I think is half the problem actually - they dont seem to focus so well) and then on with normal warm up and exercises etc.


20-04-07, 04:53 AM
Im thinking show pony!!
Lazy ponys dont need a work down, thats awesome!!

20-04-07, 05:00 AM
Hey Rudie id love to reg him part arab and show him, but with reg the previous reg owners of the stallion wouldn't hand over papers, and as for showing, last i seen him he was a big boy, out not up... that pic was at 2 y/old, he has filled and is pretty solid. Im not sure he would fit in with the pretty little show horses.. :(

20-04-07, 05:49 AM
Well if he is a chunker he might make a good Show Hunter Galloway!'
(he is too well marked not to show at all and he has such a pretty head!!)

22-04-07, 12:24 PM
He's a very nice boy! Hard to tell conformation wise from pic, but side on profile is nice. Has lovely head and front. Shame you can't get his papers. Definatley a lovely show hunter(needs to lose the brood mare look tho, not cool!). If he has nice movement(should with arab in him) he will go a long way. Give me a lazy horse any day! Much easier to spark one up than quieten them down. Just think no lunging for hours at shows. Everyone will be envious when you give him a quick warm up. Good luck with him and most importantly HAVE FUN!