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28-05-07, 02:27 AM
Just wondering if anyone on here does?

Have you noticed a difference in your horses feet?
Why did you decide to use it?
How much/what type do you use?
How long does it last for?
Is it worth getting?

Thanks :)

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28-05-07, 03:43 AM
My wife's QH mare has one front hoof that was at one time or another ... half ripped off ... and NOW grows a permenant crack in the hoof wall due to coronet band damage.

So when we first brought her home ... we went mad with potions & remedies to "Help" with her feet .... as she like many Qh's ... has great big body ... & tiny little pony feet.

We used to feed pure biotin as a supplement ... and after 12 months of forking out a HUGE amount of money for this stuff ... really didn't see any noticable difference ??? We asked our farrier about feeding this expensive supplement & he reckoned that a good balanced diet for the horse would probably be just as effective .... and keeping the feet moist with the absolute BEST stuff you can use ... WATER

So in summer ... we stand the horses in the dam for an hour or so a week ... and a lot of time THEY do it themselves ??? We have also have changed over to a complete balanced feed instead of doing all the mixing ourselves .... and use a locally made feed produced by Wesfeeds called "Microsweet Performer". This is quite a high protein formulation @ 17.5% .... and maybe NOT all horses could handle that ??? They also produce lower protein varity in their "Rider" product that has 12% protein.


We changed to THIS feed as it was getting beyond a joke at our local stockfeeders continually running out of Mitavite products ... as they were an "imported" item from the Eastern States ???

In consultation with Wesfeeds equine nutritionist ... we have got the right balance happening now !!! We still only feed approx HALF of the manufacturer's recommended feed volume .... as our horses just don't need that amount of feed ??? Seems a common problem with MOST feed manufacturers that they have to provide feed rate recommendations based on their customers being complete idiots .... and NOT being able to get it right themselves ???

Can honestly SAY ... our horses just luuurve this micronised feed .... and they look absolutely fantastic on it !!! We NEVER have feet problems ..... not even with the 'pre-disposed' QH mare !!!

28-05-07, 04:20 AM
I started with Biotin, but it ended up being too expensive. After asking around, i started on "Retread" and my farrier commented on how improved the new growth of hoof was. My horse's diet was not changed before or during the use of this product, so the improvement was due to the product. I was so impressed, I used it religously for about 3 years (in comparison to other products, it is quite reasonably priced). Now I'm a poor uni student, so I stopped feeding a supplement for some months. BUT then I started on equilibrium (diet has not been changed for years) and the new hoof growth is a bit better, so that might do the trick for you as well. BUT I really do recomment "Retread" - it's a powder - as I have experienced first hand how effective it is.