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30-05-07, 12:08 AM
I know it's not horsey but I'm putting it here for all the people who are smart enough to have whippets as well as horses.
We're having another fun day this coming Sunday 11.30am at Healesville Greyhound Track Mel ref 278 H5.
Lure racing, barbeque, whippet exclusive merchandise, raffle & games if time permits.
This will be our last for a couple of months as the track closes for maintenance so come along & have some fun.


30-05-07, 12:14 AM
Rowdy, you wouldn't happen to know of anywhere in NSW where I could take my Greyhound for some lure racing?

30-05-07, 12:46 AM
Is it a retired greyhound? If so the GAP people might be able to help put you in touch with other houndy people, I would also suggest checking out Dogz Online, an Aussie dog forum. It's a great place to find out what's on where.
good luck

30-05-07, 01:34 AM
I'd love to but the only whippet I have who would race (I have three) just got de-sexed last week plus she's still too young (eight months). She would literally bust a gut! :)

But anyone considering going, Healesville is a beautiful track with a long grassy stretch dogs love.

I'm going to the fun day there in July, being held by the Victorian Whippet Association.

30-05-07, 06:08 AM
Linda, yes he is retired (well actually failed breaking in...) and he is a GAP dog, but there don't seem to be any get togethers where they can go for a decent bolt with other greyhounds. I'll try Dogz online, thanks for the tips!

30-05-07, 06:36 AM
I'm also in NSW, and would love to find somewhere up here I could take mine to. They're all show dogs, but they love getting out in the 20 acre paddock for a run (that's the current game of the week, find a new escape route out into paddock ;) )

I'll have to get on DOL, haven't been there for a while!

30-05-07, 06:48 AM
I don't Have whippets but I would still love to try Lure Coursing if anyone does find anywhere in NSW I'd love to know about it.

30-05-07, 07:55 AM
I pulled this off Dogz Online Lure coursing in Sydney area (I think)

Lure Coursing Fun Day

Sunday 3 June

Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, Erskine Park

Lure coursing is a performance event developed in the early 70's by sight hound fanciers who hunted jackrabbits in the open field, which risked the harm caused by barbed wire fencing. They invented lure coursing as a safer, more controlled sport for sight hounds that would recreate the physical requirements of open field coursing, allowing them to continue testing the functional abilities of their sight hounds. Lure coursing aims to preserve and develop the coursing skills inherent in the sight hounds and to demonstrate that they can perform the functions for which they were originally bred. The hounds chase plastic bags on a course laid out to simulate escaping game. The plastic bags are pulled around on a nylon string course, propelled by a hand controlled motor.

04-06-07, 11:23 PM
Hope this link works, the thread has some fabulous pics taken of our day