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26-05-07, 11:55 AM

Okay this might seem to be really stupid questions to some of you but im really not a dressage person.....

1st of all what are the names of all the dressage levels (I know there's Prelim and Novice)
2nd of all what order do they go in? e.g. which is the lowest etc etc
3rdly What manouvears (such as flying changes etc) do you have to do for each level?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

26-05-07, 12:11 PM
a basic guide...
1. preliminary: working walk, trot, canter. rising allowed and walk through to halt
2. novice: working walk, trot, canter, some lengenthening, smaller circles and teardrops, some rising, rein back
3. elementary: shoulder in, travers, simple changes, working walk, trot, canter, medium trot, canter, rein back
4. medium: shoulder in, travers, simple and flying changes, collected walk, trot, canter, medium trot, canter, walk pirouettes and some extended trot. rein back then into canter
5. advanced:half pass, four time flying changes, collected walk, trot, canter, extended walk trot canter, shoulder in, pirouettes
prix st georges: sequence changes of hand, mulitple times flying changes, collected walk, trot, canter, canter pirouettes, extended canter, trot, walk...
inter 1: too scary to think about
inter 1: too scary to think about
grand prix: everything they can possibly make you do... again too scary to think about!

feel free to correct me if i have anything wrong peoples...!

26-05-07, 01:00 PM
I can add a couple...

For the canter-shy there are Prepatory tests :-) Walk, halt and trot, change of rein and big 20m circles :-) This is a level below Preliminary, but not always offered at competitions.

For the really scary, have a look at the Kur (freestyle dressage to music... can be awesome and can be hopeless!)


26-05-07, 01:18 PM
Prep has trot as well. The first test in prep looks dead easy, but on a totally green horse can seem as hard as an advanced test!! Each level introduces a degree of difficulty.

I am still puddling around in the early levels, but to my surprise and delight I am now getting ribbons and reasonable scores as we improve how we do it.

That's why I like dressage, you're competing against yourself really in that you try to improve each test.