View Full Version : Hoof Oil/Ointment what do you think

28-05-07, 05:10 AM
Do you use hoof oil/ointment? What do you think about it? Or is it a total waste of money?

I have used WBHO and Effol, and currently am using Effol. But was just wondering what your opinions are?

28-05-07, 05:35 AM
I havent used WBHO but I have used Effol and I dont think it is that good. I use Carmel valley Hoof grease and I can really see a difference in the pliability of my boys feet and so can the farrier, his shoes now stay on till the six week mark as before they were falling off at four weeks and the nail holes dont crack anymore, the only thing that has changed in his life is that I am greasing his feet daily. He gets fed the same, has the same farrier/paddock/workload.

28-05-07, 09:54 AM
Friend used to use Effol and I didn't think it was that good. Haven't tried WBHO but heard good reports. I use Kelato Hoof Prime. It's fairly dear but very economical.

28-05-07, 10:20 AM
Hi there. Here is an interesting article that explores the whole hoof dressing topic, and the pros and cons. A good read!!


28-05-07, 11:01 AM
Thank you so much for that Delta and everyone else! :)

31-05-07, 06:33 AM
Hey, I use pedicine. It does smell a little, but you only need a tiny bit as you only out it around the top of the hoof. And you only need to do it once a week and say 2-3 times during summer. My farrier couldn't belive how good condition my horse feet where in over summer, considering the drought and hard ground etc.! It is abour 30 something dollars for a tub, but to tell you the truth it lasts for ages and is worth every cent!!!

31-05-07, 09:00 AM
I started using WBHO about six months ago..my boys hoofs where a mess..cracked,throwing shoes etc..I left him bare foot & with some regular trimming & daily hoof oil within a few months they were in pristine condition again..
not sure what role the oil played but I sure aint gunna change..

31-05-07, 12:24 PM
I think it makes the hoof more pliable, like using moisturiser on your hands.

31-05-07, 11:58 PM
100% correct Jo...actually I was chatting to a friend last weekend,an older gent(in his 60's) who's been a horseman all his life..shoes his own horses etc...a real old fashion guy..I couldnt believe what was coming out of mouth,his daughter had convinced him to try some WBHO on his horses feet as they were cracking up from the dry conditions..he said he couldnt believe how good the oil worked,his horses hoofs were repairing very quickly & he said when
he trimmed them he couldnt believe how pliable they were & easy to trim...

01-06-07, 01:29 AM
I buy 100% pure wool fat from my chemist and then mix it with prue olive oil (it makes it more permeable). I only put it around the top of my mares hooves in a band as thick as my brush, and it stays on her hooves for ages (not as much in the wet!). I have had fab results with this, so much so that my TB Mare only gets shod every 7 weeks and still then all 4 shoes are still on!!! It is fab stuff, about $35 from a chemist, they do have to order it in as it, but it lasts forever...

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