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12-05-07, 05:38 AM
Hi everyone,

My TB mare was shod on Monday 30th April. I have a new farrier but this is the 2nd time he's shod her, first time no problems at all.

I rode her on Tuesday 1st May and she was good as gold.

I went to ride her on Thursday 3rd May and she was 5/5 lame at the trot, especially on the left rein. She was fine at a walk but as soon as you trotted she was not right at all.

I took her down and really gave her feet a good clean out (I picked her feet before I rode her but in the dim light of my stable I may have missed a stone coming out) but couldn't find any dark marks on her soles or anything in her feet. I checked her legs and feet for heat but there was nothing out of the ordinary that I could locate.

I gave her some bute and figured that it was a stone bruise or absus coming out soon and just had to wait and watch.

On Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May I did ride her, she seems much better, although not 100% (this may also have been some bute still in her system from Thursday night). Still no heat or anything showing in her feet - I gave her some more bute on Saturday.

Then this wk I rode her on Tuesday night 8th May and she seemed fine, but then when I rode her last night, Thursday 11th she was definately lame again on the left rein... probably say 2/5 on right rein and left rein but on pushing her really forward or around the circle she would go 5/5 lame for a few paces.....

I'm stumped, I can't work out what it is. I really thought it was in her feet but as there is no swelling or heat I'm a bit purplexed.

Now I'm wondering if it could be muscular? If she had a problem through her shoulders would it make her that lame?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I have organised for my massage lady but unfortunately she wont be out my way for another fortnight and I know I should try to find someone else but I really like this girl so am tempted to wait.....


12-05-07, 05:59 AM
Any pulse in either foot?

12-05-07, 06:16 AM
I have a TB mare that was unbroken whebn I got her. When I started on her she was very lame the second day I rode her. couldnt find anything wrong. As the yard I worked her in had no stones etc I didnt think of a stone bruse. She was lame for 6 weeks, she had a small hole in the bottom of her foot near the white line, a horse shoe nail could easly fit in it half way up. I thought this might be the problem so I put iodine in it with a syringe, few days after this puss came out of this tiny hole. Kept putting iodine into it and she was OK in a few days.

Princess Paris
12-05-07, 06:19 AM
I agree, check for a pulse in either foot. I am not sure where you are located but we have had a fair bit of rain lately in Sydney which means the horses soles are quite soft. Very easy for them to get stone bruises. My mare recently went very lame. Wouldn't even put weight on her foot when standing on concrete, was sound to trot up on a sandy drive but lame on hard ground and on a circle. Turned out to be a very bad stone bruise right across one corner of her foot.Couldn't see the bruise until the shoe was taken off and a bit of her sole was scraped away. Had to poultice her for 7 days , twice a day before she came good. If not treated and rested bruises can linger.

Maybe you could get your farrier back out to have a look at your horse and check her feet. For me, I wouldn't give any bute unless I knew my horse had just been kicked or something until I had pinpointed what the problem was as it will hide things if trying to get to the bottom of it. BUt that is just what I would do.

Good luck, I hope your horse comes sound soon!

12-05-07, 06:22 AM
I would be calling the farrier and asking him to pop back out to check her. I think he would appreciate you giving him the opportunity to do so.

17-05-07, 05:14 AM
update on the lameness issue,

She came good over the weekend and I rode on Saturday 12th and she was jumping out of her skin and then I took her to a small Pony club comp on Sunday to do the open classes and she was showing no signs of lameness at all (came 4th so was really pleased!)

But the ground was hard and we did jumping as well as dressage and low and behold Tuesday she's come up lame again.

the girl that feeds out in the morning advised that she didn't look right in the paddock at the walk and on trotting her up she was definately lame.

Again I've checked her feet but can't find any heat, although I do think there was a little bit of heat in her near fore knee, on the inside right where that knobbly bit is... but still no swelling.

So I'm putting her on a course of bute for 3 days and if by Friday she's still showing signs of lameness then the vet will have to be called.........although as someone stated I'll also let the farrier know so that he can have another look at her for me.

Thanks for everyones suggestions