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Sandy Wong
06-05-07, 12:12 AM

Could someone advise:

How many plaits for Hacking?
How manyplaits for dressage?

Do you put in the mane. My 9year old daughter is doing a dressage comp tomorrow.

Thanks and have a terrific day!

06-05-07, 02:43 AM
number of plaits completely depends on the person doing them. Personally I can do up to 30ish plaits depending on the horses mane, though its usually around the 19-21 mark. Most people on here seem to do around 10-11.


Summer Rider
06-05-07, 02:45 AM
General rule is horses with longer necks have less plaits and horses with short necks have more.

I have heard that you should have an uneven number of plaits so that the forelock makes an even number in total. But I doubt anyone would ever check lol.

I usually have 11-13 plaits. But also depends how thick horses mane is and whether it's been pulled.

Sandy Wong
06-05-07, 04:39 AM
Thanks All! Off to work the pony and mark out the arena!

06-05-07, 10:59 AM
Depending on the type of plaits you do, I comb the mane into sections, on my hack I divide the hair every 8cm (for english rolled stitched plaits) but on a pony maybe every 5cm would be fine. Break the comb or mark it with a texta so you get them all even. I always do an odd number as well.

Good Luck, have heaps of fun..

06-05-07, 12:41 PM
Go with stock horses, then you just hog off the mane and you have no worries and heaps of extra time!!! :D
But seriously, I believe 11 plaits is the correct amount for hacking, I don't think it matters for dressage. At the very least I agree with the odd number of plaits, don't know why, it's just what I was always taught.
My theory is if they have time to count the plaits, they are not looking at the horse and it won't matter anyway.
However many plaits, just enjoy your outing

06-05-07, 01:09 PM
i thought its ment to be 13 witht he forelock... i duno, i do bout 10 - 14, i just devide according to thickness so the plaits look good!

06-05-07, 01:11 PM
It used to be important for turnout classes how many plaits you had. Which from memory is 11 in the mane. I think it is an aesthetic thing like they say an odd number of the same type of plants in a garden is more appealing to the eye than an even number.

I don't think the number of plaits is as important now but I can remember the judges counting them in turnout classes at Sydney Royal and also checking what colour underwear we were wearing!!! That definitely would not be allowed now.