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13-05-07, 02:50 AM
I was just thinking about when I got my OTT TB and how when you get them off the track and they have been juiced up on drugs to make them less lazy and to help them run, they take a while to 'get over' going without the drugs.
It usually takes them 6-12 months to recover fully and start to look good and put weight on.
I know my boy looked good for about a month after I got him straight off the track and then rapidly lost weight and became dull and it didnt matter what I fed and how much I fed he would not put on weight, he wasnt skin and bone but he was thin, his rugs would rub even though they fitted (he has the same rugs now and they dont rub, he was just very celicate then) he would eat like there was no tommorow and I was feeding him so much high quality feed it wasnt funny. Then suddenly he just put on a stack of weight about eight months later even though he was being fed the same and nothing had changed and became a really good doer and hasnt looked back since. Now he gets fed buggar all and looks magnificent.
I didnt ride him as he had a bowed tendon, just let him sit in the paddock and took him to 'watch' at pony club. I also got a good chiro out to him regularly to help with any racing injuries he may of had.
Spike is probably in the same boat, he just needs time to get over the racing and then suddenly you will look at him and he will be fat ans shiny and you will be trying to decide what to cut him back on as he is so fat!
Just hang in there and dont panic, he will come good. Just keep feeding him what you are feeding as it does sound alright (I would maybe up the equijewel I was feeding my boy 2 dippers a day) and he will come good eventually, it is just one of the dramas of having an OTT Tb!
Keep up the good work and ask as many questions as you need to, it is the only way to learn.