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28-05-07, 03:45 AM
Hi guys I know I am new and all but I need to just ask a question.

I have a friend at my agist and she well knows everything about horses...or so she thinks.....i am western through and through and she well is english/dressage through and through but she has NEVER i repeat NEVER worked with babies before.
She doesn't understand why I take it slow with my boys and not rush into things, now if anyone has even the tinest image of baby being rushed into anything they freak and don't want to do that again!
she's pushy and has an opionion on everything I do!!
I am no newy to horses just babies and throught I'd be good at it as I am patent and love the reward at the end, my first baby (who is almost a 2yr old) won the sa state yearling futruity paintbred at this years paint show, a big achievement in its self as it was a long day and he was buggard!!!
my friend rides educated riding ponies with year of experince behind them, she has never trained a horse in her life!!!
but now I am in the process of braking him and he has now had two rides under saddle and yesterday trotted and cantered with out a glitch!! I am now getting help from two wonderful ppl, who are both the sa qh state champs one reserve the other champion in 2 yr, who let me do my own thing and wait for me to finish then suggest exercises to do, they watch and if I do it right tell me more on what and how to do it better.
My other friend will shout out instructions (without being asked mind you!!!!!!!) to show to everyone she is the best of the best!!
she is just being a big B*&^h i think!!!
I have told her manya times to leave me alone as I know what I am doing and she still doesn't get it!!!
how do I deal withit without being too nasty!!! :)

28-05-07, 05:14 AM
This may not be very helpful, but sometimes if a person will not hear you when you are nice about it, then you just have to be blunt and spell it out for them. You say this person is your friend? I have a "friend" like yours, I now keep my distance!!
Another option would be to "help" her as much as she plainly "helps" you. That can be quite fun. Good luck, she'll probably never change no matter what you do, then she'll wonder why she does'nt see you very much anymore!! Good luck!

Prancing Pony
28-05-07, 07:07 AM
There's a description of your friend on www.horseproblems.com.au in the 'getting started in the horse world section. Have a read and see if it sounds like her.

28-05-07, 10:06 AM
If she isn't taking the hint you are being too subtle :-) If you don't want to tell her flat out to nick off. Try saying something like your idea's are probably good but I want to try it my way so please just let me do it the way I want. Or do the same thing back to her, when she gets cranky at you say well its esactly the same thing your doing to me so I thought I'd show you what it feels like :-)

28-05-07, 11:46 AM
thanks guys!!!!!!! :) I like the dishing out I hope she can get the hint, as it is I steer clear of her!!! lol thanks again!!!!!

28-05-07, 11:51 AM
>There's a description of your friend on
>www.horseproblems.com.au in the 'getting started in the
>horse world section. Have a read and see if it sounds like
PP thanks soo much the description is exact!!! SHEER CLEAR that I shall!!!!!!!! thanks heaps for that!!!!