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12-05-07, 03:37 AM
My 7 months old filly has become very attached to my 7 year old geldind. I need to sell the gelding. But its just not happening. I have not had foals before so i would like some feedback as to what to do.

I purchased the filly from the sales, and she was weaned the same day we brought her (poor thing!!!) completely unhandled. She has been fab though, but the gelding that she is attached to i have been meaning to sell for 2 years. We also have the problem of I need to relocated her to a bigger more lush paddock.

Then we have the other problem of moving their neighbour mare, now i dont know if she would be quiet enough to put my baby with because she just moved to our property. Are there any right ways to introduce babies with new horseys etc?

I just couldnt bare if something happend to her.

ALSO i cant decide what to do with the gelding, he had been out of work for 9 months which makes it very hard to sell him, but i really dont have the time for him. I dont know what a fair asking price is for a horse that is out of work with basic education. He's pretty and all of that, the best doer ever but i just dont know how to go about advertising him. It's getting to the point where im thinking of just putting him in the trading post for minimal money to get rid of him . I still have a $2,000 vet bill to pay. And no clue on what to do.

I couldnt send him through the sales though!

sorry about the novel but im so confused !!

12-05-07, 05:13 AM
With your gelding, if you need to sell him then you have to make decision and just do it. The main thing you want is a good home for him and the money to get rid of your vet bill. He's under 8 which makes him very saleable. What breed is he, just to be able to get a more accurate gauge on a price that is obtainable. :)

If you don't just thrust you're filly in with another horse then things should go okay. You can put her with someone else but make sure you watch them and if things are getting a bit heated, separate them again. She should be old enough now to know what another horse is telling her. As long as you take it easy with the introduction of a new horse you should be fine :)

Good luck

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12-05-07, 06:29 AM
Thanks Sassy.

The Geld is TB, very pretty good mover etc. The best doer i have come across. 15.2hh dark bay white markings .

12-05-07, 07:07 AM
Shtella, where abouts are you situated?

12-05-07, 07:14 AM
The foal is probably old and wise enough to stay out of trouble...couple of things to note though..

- make sure there is nowhere the baby can get caught - giving the older mare an opportunity to belt the crap out of it...ie: sharp corners/laneways/sheds.....

- make sure there is enough room for the foal to get out of the way, and stay out of the way.................ie: a bigger paddock rather than a small yard.

I always find the best way to introduce mine is to block the paddock in half - with those pigtail posts and electric tape, just a day or two, so they can meet but the older horse cannot chase the foal...after that I have never had a prob..

Best of luck with your bub and selling the gelding! :)

12-05-07, 07:23 AM
Im in the latrobe valley vic.

Thanks ASHlover etc. She would be going into a 6 acre paddock with the mare. She can already talk to the mare over the fence and all seems well so far.

12-05-07, 12:33 PM
You should have no dramas with her then. My 4 month old filly has been talking to 2 mares over the fence for about a month and today they somehow did the houdini and ended up in with her and her mother. They're all happy together, so I just let them into a bigger paddock and left them too it :)

Your boy should sell easily. He's TB (which tend to always sell well if not advertised for excessive prices), a good doer and he's only 7. I would think you'd be able to get at least $3K for him. Advertise him in that "off the track" section of Horse Deals. I've seen horses advertised in there that have never even raced and they sell for exorbitant amounts of money.

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12-05-07, 04:33 PM
Thanks Sassy, i was more thinking just around 1500$$ but hmm i may rethink..

13-05-07, 02:38 AM
Be realistic about the price on your gelding, personally i think you have buckleys of getting $3000 for him.

He is out of work and has been for 9months, he only has basic education, he may be a good doer and pretty but that really doesnt count for much. TB's are a dime a dozen, nothing special i think your first price of $1500 was WAY more realistic, but even then personally i think you'll be lucky to get that. With the way things are at the moment prices have really dropped and coming into winter it may be harder to sell. If possible could you keep him until spring and put work into him and get him ticking over again? If not possible then you do have to think realistically and brutally honest as to what he is actually worth.

Just because other people advertise their uneducated off the tracks for ridiculous and laughable prices doesnt actually mean they sell. personally i wouldnt pay more than $700 (if that) for a horse off the track.


13-05-07, 02:40 AM
i think $1500 would be more realistic with the drought and excess of unwanted horses atm, but i would ask $2000 ono then you have room to play