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Hi Syzngy-At last a felow longears fan!
But tell me-why do you want a mule ?
Just curious.(And it something I get asked all the time except 'why donkeys')
Here's afree ebook you may like to download or read online if you haven't read it -It is very good even though written so long ago-they were really working mules then(and horses) and the author knew his stuff about functionl conformation. http://www.gutenberg.org/catalog/world/readfile?fk_files=46565

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I first met mules at the Grand Canyon in 1976 and have been enamored with them every since.

Donkeys have wonderful minds - well the ones I've met at least, and horses have brilliant bodies. A mule is a blend of both. Donkeys are great to know but bluddy awful to ride. Horses are wonderful but mules are superb, IMO.

I have a lovely Thoroughbred mare and she will be the mother of my mule.

Haven't bred one yet for a few reasons - lack of large Jacks, brow-beaten by friends that it was a terrible thing to do with a beautiful Thoroughbred mare and I also wanted to be more confident in my skills.

In 30 odd years I have improved a bit, there are large Jacks about nowadays, the original wonderful mare is long dead but I do have her granddaughter, so it will happen.

Would you like to be godparent to my muley when he/she finally arrives?

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Would be honoured to wet the babies head in some way!
With your long desire I am sure you will make a great and successful mule owner.They are not for everybody!

Have to correct you on Donkeys being bloody awful to ride though!That just not so.In fact it is as variable as a horse or pony-depends on training ,conformation and what you want to do etc.
I have contact with people who have owned horses(morgans)mules and Mammmoth Jackstock in USA,for recreational riding in the mountains(and showing of late).
Their mammoths have replaced the others for several years ,for many reasons-one being their even mindedness ,ability and also they are easier to breed and far easier to train and way less reactive then either horses or mules.
Its still "horses for courses", I suppose even when it comes to mules and donkeys.

Even with a little donkey-not many people see some are more pacey then others and in harness class one that trots as its main gait usually looks better.

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I saw a video someone bought of the Grand Canyon mule ride-Very interesting-in 100 years mules only (and earlier donkeys)no fatality ever ,and those narrow trails look terrifying,especially as the mules are trained to stand sideways with their heads our over the edge and on the hair pin bends.(so if someone dismounts they don't fall over the cliff).But of course they are selected mules..and not every mule is as trained and sensible .
I agree with what you said "Donkeys have wonderful minds - well the ones I've met at least, and horses have brilliant bodies. A mule is a blend of both" BUT its not always a 50/50 blend.
What about the percentage of mules who inherit the horses' excitabilty with the donkeys afore thinking calculated actions?
The quote in Riley's book I gave the link to,says mules being born kickers-thats seems to be true,and its not always possible to eliminate that innate trait.
Did you see that cute mule vidoe I psoted a week or so ago-at one day that little baby was a'kicking away so happily.
Don't be mistaken-I will be thrilled to see some mules around-deliberately bred ones .Have you talked to any of the owners of the mules that have already been bred from the Mammoth Jack?I recall a few were out of throughbred mares.There is one not far from here but I don't hear of her..and another working on a feedlot for expereince not so far away(The owner just loves him)
Is your mare bred yet-Are you sending her for AI or getting semen sent?

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Oh I know I am generalising with those comments.
Actually, don't think I have ever ridden a donkey. Maybe better put that horses have a more athletic body and obviously larger size than Donkeys.
Would never use a mare of unknown breeding or mixed breeding to produce a mule. My mare is Thoroughbred and is the third generation I have bred - the line is quite 'set'in temperament and is predictable, well as much as it can be. She is wonderfully sensible, sensitive and an 'imploder' not an 'exploder'!
Would only use the Jack if I was happy with his temperament and had the opportunity to check out some progeny.
Haven't met any of the mules by him yet, but will look into it.
Have just been feeling at a bit of a loose end since Jack died (3 weeks tomorrow).
She is not bred yet. Am still deciding whether to head down to Geelong for a long weekend or go for chilled. Fresh semen would be the ideal situation but just haven't got anything quite sorted yet.

Grey Terror
29-05-07, 02:45 AM
I have a question... How big can a mule grow? They are very cute, like little horses with big ears!

29-05-07, 02:49 AM
Draught mules used to be bred in USA, and probably other places as well. They were enormous, like 17hh I think. There used to be a pair of famous mules, Sc...? - cannot remember their names. Someone else might remember them.

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This is better...

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Mules size depends on the parents-about half way between the two although many times hybrid vigour will give you a few inches on each parent.If you want a big mule use a big mare and Jack.

Jackstock (Mammoths are properly called Jackstock not donkeys)can be up to 17hh BUT they are nor wanted usually in that size being too clunky.14.2" 15.2hh is a better average size.
People who work mules in USA usually don't seem to want or need sizes like 17hh for packing or harness-its way too big if you are lifting a deer carcass on board or a set of work harness,but they do have them sometimes .If you want a heavey mule use a heavy draft mare.
Keep in mind a Jack has a straight back and little to no wither-somethimes the mule too...so whereas a horse measures say 15hands at the wither his back may be several inches lower.But not so the donkey,his back is whatever he measures.

Grey Terror
29-05-07, 03:21 AM
Thanks for that!! Wow, 17HH is massive. I didn't think they would get to that size.

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It's great to find more donkey and mule people.
I have a photo of mine, but can't work out how to upload it here.

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Not hard-What I did is register with "photobucket" for free photo sharing.

Then you upload your photo from your computor to an album there;then you just copy and paste the link each photo will have, into your message here.It will then come up as that photo for readers

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Here's a link that may help with posting pics.