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25-05-07, 03:13 PM
Hiya :) Does anyone here have any involvement with RDA? After an incredibly frustrating last few months, I am coming to realise that each centre (let alone each state) seem to have a completely different way of doing things? I'm really curious to know how other centres operate in regards to their day to day running eg coach to rider ratios, number of volunteers, amount of work expected etc. etc. If you're not sure about posting publicly, feel free to PM me. I can understnd why this organisation would be so heavily regulated, but these regs. seem to change depending on who you actually speak to.
I hope this doesn't open up a massive can of worms here, that's not my intention! I would just like to find out a bit more about how other centres operate in comparison to ours. I seem to be struggling a bit to discuss these things 'in house'.
thank you,

25-05-07, 03:51 PM
Hi Sparks :)

I'm not sure what the regs are either, but was in the process of looking into them. For one reason, I'm thinking of joining their ranks LOL - sooooo broken. Seriously, I'm not being insensitive, I'm actually thinking some of the RDA instructors may have experience with spinal trauma and help me out.

Also, my OH and I are building an indoor (not cos we're loaded, but because we have good contacts and can build one for very little cash). I was going to offer it to the RDA for use, but am not sure how to go about it. I don't want any money or anything. I'm just awful when it comes to giving to charities, and we all know that arenas need to be ridden on to stay 'healthy' and I thought, "what a great idea"!!!!

Surely someone out there knows about this topic?!?!?!?