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horsey mum
24-05-07, 01:18 PM
hi folks

just wondering what your occupation is, and what jobs you have done over the years, I am currently a drycleaner, but have done, motel, milkrun, semi trailer transport and lots and lots of office work.


24-05-07, 01:27 PM
Hmm, where to begin... Currently I am in admin. Prior to this I was working in a call centre (THE worst job in the history of all mankind - not pretty! :-( I challenge anyone to beat it). Pharmacy, bar maid, stablehand, jillaroo, receptionist, service station attendant, check out chick. Yep, I think that's all....

24-05-07, 01:42 PM
Working at a new job at present, group fitness instructor and personal trainer for a new fitness centre in town. Have been a fitness instructor for the past 5 years, before that administration at private hosptial.

I spent 2 years full time studying to become a fitness instructor because I wanted to work at something I loved doing.

24-05-07, 03:13 PM
I was a dietitian in my past life (BC - Before Children)...I only worked for a year before i had my first baby. I'm a "stay at home mum" now but i'm also studying nursing as I'm trying for a more "family friendly" career!!! So this will be my 3rd degree if i ever finish....to be honest i have absolutely no desire to "work" what-so-ever but my kids are still little so i am enjoying watching them grow up and being a part of it...I'm in no rush to get back to the ratrace!!!

24-05-07, 04:40 PM
WOW, A DRYCLEANER - maybe you can help me???? Have just bought the most AMAZING $3K latex mattress (king size) and my DARLING pussy cat weed on it, to make it smell better :( Mattress cleaners won't touch it coz it's latex... Any suggestions???


Was myer/grace bros check out chick whilst studying at uni for five years.
Been massage therapist (most types of massage) for 13 years.
Naturopath for 8 years. Always self employed.
Post-grad studies: honours and then PhD in Equine Pharmacology/Nutritional Biochemistry.

Oh, also breed Warmbloods (on a tiny scale), and break in and train my own horses...oh, and look after 40 acres with hubby...
Import my own frozen semen, and am finding it as addictive as e-bay!!!

24-05-07, 11:19 PM
back in the UK I used to run a boarding kennels near London, I did this for 20 years and did all the dog grooming too, I did my training in a London grooming salon.

Here I work in a large wholesale plant nursery (owned by Flower Power,Sydney) and I'm in charge of 2 igloos, Bougainvilleas and Hibiscus. I do this 3 times a week and for 2 days a week I work from home doing dog grooming! And at the weekends/evenings I do my other job, being a MUM!!!! and somewhere in between I fit in riding my horses!!

24-05-07, 11:51 PM
I work full time (5 days plus OT) in a Pathology Laboratory doing blood testing. I also run my horse stud and beef cattle farm after hours. It's a busy life that leaves no time for socialising and partying but I enjoy it.

25-05-07, 12:32 AM
Well while I was at school I worked for a race horse trainer riding and swiming the race horses after school.

I then studied and did a Diploma in horse management via correspondance and was then working for a horse stud riding the newly broken horses.

I then changed what I wanted to do and did a Diploma In Welfare and Mental Health. While doing this I worked for a lady feeding and looking afte their horses aswell as working at a community centre looking after children with "challenging behaviours".

I finished studying last year but am still working with the children but now I also work for ING in the Superannuation Department... YES definately didnt think I would be doing this but my mum works here and I got a job through her and I really enjoy it plus the hours go very quick.

25-05-07, 12:45 AM
My first job was a checkout chick at target. I now work for a transport company as the receptionist and i cant wait to leave. Im hoping to get some sort of government job.

Chestnut Filly
25-05-07, 02:29 AM
My first job was collecting eggs at a chook farm. Next was a city office job in the head office of one of the banks, followed by 10 years as a hotel housekeeper - hard work.

Now I work fulltime in admin at a fuel depot (dealing with the general public SUCKS)as well as taking care of all the bookkeeping/admin for our own business, as well as an after work cleaning job.

25-05-07, 02:44 AM
I joined the RAAF 15 years ago as a clerk and swapped and became an Air Traffic Controller for 12 years. I interspersed this with grooming for pro event riders and am now in my final year of a law degree, hoping to find a job next year in family law. Whilst I've been at Uni, I've groomed, worked at a feed store and am now landscaping (LOVE it!) to support me and my fat horse whilst studying

25-05-07, 02:49 AM
My first job, was in our racehorse stables...i have been mucking out stables since i could walk.. LOL
Then hairdressing after school, for many years!! Check out chick at Bi-Lo, a night club Bar Manager, receptionist at an airconditioning joint (in summer, so that was a bonus)then I worked at a real estate agents putting together there advertisments... horrible job, didn't last long there! I worked as a waitress at Taco Bills when I was doing my nursing degree (which i couldn't finsh due to consitantly fainting). mmmm what else... worked as a data entry clerk for Murray Goulburn Co-Op , then an office manager for a machanic's, and i will tell you now, they know how to piss people off!!! And now I am a PA to a financial planner, and I am studying to become a financial planner by correspondence!
WoW i have had a lot of jobs!!!


All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and she'll listen to me any day.....

horsey mum
25-05-07, 03:50 AM
fernloch girl i have pm'd you
good luck

25-05-07, 03:50 AM
My first job was when i was 13 - mucking out stables and feeding horses.

I then did waitressing and worked at toys'r'us WORST JOB EVER.

I am currently at uni studying to be a primary teacher. It's great i love it. I feed and muck out other peoples horses to pay for my own. Which i also love. I love the people i work for and i don't have to waste my weekends doing a job i hate when i should be riding!


horsey mum
25-05-07, 03:54 AM
WOW this is great, keep it going ladies, we are all full of surprises

happy days

25-05-07, 04:17 AM
In Sydney...
Yearling prep at TB Stud
Track work for Gai Waterhouse
Receptionist for Medical Company (got sick of slumming it!!)
Office Manager for Roofing Company
Groom for 3 day Event Team (Got sick of 'office politics'!)
Manager at a Saddlery (Got sick of slumming it!)

Moved to QLD
General staff member at Horseland
NOW - Accounts for an IT company (LOVE IT!) Mon - Thurs
& saddle fitter on Fridays!

25-05-07, 04:30 AM
hey Rudie, where in Queensland are you?

25-05-07, 04:39 AM
Gold Coast (work) / Sth Brisse (live)
I work out of Horseland at Nerang!

25-05-07, 04:47 AM
wow! will have to pop in to say hello sometime. I live in Labrador and go to Uni in Bris (QUT). I have my horse on the way to Uni, at Wolffdene. We must pass eachother to and from Bris every day!

25-05-07, 04:57 AM
Ha funny,
Wolffdene is so nice, much better than any horse places on the coast.

25-05-07, 05:03 AM
I have to agree. When I moved back to the GC, I was horrified to see all the horse areas had been developed. I am blessed where I am with a lovely landlord and great facilities. It's a bit of a worry how much horses are being built out of se qld.

25-05-07, 05:13 AM
First job was working for my dad on the building site, then to clubs, pubs, cairns casino, now back in adelaide doing clerical work but in about 10 weeks ill be a house wife/mum for a while (fingers crossed!!!)

http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/5015/8f2eea256672a40350480d9os6.gif (http://www.glitterkiss.com)


http://tickers.baby-gaga.com/p/fly214ns___.png (http://pregnancy.baby-gaga.com/)

25-05-07, 05:31 AM
but Flossy, you forgot the most important job..

boxer owner, wrangler, trainer and fan club president - a job I hope to have again when i get another one next year.

25-05-07, 05:36 AM
bwahahashahahaha you crack me up!!!! lol
what about zoo keeper (i have a husband too), ok then i am a nurse, chef, cleaner, a mother (cant forget the cats), a gardener wow i have really done alot hey!!!

http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/5015/8f2eea256672a40350480d9os6.gif (http://www.glitterkiss.com)


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25-05-07, 05:58 AM
I started out in a nursery doing horticulture, then a friend offered me a job on a welsh pony stud so I jumped at the chance and blew off the horticulture. I stayed there for nearly two years and then went to work at a commercial TV station, from there into advertising, from there into marketing in Pharmaceuticals then back to advertising and as of yesterday I have resigned so I can spend more time with my kids while there young & get my EFA level 1 finished...but I am going to be so broke :-(

25-05-07, 06:23 AM
Gosh until you write them down you donít realise how many you have done. Oh well here are a list of my paid jobs that I have had over the years.

My first real paid work was working race horses before and after school for a local trainer, the only problem was that it had to be in the bush tracks as I wasnít allowed on the race track (too young by about 5 years)

My next paid job was as a stable hand at a local riding school (no comment there, stayed all of 3 months).

Shop Assistant (shoe shop, Yuck Yuck)

Riding Instructor / Pony Camp Co-ordinator this was heaps of fun as during term I did instructing but on holidays I organised camps and co-ordinated all the activities and allocation of riders to horses and that type of thing.

Collator putting together newspapers & the old receipt books, plus also doing other brochures etc

Compositor (is the old style desktop publisher before computers, OK I am showing my age here)

Stable/Stud Manager at a local stud, was on the smaller scale (50 mares and two stallions) so was able to do a lot more in depth work with babies as well as the broodies and stallions.

Groom for a public service organisation (wonít mention name as ashamed to be associated with them, hopefully the main perpetrators have retired or at least left their positions and the horses get treated OK now and not constantly drugged or treated like a bike or such)

Administration Assistant for an engineering firm, doing the odds and sods of office work.

Project Secretary for very large infrastructure projects (i.e. bridges, tunnels, roads that type of thing)

I am currently a Group Secretary / Executive Assistant still working on large infrastructure projects just dealing more with the environmental side of projects now.

At the moment I also teach riding on the weekends now to keep my sanity whilst in the city.


25-05-07, 08:03 AM
Well I've done a bunch of odd jobs while at school / uni including waitressing, pharmacy assistant, check out chick, newspaper-girl, even managed to get fired from KFC. Then was a lecturers assistant / tutorer at uni.

After graduating from uni I worked for a private design studio, an advertising agency in their art department, and now I work in-house (in a healthcare environment) as a graphic designer. Also do a bit of freelance at home.

I do agistment at home as well and look after 22 acres of run down farmland.

I'm trying to finish of my EFA Intro / Level 1 Instructors certificates.

Hopefully in the not to distant future I'd like to work totally from home, bit of design, bit of horse work etc etc

25-05-07, 08:19 AM
ive been
a singer(still do from time to time),
a vet nurse,
a stud hand on a cutting horse qh/paint stud,
a stud hand on tb stud,
a vineyard hand,
shop assistant at a surf shop,
worked at a tenpin bowling alley,
worked at a fruit and veg shop,
worked at a petshop,

now i have the best job of all, im a stay at home mum and i wouldnt swap it for anything

25-05-07, 08:22 AM
i've done a bit of this and a bit of that. mostly working in hospitality and cafes. i also worked as a security guard for a while at places like channel ten, quantas and crown casino among others. i have studied fine arts and professional writing and editing with my main interest in screenwriting, which i am now pursuing. am entering some screen writing competitions this year and having a short film made if all goes well. i have crewed on a couple short films, but i can't get much work without a car and the work is way harder and more boring than you would think.
i currently work at an in house cafe for just jeans group, which houses a few fashion labels. of ocurse all the pretty princesses come in and ask for salads and small portions cause they have to watch their weight and then they have a side of chips and stuff their faces with chocolate bars.
they really piss me off some times. but it's a good place to work overall.

25-05-07, 08:47 AM
I love reading about what everyone else has done!

I started grooming when I was 14 for an eventing team, was there for 3 years.
Head groom on a warmblood stud for about a year
Groom for a few different world cup sj's
General customer service in a printing business for 6 years, became manager for 2 years (in the meantime freelance grooming for eventers)
moved to canada to become head groom at a hunter yard (yard was great, horses were AWESOME, boss was horrible, so only lasted 3 months)
Manager at Pet Valu (pet food chain in Canada)
Back home to Aus and my managers job at the printing business opened up for me and I walked back into my managers position!

Have studied vet nursing, but decided it wasnt for me. I am hoping to study personal training next year when I have the spare $$$.


25-05-07, 09:01 AM
first job was at Hungry jacks while still at school.
then worked at Target for a while,
Got a job in a mcCafe while studying at uni.....

Now im a Registered Nurse working in the Emergency Dept.

(anyone have any jobs where i would get pain huge amts. of money to do nothing but have fun with my horses(not other peoples)??? I would love to apply :)

25-05-07, 10:26 AM
Environmental Engineer at a consulting company (working on environemntal approvals mainly for the mining/resources sector in WA). While at uni worked as a sales assistant at a camping shop.

Right now putting in comments from 8 different poeple on a 300 page approvals document. wow how fun is that.

too much work, not enough horse time

25-05-07, 12:10 PM

After leaving school I started working full time at my parents business that I'd been working in part time on holidays. So from November 2002 until May 2004 I ran a mechanical workshop. From May 2004 until February 2007 I worked for Burson Auto Parts, first as a delivery driver and then on counter sales. As of March 2007 I have been PA to my dad's mortgage business. It's the best job ever because I work from home :7 Hopefully I'll be in this one awhile and then my stud will be off the ground and paying for itself.....

Our ability to dream is what sets us apart ~ Our ability to achieve those dreams is what makes each of us extraordinary :)

25-05-07, 12:19 PM
First ever job was a kitchen hand for my brother = Lotsa food and great money for a 15yr old lol :)

Checkout chick at a grocery store

Moved to sunny coast got a job at a newsagency WORST JOB ever..theres only so much listening to the BeeGees a girl can take! finished school

quit that job and a few hours later got a job with Hey Bill (snow cones and coffee :9 ) on Noosa main beach! BEST JOB EVER we would go swimming when ever we got hot got paid $10 an hour to check out all the hot guys!

then to a Pharmacy for two years Great job ,

then moved to Western Australia to another Pharmacy for a year , then on to Big W .

Moved back to QLD and currently working in a workplace that we have to remind each other that we are not in Thailand....sweat shop workers would swim back to be there.

But doing a course to be a Vet Nurse so cant wait till finished .

25-05-07, 12:36 PM
I work at a fish 'n' chip shop HAHA :D

25-05-07, 01:03 PM
Well lets see, I have picked flowers and apples, pretended to be an aircraft mechanic when I worked for the family business, worked for a saddlery, warehouse work (picking and packing orders)and currently I am self employed and keep myself out of trouble with running an Agistment Centre and a Horse Drawn Carriage Business.

25-05-07, 01:38 PM
Office junior at 16, then moved on to running a small office for a friend. Moved miles away physically & emotionally and started working in Customer Service. Now I'm a Product Manager at the same place.

Miss Positive
25-05-07, 02:31 PM
Hi all :)

First job was at the local Nature Reserve giving tours to groups of overseas visitors and hand feeding Emu chicks, Joeys and cleaning the Snake cages (eeeeeek!!!).

Hairdressing, Vending Machine maintenance, a Pet Cremation service (yes, picking up deceased pets and putting ashes into urns aswell as dealing with distraught owners!), Respiratory Consultant dealing with Palliative Care patients (heart breaking), Furniture Manufacturing, Sales, Admin, Accounts, Office Management, Labouring for a Hire Company and 6 years with the local Show Society.

Currently Event Co-Ordinator/Secretary/Public Officer for the National Merino Show. Only started in January and really enjoying it. Working from home and spending as much time as I can with 3yr old before he starts school :) About to apply for degree in Criminal Justice for next year's intake.

25-05-07, 03:27 PM
I did my HSC to be a librarian but walked into a CES and got a job as a jillaroo/trackwork rider instead. Later I left so I could get more money to ride my own horses. ( I hoped! )
Second job interveiw was for a pathology aide. Still work for the same large company 20 years later. ( different sites )
I specialise in histology, which now tends to mostly involve preparing human tissue samples ( eg; appendix,skin cancers etc) for a pathologist to diagnose.
This includes working in a local surgery to do what is called "MO" surgery. As a dermatologist operates to remove skin cancers, I cut and prepare the tissue for the doctor to look at instantly. The doctor can then see if the lesion is totally removed or not. This is a lot better for the many elderly patients. ( WEAR A HAT!! )

This is all strange that I'm doing it as I never liked the sight of blood. As I work in theatre now I think back to when I'd walk past a tissue dissection table and look the other way in case I saw something. And I know in tech when the class was to go to a autopsy I volenteered to stay and work. Very kind of me they said!
I think I was lucky that I fell into a job that I still like.

25-05-07, 03:47 PM
First of all, Jasmine - Good on ya for mucking in :) !!!! BY THE WAY - I DON'T KNOW HOW I FORGOT MY BESTEST JOB OUT OF THE LOT!!!! Jasmine, hope you're taking notes here (but wait, I was fully qualified.. maybe you can bluff your way through?! - it's worth it LOL).

Senior sports trainer at a football club!!!! I looked after the under 19's, the reserves AND the seniors... Did everything - medical records, first aid, massages, strapping, water running, relationship counselling, spare date for the boys at family functions, etc. Best time of my life.... *sigh* AND my office was the change rooms, so I got to sit amongst a whole gaggle of gorgeous boys in their birthdays suits THREE TIMES A WEEK AND GET PAID FOR IT!!!!!!!

25-05-07, 04:14 PM
Amazing at the variety - but also the similarities - in everyone's jobs...

First job at a pony stub before and after school, shovelling paddocks, feeding up, handing young stock. Coll job, and I earned $13.00 a week! Saved it up and bought a Drizabone. Such loooooxury. Then worked in a nursery, doling out osmocote and propagating azaleas. Picked tomatoes and beans, then packed bean sprouts on a sprout farm - best summer jub ever. We wore bikinis and sarongs and our bosses were Orange People who played whale songs and made interesting cookies etc. Worked all though uni riding horses for people, and teaching kids. During the week (I did uni part time - couldn't afford full-time) worked at a Rudolph Stiener residential farm for kids with special needs as a relief cook/housemother etc Also worked as a barmaid during this time. God I was busy! Graduated and started work as a journalist, got headhunted into pr and now do corporate communications for our own company. Trying to get some scriptwriting happening - but a bit distracted by kids and horses.

And horseymum, I reallly respect your job as a drycleaner! Must be such hard work, but one with a lovely outcome.

horsey mum
26-05-07, 12:18 AM
yes, of all the other jobs i have done also, this would have to be a very good feel good job. The gratitude from our customers is overwelming at times, we even get the odd tip, but as it is always said customer service and quality product is unbeatable.

its also nice to know that we have now founded a help line in ourselves (ch) if we ever need advice, not just for our beloved equine friends

26-05-07, 01:21 AM
I admit to leaving out a few jobs on my resume depending on which job I am applying for at the time! Mainly because the jobs have been so varied and not everyone can understand that each job brings its own experience valuable in some way to the next one! These are the ones I can remember:

Shop Assistant
Bank Officer
Bar Attendant
Direct Marketer
Computer Operator
Computer Supervisor
Computer Systems Administrator
Stable Rider
Stud Hand
Stud Manager
Poultry Farm Hand
Office Administrator
Vet Nurse

Now I am running my own business Boat Cleaning, I am tired of working for peanuts for other people and plan to make my own fortune! The curse of having an expensive hobby...

26-05-07, 01:45 AM
Ok, i dont have many as im only 15 but yea.

Stable Hand
General Assistant at a cafe in town
Groom at a riding stable

I think thats about it...... lol

26-05-07, 03:11 AM
Hello, I'm new here. I was a jillaroo for 12mths then a stablehand/trackwork rider for a few years before becoming a journalist, sub-editor then editor. I moved to the middle of nowhere to marry my husband, tried to freelance but there wasn't enough $$ in that alone so I started doing more and more graphic design work which is keeping the wolf from the door.
I'm pregnant now so I guess that's the next chapter - I've stopped riding just to be safe ... but I think I'm going to go insane.
I bought a new horse (OTT) before I knew I was pregnant and as much as I think he'll be fantastic ...I can't risk a disaster.
The big question is ... will I still have the nerve to ride in a few months' time??

26-05-07, 03:56 AM
First Job - Wedding Reception Co-Ordinator (I's amazing how many fights you see, and on the night how many drunk blokes ask you out inc the grooms, seen many drunken fights inc mother and mother in Law)

Second Job - Make up artist, beauty therapist and Visual Merchandiser for Lancome Paris.... (fun, somtimes glamorous, but dealing with such pretentious, caty and over the top people can drive you insane, too many functions that interupt your riding time..)

Third Job - Admin for Regional Tourism Board, loved this job (organised local festivals, and winery functions, booked and liased with all the local bed and breakfasts, restaurants and tourism business'), booked and planned peoples trips and itineries..) This job lead to my next one...

Fourth Job - Sales Exec for large conference centre, (dealing with large corporate clients booking and arranging their conferences - quite demanding and sometimes stressful...

Fifth Job - Sales, Marketing and Events Co-Ordinator (main job was product sales, distribution, general marketing and the best part event co-ordinating - which meant going to lots of trade and consumer shows all over the country.

Sixth Job - Mum and all office and admin duities for my husbands company....

26-05-07, 12:29 PM
Guys, you have all done so much!!!!!!!!!!! I started out in the usual horsey way, working at a riding school to pay for horse addiction!!, went on to uni to study environmental science, after that I completed my apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic, ran my own business for five years with my husband, and at the moment am doing admin/sales for a quarry and gravel yard! The hours eat in to horsey time but the money helps with the feed bills!!! In between I have flipped hamburgers and worked as a service station attendent, and also do hay carting in the semi!

But that peanuts compared to some of you guys......

26-05-07, 12:45 PM
I have lots of varied ones!

Stable hand at racehorse stables
Checkout chick
Office chick & lots of other things for coach company
Coach tour hostess
Industrial Chemist in Cosmetic factory
Research & QC Chemist in Paint factory
Research Chemist for medical research company
Rouseabout at shearing time on sheep farm
And now, a Horse Dentist & looking after our beef farm!

Tiny Tim
26-05-07, 01:14 PM
A lot of paths to take me where I am now:

Assistant nurse in a nursing home
Accounts assistant
Office clerical job

HATED THEM ALL (but did learn a lot from them).

Had kids, studied by distance to become a teacher.

Now a Special Education teacher and feel lucky every day to be here. The kids are so fantastic. For me, qualifications were the key.

horsey mum
26-05-07, 01:27 PM

between the lot of us we could rule the world and run the world,
oops, silly me, WE ALREADY DO, hooray for us.:0)

26-05-07, 01:54 PM
Hi horsey mum

My first job was at bigw then I managed a menswear store for 3 years and I am now a dealer at the casino in Brisbane dealing every game but mainly poker. Some of the money that goes through that place could keep us all in horse feed for years.

26-05-07, 01:57 PM
CH poster ;-) tis a time consuming job i can tell you :+ !

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

26-05-07, 02:08 PM
I started life at 12 at the racing stables, mucking out, picking and then ultimately riding work. Concurrently I worked in my dad's (who was the racehorse trainer) butcher shop serving customers until I was 15 this in total earned me $5.00 per week. I then went onto become a teacher (shortlived) then into working with people with disabilities - in a range of jobs I lasted 15 years. Then into managing a disability service; Then into starting an aged / disabilty organisation; Latest job senior Learning and Development Officer in Local Government. I feel that i have covered the entire employment spectrum.

27-05-07, 05:54 AM
Age 22-current (39) Veterinarian
Age 20-22: part time 'animal welfare worker': Murdoch Vet School
Age 19-20: Must have done soemthing to pay for the horses, but cant remember what!
Age 18-19: Manager: "Angels" teenage Disco
Age 17.5-18.0: Bar manager: "Angels" teenage disco
Age 17-17.5: Bar staff-"Angels" teenage disco
Age 15-17: checkout chick: Coles

take a break
28-05-07, 11:23 AM
Wow everyone has had a very diverse range of jobs!
I am only 15 but I have had a few
-baby sitting
-Maccas (Shudders)
-Pet Shop
-Current- Toy Shop and lovin it!

I hope to work with horses when I'm older and go to TAFE or Uni and get a degree in Something!

The one thing that doesn't cost anything but is priceless is the trust that your horse has in you...

Noahs Girl
28-05-07, 01:33 PM
Hi all,

When I left school I became a beauty therapist, but found it a little too shallow. Then I was a checkout chick too, and then I had two kids, a boy and a girl.

Now I am a registered nurse and hating it, so in July i will be studying to be a primary school teacher and I can't wait.

Hopefully that will be where I stay!!!

28-05-07, 03:47 PM
I have done soooo many jobs over the years so much so that when i got bored with one i would move onto another....lol...some of which included....

Checkout chick
dishwasher assembler
laundry hand doing stone and acid wash clothing
metal press operator
shoe puller with Hollandia shoes
strawberry runner trimmer
spud picker upper
Carlton Lodge property/agist manager for 2 years

And now a kitchenhand which i totally enjoy.

I know there was a few other things i have done but i am buggered if i can remember what they were LOL