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26-05-07, 03:20 AM
You know youve been on the forums too long...
when your workmate who is another forumite, starts sending you work through the internal mail system using your forum user name

(thanks flossy, tis funny seeing Crisp on my work papers)

:* ... please add your weird experiences....

(edited to shorten my heading so it fitted in)

26-05-07, 03:23 AM

Or you tell a client you have PMed them.....................

26-05-07, 03:27 AM
... or you realise you have more friends in cyberland than you do at home.

(ok, i dont get out much)

26-05-07, 03:34 AM
Or when you mention a CHer to someone and sound like you have known that CHer personally for quite sometime. Yet you have never met her/him in person hehehe.

Example 'My friend ***** who lives in Melbourne is going to be doing the same course as me and starting on the same date, how cool is that?'



26-05-07, 03:36 AM
Crisp i took TD shopping the other day, while she was in the change room i got a phone call, didnt look at the number just said hello, LOL was Td asking me to come into change room so i could check out the clothes she wanted to buy!

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

26-05-07, 03:39 AM
hehe simi i do that about tramp and my OH goes who the hell is tramp ive never met her and i say neither have i!!!lol

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26-05-07, 03:50 AM
Or when you say "Laugh out loud" instead of actually laughing.

26-05-07, 04:00 AM
Yeah, well.....
this is my keyboard...

26-05-07, 04:03 AM
post (So yes, I've been a forumite waaay too long!)

26-05-07, 04:27 AM
... do we really know what our forumite buddies are like ???


26-05-07, 04:30 AM

Simi... I know what you mean ;)

Fi Fi
26-05-07, 07:19 AM
You know you're a forumite when you seriously think about the next time you're interstate and whether or not you can meet up with a "cyber" friend face to face! Trouble is, I only ever travel to capital cities for work, and that's generally airport-office-airport. For instance, i'll be in Melbourne on Tuesday but only for the day.

Look out you Victorians and South Australians if I ever get a chance to go on a driving holiday!

Suzie Q
26-05-07, 07:44 AM
Did you guys watch "My Name is Earl" last night?

This guy died and they couldn't find any friends or anyone who knew him, who wanted to give or attend his funeral.

Then they found his computer and found that he had friends all over the world from different forums to playing poker etc, etc.

So all those friends within driving distance came and met each other for the first time and he was well remembered!!

26-05-07, 07:52 AM
I'm sorry I've avoided this for too long!

Pauper, I have absolutely no idea what the hell you're talking about! LOL!

26-05-07, 08:25 AM
Tramp... that is what happens when you are on the forums too long...

26-05-07, 08:26 AM
suzieQ, that sounds like me organising my wedding !!

(will be more forumites there, than family)

26-05-07, 08:27 AM

I do have to laugh at the 'Laugh out loud' comment as I've almost done that before too!



26-05-07, 08:28 AM
Oh and here's another Qlder for ya Crispy!!!



26-05-07, 10:43 AM
You mean these aren't your real names :(

I said to OH, GG keeps finding me these nice horse to look at. Who is GG? And i think, hmm, don't really know how you describe it. Friend doesn't seem quite right as I'd walk right past each of you in the street without recognising you, Someone off CH is too distant, cyberbuddy too cutesy.

I settled for a friend on the internet.

26-05-07, 11:02 AM
I said 'LOL' not to long ago

26-05-07, 11:15 AM
Ahh but blackhorse....friend on the net can be suss...It also sounds like i am a loser when i talk about people from the forum. I do anyway though. Oh and when i met neeny_ i didn't know what to call her hehe. Oh and i have called _ace_ by her forum name a few times.

When i meantioned Tramp and blackhorse to my non forum friend he assumed it was kinky... I didn't get how blackhorse could be kinky. But he explained how it could. :P Hehe


26-05-07, 12:12 PM
Now for the momentus post number 4000!!!!!!!
I consider many of you my cyberfriends, I 'talk' to most of you every day. I get to talk 'horses' when most of the people I see in the flesh just switch off at the mention of horses!
I share the excitement and joy of watching a mare give birth on the otherside of the world with my fellow marecam watchers, and I share the pain with them when that little foal goes over the Rainbow Bridge.
And I thought that episode of "They Call Me Earl" so poignantly true!

26-05-07, 12:29 PM
I find that when i'm really busy i come on and post just to 'keep up appearances' so no-one thinks i've disappeared off the face of the earth, however family members will not hear from me for weeks, even the ones just up the road!

27-05-07, 01:58 AM
I reckon it just a modern version of writing a journal or diary,or having a distant penfriend which people have done since writing was invented.This is just a bit more transient and faster. Nothing loser about it - a valid and important method of communicating and socialising ,circa 2007.

horsey mum
27-05-07, 10:40 AM
since becoming a member of CH, I have learnt more from you lovely people, than I have by reading books, because everytime I go to ask a question, somebody else has already asked it and there are heaps of answers and its a bit like when you have kids (2 of), you take it all in and toss out what does not work, even if my question is small it is still important to me to get an answer and somebody always replies.

I am not a total beginner (had 17 years off) but I learn something new from you guys EVERY DAY, I don't ride any more but my TD (11 going on 15 - with no attitude) has been for 3 years now, so i need to keep in front of her. can now sew a perfect plait and braiding is a piece of cake, because of this site (am now chief plaiter at riding school) no more tail bandages.

I now find myself saying "my friend says this or I learnt that" yes I get the funny looks even from other horsey mums but am working on them to have a look here, they are all in the same situation as me, used to ride bc but no more.

Anyhoo, thats enough, will go back to asking and reading and once again thank you for all your worldy experience.