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27-05-07, 05:10 AM
Hi all.

Am just back from OS, wondering how all the rescue cases faired that were going on when I left.

I think the woman from Lara had been charged? Has her case been heard, where have all the horses gone?

How about the woman at Kynton/Kilmore, also the one at Rushworth?

Hoping no more in the past 6 weeks.

27-05-07, 11:04 AM

27-05-07, 12:40 PM
gather no news is good news

28-05-07, 05:22 AM
Can anyone fill me in on the Rushworth one? I must have missed that one.
It's only 3/4hr from where we are!

Does anyone have any links or news references or other info?

28-05-07, 06:44 AM
Yes Ann, remember when we put the photos up on Eques when we and the mods there were trying to help you rehome them?? Batty is also a member of that Forum.

28-05-07, 07:01 AM
Ooops, must be confusing you with someone else, anyway thought I'd better say, all the links were taken down with the pics and info on these horses. Maybe if you contact Admin at Eques they may be able to help you with this one.

28-05-07, 10:31 AM
Yep. I think so.
Shepparton isn't Rushworth.

I assumed they must have all been neglect cases as they were listed the same way above?
Is that true?

28-05-07, 11:46 AM
No point asking me, I know as much as you :)

29-05-07, 12:37 AM
Moodyasp I think the Rushworth ones may be different to the ones you mentioned. Before I went away there was mentioned of horses skinny & dying in a paddock in Rushworth and that someone was trying to get something done about it, I'm sure it was on this forum. Maybe it was another.

And no, I'm not a member of Eques. I can't get a login as I don't have a permanent IP address. Work sees me all over the place. Am about to head back OS tomorrow.

29-05-07, 04:45 AM
Oh okay, thanks Batty, I only know about the ones on the other Forum. Think I was thinking of Bats.

Half your luck 'O/S Again', I could do that :)

07-06-07, 01:13 AM
Some 'Rushworth' case horses are going through Echuca Sales today.
I have no other details, just that they are going through.

07-06-07, 01:22 AM
Same ones Batty!