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21-04-07, 02:14 AM
I'm a member of the Cobboboonee Community Forest Group formed to fight the Victorian Govt election promise to make the Cobboboonee State Forest a National Park. This froest is the oldest continually commercially logged forest in Victoria and is not pristine old growth forest. The last logging licence was bought back in 2003 by the Government and no threatening processes now exist. However, after 4 years of public consultation the greens are still not happy and are lobbing to lock this State Forest up in direct opposition to Community wishes. We already have over 80% of public lands locked up in South West Victoria. We need somewhere to ride our horses, motorbikes, collect firewood and walk our dogs. Somewhere for our kids to still be kids. Can anyone who reads this please go to our online petition at Gopetition.com.au, type in cobboboonee community forest and help us fight the government by signing the petition. We begin our round of ministerial meetings in may and need as much online support as possible.

Thanks everyon

21-04-07, 02:27 AM

"From my cold dead hands"


21-04-07, 03:35 AM
I agree - hopefully a few roads to go down before this