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27-05-07, 11:02 AM
Cant believe how stupid some people are! Today i saw something that would have to be the height of stupidty!
A person couldnt be bothered tying up their pony while they organised the feeds so they bought it into the shed with them :o ,
now if the shed was fairly empty i probaly would have thought "your a twit" but have not been so shocked!
They bought it though the human size door and then manouvered it in and out of the farm machinery! luckily for them the pony put up with their stupidty but all i could think was "what If"

So what things has everyone seen that make them shudder?

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

27-05-07, 11:38 AM
Where my horse is agisted a person rode her horse into the feed shed (while it's doors are wide the roof is rather low) all because she was too lazy to get off her horse.


27-05-07, 11:55 AM
Valiant doesn't it make you wonder what some people use as
brains :-( ?

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

27-05-07, 12:03 PM
valiant, i love your little funny face. very cute, lol.

Prancing Pony
27-05-07, 12:04 PM
In some ways an adult doing stuff like that in a controlled situation can be good Pauper, in fact I often do stuff like that when breaking ppl's ponies in particular in order to 'kid-proof' them. Think back to some of the stuff you did with your horses as a kid, without batting an eyelid!! I always like to think that if a child who's pony I've broken does something like that, as kids often do, then the pony's not gonna freak out and child and/or pony end up hurt!! Of course, it's something I introduce slowly as hopefully whoever did that had done too as opposed to just being too lazy (which is usually the case).

27-05-07, 12:25 PM
Do you think mine is cute Sky ?


27-05-07, 01:48 PM
PP i agree with getting ponies used to different things, like bikes, ballons etc, just cant see what this person was trying to accomplise by squeezing a pony between a tractor a 4 wheeler and then past a little trailer , maybe the pony's gonna be used as a plow horse ;-)

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

Prancing Pony
27-05-07, 02:00 PM
Probably nothing in particular Pauper, but neither are kids when they do stuff like that. That's what I meant by getting ponies used to stuff, EVERYTHING!! I don't do it with horses but my pony's been in my shed past the bikes and trailer and seeder etc in an attemp to get her used to everything kids do. Most kids wouldn't think twice about taking pony thru there, hell I remember a friend riding her horse onto a float one day!! And that was a 16hh TB!!

But then it takes a coupla years of good prep before I do that with 'em and even then I'm cautious, you're right this person probly wasn't doing that, they were just being lazy. And a bit dumb.

27-05-07, 02:03 PM
You are a sick puppy Sunspot. ;-)

27-05-07, 03:04 PM

Mine comes inside the garage with often a car and a ride-on and several very scary tarp hay-bags and three yappers and a fridge and some moving boxes.... He also tries to get into the gardening shed in the paddock with some shelves and the lekky unit and a pump... more scary bags...

The more he does it the less it bothers him. If you know your horse, then no, I wouldn't say it was stupid. My old horse used to come in the house, let alone the feed shed.

Having said that if we are talking an OTTB with a nervous disposition and speeds varying from fast to faster, then maybe fool to them... (nothing against OTTBs btw, just needed an example)

27-05-07, 04:00 PM
My 16.2 OTTB gets into the feed room through a human-sized door -- will quite happily fit his entire body inside if I'm making up feeds, and it doesn't fuss me. He eats the stray things off the floor and makes my life easier! That being said, he's extremely unflappable, nothing fazes him, and he'd stay in there all day if I let him. He bumps into things and has made all sorts of "scary" noises when backing out of there, but, nope, not even a blink out of him.

27-05-07, 11:59 PM
When you are walking your ponies though your sheds, what kind of clearance is there?
Now you've all got me thinking i'm just being pedantic :P

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

28-05-07, 01:16 AM
my hay/tack/studio shed has to be kept locked cos the pony can open the door and let herself in for a nap and a nibble. Its not that spacious either. I used to take her out while im in there working and have installed a rail across the human door so she can just chat through the open door. Often I just let her in and she grooms my head while im trying to create somethin. I have a pot belly (heater as well) that ive put a 'fence' around cos she likes to warm her bum in winter. Ive even tried to let her do a painting but she just wanted to eat the brush. I love her company cos she dosent winge, want money or need a lift. Is this irresponsible I wonder? The poor luv has to live in the back yard cos she founders lookin at a picture of grass, her life isnt perfect so ive let her human side over develop a little. She also comes up to the back porch for a cuppa when the lawn is dead, and will pop her head through the doors and windows tryin to look cute enough to score a treat of some sort.
Its a trust thing, I wouldnt dream of allowing any of the others do it.

28-05-07, 02:58 AM
yes, sunspot. your piccy is cute too. a bit sicker, but cute. :P

i don't see any problem letting horses walk around stuff etc. as long as you know the horse.

28-05-07, 03:41 AM
It can be dangerous a frightened horse in an enclosed area with stuff it can knock over or into ,and not just in sheds some paddocks are littered with hazards.I knew one nice mare who put her foot through a bicycle wheel and the spoke penetrated to the bone.So its smart to check out potential hazards and to teach them to stand at gates and doorways before being asked to step up so they don't rush and bump hips.
My lot, horse ,mules and donkeys all are led through sheds from babyhood, as I think it increases their physical confidence, knowing they can manuover though around sometimes even under "stuff".
One day it will be harness,shafts,implements,float ..so its all grist for the mill.
Its a way we build trust in both themselves and us.Might not be a thing I would do with a spooky horse though,but then I wouldn't have a spooky horse.

28-05-07, 04:53 AM
he he he, I can remember doing sooooo many stupid things with horses as a kid. i.e. riding horse onto float because it wouldn't go on, jumping off fences to get on a horse and the list could go on.

People will always do dumb things, but it's not until after something happens you realise how dangerous it is.


28-05-07, 05:05 AM
I used to ride my horse through big rooster drive through at oxenford, after pony club - in hindsight, probably not the wisest thing to do

RH Bobbie
28-05-07, 05:46 AM
Pauper.... I'm sorry but I have to say, I do the exact same thing.
If the tie ups are broken because someone has "forgotten" to fix them, or if there are no spaces other than a fence, then I take the ponies in the shed with me.
I'm sure you've seen me do it on a number of occasions, including taking them thorugh the side door.

I know horses can be unpredictable, yet we as owners tend to know them more than anyone else and more often than not will pick up on whether they will react to something or not.

28-05-07, 05:50 AM
When I think of the things I did when I was a kid, I really cringe! Never got hurt though, nor did my horses.

Who remembers trams in Brisbane many years ago? Well one of my friends who I used to ride with (or should I say 'hoon' with), dared me to ride my horse through the 'Gabba Fiveways on a Saturday morning and race the tram. I did, and survived!

Another time I rode my horse (bareback - we didn't have saddles back then) over one of those pedestrian bridges over the rail way lines at a train station. Up the stairs, over the bridge and down the other side. Wooden stairs too in those days - very slippery.

Oh what fun being a kid was. LOL!:7


28-05-07, 06:11 AM
If my horses are pretty confident from handling I try to expose them to situations like this.

I'm grateful I do because when most of our paddock got flooded several months ago due to days of heavy rain (lasted for a few weeks), my horses spent most of their time under my carport or on my verandah with the dogs (dogs even slept in their dog beds with one horse snoozing above).

It made it so much easier for me to feed them (unfortunately had to clean up after them several times a day) and the main reason it was better for the legs (puffiness, fungal probs etc). My horses were quite comfortable with their living arrangements (SB hates the rain).

If the horse is calm and confident in the surroundings, there isn't anything of great danger in the area (horses can have accidents anywhere just like us), I think it can be a positive step in their training and maintaining it. Afterall we put them in a confined space when floating/trucking them.





Prancing Pony
28-05-07, 07:02 AM
Oh good I'm glad you guys agree, I was worried I might have to go hide for a minute there. Paups I'm sure you could do stuff like that with your boy, betchya he would just be stoked to get near the food ha ha!! Nothing wrong with being overcautious tho, especially as I don't think you have to worry about your fella being sold on to a child who might do dangerous things somehow.

28-05-07, 10:21 AM
Stupid thing i heard the other day....experienced breaker ties a green broken horse to the railing in a small yard and then leaves the property. When he returned he discovered that the horse had pulled back in his absence, broken the rail and then attempted to jump through the broken rail. The broken rail staked the horse in the gut...result...dead horse! Stupid idiot!

28-05-07, 11:03 AM
Rosco that's what I call stupid!!! Poor, unfortunate horse :(



28-05-07, 11:06 AM
Ahem . . I won't mention names, but we used to ride our trail ponies bareback through the main building where we ate, showered and watched telly. We slept in tiny bungalows off the main building.

It was good fun. The horses were never bothered about it.

Depends on the horse and the amount of sense the rider has to begin with I guess.

28-05-07, 11:07 AM
Well I work at a veterinary hospital so I see the results of the stupid things people do every day! Including a guy who brought in three different horses each day for three days in a row all with legs cut to smitherines on a weldmesh fence (why you'd use that for a fence is beyond me but anyway!) Then said to the vet that others had cut themselves on the fence just not as bad! Well duh get rid of the fence!

I have never taken horses through a shed full of machinery but I do lead them into my feed shed, and the babies when they have there leading training, and walk them in and around the hay and into the crush etc. I did have a horse walk herself into my house once! picture a very fat Friesian mare squezing down the corridors of my little rental farm house! She touched on both sides on the walls, and I thought she was going to get herself jammed in! especially when she turned the corner into the little bathroom! Luckily she backed out and all she did was take a bit of plaster off the corner as she turned into the bathroom, try explaining THAT to your landlord! LOL


28-05-07, 11:30 AM
Rosco if there was a award for stupidty i think that breaker would win it!
How on earth do you explain to the poor owners "woops i killed your horse"

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

29-05-07, 07:10 AM
I'm not sure Pauper but being an expensive TB for racing..i would hate to be in his shoes. I am still shaking my head over why he would leave a young horse tied like that and then leave it!

29-05-07, 07:40 AM
This act of stupidity was a few years ago, when I was still at school :)

Was at an interschool comp and these morons unhitched their float from their car and then proceeded to tie their horses to the float!!! :o

Needless to say, horse pulled back, gave other horse a fright, both pulled back and pulled float backwards. Luckily float was stopped by big group of trees and horses broke loose.

Just imagine how bad that could have been.

Our ability to dream is what sets us apart ~ Our ability to achieve those dreams is what makes each of us extraordinary :)

29-05-07, 07:48 AM
Queen V - I was about to write the same thing: up over the pedestrian bridge at the railway station. About 24 stairs on one side! What an idiot! The pony (who wasn't really a pony, 15hh) didn't even bat an eyelid. I did wait until there were no trains coming though. I also used to jump over the play equipment at the local oval too, the see saw and stuff.

I don't even take mine out on the road now, I've become old and wise, (cough)... I mean scared.

29-05-07, 08:04 AM
LOL scooti! I think we must be related! You just reminded me - I used to jump over see-saws at the playground too! (I had forgotten all about that.)

Another really wierd thing I did once was ride my horse to school. It was break - up day 1963, and the all the kids were allowed to have a 'do-anything-you-like day', so I thought I'd ride to school and show off my pony! I tied him to the kids' bicycle racks amongst everyones bikes. (And he didn't wreck a thing.) Then I was allowed to turn him loose in an enclosure in the playground. :)


29-05-07, 09:07 AM
We all have different views on what is a silly thing to do.

Pauper you probably wouldn't approve of me taking my pony into my tiny feed shed or into the kitchen area where I keep my babies, i take my daughters pony(Shetland) in to every conceivable spot I can, as I know that the more i do and show her the less likely she is to panic if by chance my daughter does get her into a silly situation, having said that I would never try half of it with my bigger horses, only due to their size, and the higher chance of injury to one of us.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ What we learn to do, we learn by doing ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

29-05-07, 11:53 AM
I do not need to take my horse anywhere like that... this morning I came home to find that he had been on the verandah and had got into the laundry, pulled the washing basket outside and gone through all the washing.

He didn't bother putting it in the machine, just left it on the grass and broke my laundry basket. He is soooo naughty without any encouragement! Undoubtably the dogs would have been going mad at him as they know he's not allowed near the house and he would have just ignored them swinging off his tail!!!

29-05-07, 12:37 PM
Its quietly comforting to hear im not the only one who has developed a healthy respect/fear/awareness in me old age. When I was a kid it was the railway tunnel, low roof, sharp right angle at the end and a dug out steep entry and exit, 100 miles an hour of course. The foot bridges over creeks, over and under.Used to ride to netball and he would wait courtside, and tied to the fence at the footy. Galloping along the cliff beside the highway, tearing across the golf course and stealing balls.(big trouble that one) (shudder) Now if I do go out its a quiet walk/ trot around a safe bit of bush. If I had those guts now my horse would be a nice quiet conditioned mount like that brave little pony was.

29-05-07, 01:22 PM
After reading some of the above, it is amazing what I remember doing.

We use to ride through the Maccas Drive thru at Croydon, and bolt around the old drive in grounds.

Using play ground equipment as jumps, and they they use to have the old pine poles along some roads we use to canter along them and jump them.
I remember racing the traffic along the Highway, oh and bolting around the local footy ovals, just to piss the players off. Or riding backwards across the road(using the pedestrian lights), just to see what the people in cars would do. Or there was a rather interesting time where my girlfriend and I rode topless as a dare(we weren't that you either)

The local milk-bar always had horses to the point where the owners put a rail up so we could tie the horses up.
Riding difficult float loaders onto the float, over walkway bridges and tunnels.

I guess in someways the horses than were a bit quieter, I know there are plenty around nowadays, but i rarely ever heard of nut cases, I guess we use to not worry as much about the possibilities and just use to put out horses through more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ What we learn to do, we learn by doing ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

30-05-07, 02:00 AM
I used to ride my 4 year old (at the time) WB x TB mare through the main street of the town we lived in, under the roof line of the shops, & then tie her outside the milkbar whilst I got lunch.



30-05-07, 02:38 AM
Hey Rosco my neighbour ties his young horses to a pole all day without water. I swear one day he left it tied up and went out for the day. It drives me nuts to watch the things he does, personally I think he is stupid and has no idea about caring for a horse.

Pauper I have to say I am cringing reading the posts above, although like QueenV and a few others I did some stupid things (I didn't think so then) when I was younger. Also did the drive through at Croydon McDonalds Macrannoch, but you have to make the noise of an engine to be able to place an order (Brum, Brum)

30-05-07, 03:49 AM
I remember seeing horses tied up outside a milk bar down there.

We used to live at FTGully.

I used to help with trail rides quite a few years ago, at Montrose.
I had an Appy x TB mare.

I used to stay at the back and keep an eye on the stragglers.
She hated to be at the back.

We used to go up a big hill.
Some would canter, some would be slower.

My horse would be prancing sideways.
So as soon as the last of them were nearly at the top,
I would let her go.

She would leap sideways (That's why I let very few other people ride her, as they would have been left sitting on the ground),
and take off flat out.
It was so much fun.
I used to show off on her.

I'm a bit of a whimp.
I've had a couple of kids (AC Syndrome,or after childbirth syndrome)
I cheated for a while, and had harness ponies.

So now I'm getting back into riding after a 15yr break (of actually sitting on a horse). Except one time a few years back where we went on a trail ride, and the bloke said can you ride?
I said I used to be able to, but had young kids.

He was a real character (place was near Merimbula)
The horse he gave me was lovely.
Safe, but a speed freak.
So it made me get ino it quick smart.
There's no going back when your in the middle of nowhere.
It was great actually.

At the moment as I haven't ridden much,
I get on the horse, and think there's something wrong with the horse,
as it's shaking.
I realise it's me shaking. LOL.