View Full Version : Carlos De Cleermaeker

25-05-07, 05:50 AM
Anyone had lessons or done clinic?



25-05-07, 10:53 AM
I've done quite a few clinics with him over the past few years. I like him - he's given me a good work program to follow with useful exercises to fix a few problems. I've probably taken 3 different horses to him, all with their different strengths and weaknesses, for several lessons each and he has helped with each of them. To get the most from him (as he's pretty pricey) you would want to be riding at a decent level.

He's a really lovely guy and a very nice rider. He often rides a lot of the horses at clinics and has improved every horse that I've seen him ride.

Jumping Jack
25-05-07, 11:53 AM
I have done one clinic with him. Not the best experience though that wasnt actually all because of Carlos. I was riding a borrowed horse as mine went lame that morning, it cost about $150 for the 45 min lesson so I didnt want to lose it.
The borrowed horse was not as advanced as mine and I felt that I didnt get a lot out of the clinic. Perhaps I'm not riding at the level required too though - as he didnt tell me anything ground breaking or anything I could not have gotten out of my regular coach. I guess he just highlighted the basics for me. A few of the other doing the clinic were not very impressed, but I guess you get that with all clinics.
Seemed like a nice guy, and I videoed the session, but I felt he probably didnt push me as hard as he should have, as from the video I am not riding as well as I do with my regular coach. I guess its a try and see if tyou like the style thing - as with everything!!! Some coaches suit, some dont - when you find a good one stay with them and have the occasional clinic with others.