View Full Version : Maurie Bruce's fall

23-04-07, 10:27 AM
Does anyone have any news how he is faring? I hoped some people might have already posted. Maurie's young horse slipped and fell on him today at a Nowra competition, he was knocked out and airlifted out by helicopter. It would be nice to know how he is going, from anyone in the know...

23-04-07, 11:05 AM
What I want to know is, what happened to the horse? Broken bones?

23-04-07, 04:58 PM
Oh no! I haven't heard anything about it :( !!! Poor Maurie... I hope his horse is ok - if it was the same one as at DWTS it was a real cutie. I'm sure it'll be ok, they always look horrible, but horses seem to fall ok most of the time (having been squashed often!). I can't sleep, so I'll hunt around on the internet...

23-04-07, 11:34 PM
Officially the news last night was that he was in a stable condition in St George hospital.

24-04-07, 12:05 AM
Link to SDC website with information:


The horse (Rupert) appeared fine, he stood up straight after the fall.

24-04-07, 06:33 AM
Hopefully all will be well with both Maurie and his horse. What a dreadful thing to have happen.

25-04-07, 01:23 AM
Thats aweful news. All too often horse riders suffer from head injuries, whether its a fracture in their c-spine, resulting in quadriplegia or paraplegia or as in this case increased intracranial pressure (bruised brain as they word it). This often leads to craniotomys to relieve the pressure and a lot of the time permanent brain damage. The fact that Maurie hasn't required surgery makes me think he will make a full recovery, lets hope so anyway. It still is a mystery to me why a lot of people don't wear helmets, when serious accidents happen with helmets!!!