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28-05-07, 01:06 AM
I am getting stables built, yay!! (only been wanting them since a little kid, ha ha.)
It was suggested to me yesterday to have a solar heater on the roof for a warm water wash bay. I was intending to look for a second hand electric heater, but now might look into the kind of solar panels that people use for swimming pools, you know, those black plastic thingies.

Anyone using them? Got any hints?

28-05-07, 01:37 AM
Just wanted to say that im sooooo jealous.


28-05-07, 04:15 AM
My parents have had solar systems on two different houses to heat a swimming pool and it worked really well, the only problem is that white cockatoos love eating it so you will need to invest in some sort of mesh covering system if those birds live where you do


28-05-07, 11:11 AM
I'm jealous too! a friend has solar powered self opening gates and the only problem she finds with them is that they dont retain enough power! i'm not sure what size you would need for heating water but it sounds like a fantastic idea!
Cheers Pauper

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