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29-05-07, 02:05 AM
Just thought I'd post a message of hop for all those whose horses have been hard to handle lately! I too have been having troubly with my QH mare, who decided to change into a pushy, bargy, bolting b**ch!

After she threw in a pigrooting episode and i got hurt, this weekend i went all the way back to basics on the ground, and spent ages re-establishing the bond and respect we used to share. Out came the rope halter and 12ft training rope, and i spent about an hour doing natural horsemanship'work. By the end she was working amazingly again and was 100% tuned into me and listening superbly.

When i got on, yes she still wanted to run, but i was firm and consistent and we trotted around on a loose rein for about 20mins, by which time we were both relaxerd and enjoying our ride. I only asked her do some proper dressage work for about 5 mins at the end, then finished on a good note.

Did the same on sunday, insted of jumping i did a lot of pole work, focussed on rythumn etc, then went for a nice long walk and gave her yummy treats.

So, the verdict.......we both had a much better time than previous weeks and i felt alot better about myself, horsie seems happier with me too!

So for those having troublesome times with their horses, try and go back to basics and have some fun, it is so much more rewarding without all the frustration!

29-05-07, 06:14 AM
hi, soooo true...sometimes i think we are so focused on "achieving" we forget about "enjoying"!!!

I came to the conclusion that if you plan on keeping a horse for life (which i do) then why rush things? Horses sense our impatience and frustration, so now when I start to feel impatient or frustrated I start to smile...REALLY smile as hard as i can and in about 30 secs i actually FEEL happy and then i relax.

Its always nice to hear we all have those bad days but we can turn it around!!

29-05-07, 07:10 AM
Well Mairead I had a very similar experience to you last weekend.

My horse bolted on me for the very first time ever, we were on a trail ride and he jsut took off at a flat out gallop, but I managed to stay calm and get him to stop without falling off. Now after going through phases for the next 24 hours 'do I sell him? Can't take this anymore' i decided to get back to the basics with groundwork as well. (I love him too much, selling him would be the absolute last option)

Amazing what an hour of groundwork can do, i got respect back and he was totally tuned into me, something we haven't had in a while and I think the reason behind our troubles. He's not an easy horse to ride but i've learned so much out of this one experience and I agree with you Mairead.....go back to the basics, re-establish who's the boss and get some respect, coz it makes such a huge difference - I have experienced it myself.

The easy out cold be to sell him and get a quieter schoolmaster but then I wouldn't be faced with any challenges in my riding and so I wouldn't learn much would I??

29-05-07, 07:12 AM
"sometimes i think we are so focused on "achieving" we forget about "enjoying"!!!"

That's WHY wine is such a FANTASTIC ....'Training aid' :+ :+ :+

ohhhhhh .... such an underutilised resource too !!!

29-05-07, 07:15 AM
hay i use the smile thing too.. with all four cheeks! works a treat, also when ya nervous, angry or uptight with the kid/boss/OH.

29-05-07, 09:52 AM
Glad to hear you did well with your horse, Fechy. It is so true, why try to achieve so much if not enjoying yourself? Having said that, i think we all get caught up with competitions and forget to have fun at some times, but sore losers are a great example of what that leads to!

Smiling thing sounds like a great idea, i tend to just burst out laughing whenever i make a stupid mistake. LOL Glenda, how do you smile with all four cheeks? :) lol