2apps 2spots
29-05-07, 01:39 PM
Hi Everyone,

Just out of curiosity what are the most frequent things that you all buy for your horses??? Other then feed.. e.g wormers, rugs etc....
I myself have a weakness for rugs, I don't think that you can ever have too many, and lunge whips I always seem to buy one with legs cause they constantly walk away and hide when I'm not looking.


29-05-07, 01:57 PM
Rugs here too.....i cant seem to help myself LOL

29-05-07, 02:01 PM
Hmmm, saddle blankets & rugs & bandages.

29-05-07, 03:29 PM
Halters, halters and more halters. They're pretty cheap nowadays so you just throw them out when they start to tear around the edges.

30-05-07, 02:18 AM
Nothing too recent... but you should see my shopping list! :) Without counting the saddles it's over $300...

30-05-07, 02:25 AM
Wormers for sure.

I'm not a rug buyer, all mine have been mended a hundred times. Probably the next most often purchase is halters & lead ropes.

Actually, does fencing equipment count? I've spent more money on fencing than anything else this year.

30-05-07, 05:21 AM
Halters! rope holters for good, rope halters for training, halters for paddock, halters for over bridles, under bridles, bit bigger, bit smaller, oops broke one, etc etc etc. I have about thirty, I NEED three.

30-05-07, 05:34 AM
Apart from wormers (two every eight weeks all year round) I seem to purchase a lot of fly veils in summer, at least one every four weeks or so...

30-05-07, 05:46 AM
Carrots, rosehip granules and apple cider vinegar!!! And a bit of chaff to put them in..

30-05-07, 05:46 AM
Just horse feed here, have spent enough money in the past buying all the fan dangled things for the horses lol. Feed is the fortnightly occurance.

rodeo chick
30-05-07, 06:32 AM
Feed, fencing, rugs and brushers from both the USA and Australia, worming, equiaid, rosehips, bio bloom, and more feed.

30-05-07, 06:34 AM
Carrots and rugs. I just cant help myself every time I go into my local saddlery I walk out with a rug of some description! Last week it was a canvas combo for the new girl cause her canvas rug was too heavy and not totally waterproof, this week I needed a neck rug for another horse (who has a $300 synthetic that Im too scared to put on in case it gets ripped! how crazy is that!!) and while I was there thought I should get another cotton combo for an under just in case... $120 later. My OH would FLIP if he knew, yay for secret credit cards!
As for carrots, Im pretty sure I keep the local carrot supplier around here fed and clothed!

Edited to add, I forgot that the girls will also need woolen rugs once it gets a bit colder, and Ill have to get them one of those half sheet things for when Im riding on cold mornings.


Lisa an Gypsie
30-05-07, 06:38 AM
Feed really....and hay :)

not much else, wormer gets purchased by agistment and I just pay for it with my monthly bill...I guess Rugs as I recently sold off most of my old ones and am trying to upgrade to new ones (and not as many!!!) as we finally have the money to buy better quality



2apps 2spots
30-05-07, 08:59 AM
LOL Dragoness It's good to here that I'm not the only one with a secret credit card....Mine was only going to be for emergencies but every thing is urgent when it comes to my four legged boys..

30-05-07, 11:00 AM

Secret credit cards get full! then U up the limit cos they ask you to, then they fill up again! Took me a few years but i have a secret debt of $5g (what a total idiot) Hmm, I need new rugs too...

30-05-07, 11:04 AM
EDITED because what I said didn't make any sence & sounded stupid :P

30-05-07, 11:16 AM
Mine would have to be leadropes. I use them for everything, and they love to get broken and go walkies. I use them on horses, as gate ties, for walking dogs, as measuring tapes, for fence mending and for tying rubbish in the trailer...hehe
And the kids use them as skipping ropes. I always seem to be buying them.

30-05-07, 11:29 AM
Well I love bandages, I love putting on different colours, at the moment I also have a thing for brow bands - lots of bling, Jods are another fav.

Our saddlery has a specials table up the back and if I see something cheep even if not needed I can't help myself - This year alone I have come home with - Jods velvet blue show hat(was around $200 paid $30), KK Training bit(norm $50 paid $19.95) White good quality work boots (Norm $112 paid $35), Diamond spurs, Dressage whip, Argyle boots, Oh and a Cotton Combo which was only $29.95.. Never what I haven't gone in to get, but I never reg buying them, as I use them all, and my friends think I am sooo good at bargin hunting.

I try not to take my 4yo as everytime we go, we have to get a new brush for the pony, I think we now have over 20 different kinds of brushes Oh and hoof picks we have 9 I think and if they are pink all the better...

30-05-07, 11:41 AM
Halters and lead ropes, plus I keep on buying gloves - should just an expensive pair that I won't wreck!

30-05-07, 12:12 PM
I have a rug fetish. She has more clothes than I do, and they mostly are all mix and match. I so need a life :P :P :P

30-05-07, 12:23 PM
Fly Veils!! Thank goodness for winter and I can put the remaining ones in the shed, but in summer I am always buying fly veils as I have four horses with white faces that need them for protection but they are masters of removing them and then apparently, once on the ground, the fly veil must die.

31-05-07, 06:17 AM
Other than wormers, Rugs......Rugs.........and more rugs!!!
In fact I just went and bought a new one of my Appy filly. ;-)

31-05-07, 06:27 AM
I reckon the things i buy the most are wormers and their herbs. Next to that it would be fly veils, rugs, halters lead ropes and hoof oil.

31-05-07, 07:13 AM
I guess feed, but definately all the additives such as salt, oil and mineral suppliments. Wormers yes, but when you have too many horses you buy by the bottle so that it does say ten horses, that way it seems less expensive and it is in the long run even if you only have a couple of horses! But yes I love buying rugs too, can't help myself, always have a lok at what is one special ect. Trust me my horse shall never freeze! He has a larger wardrobe than me! Well even the fact that I make some of my rugs, so i guess all the binding and clips ect. that probably is what I generally spend my money on!

RH Bobbie
31-05-07, 07:37 AM
Rugs... hmm more rugs, then saddle blankets, and then probably boots. I love buying boots for my boys.... dunno why, probably like myself with shoes. You cant explain a fetish :P

31-05-07, 07:59 AM
saddle blankets! i love them! i have two for every day of the week and two show ones and a couple spares just incase! lol and i dont even have a horse to put them on atm!