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30-05-07, 11:57 AM
Other one's getting a bit long methinks...

30-05-07, 12:11 PM
Hi Breezin,

Oops - my bad? LOL ;)

Either way, it certainly is disturbing. It's just a shame that the American's have taken the breed to the extreme that they have, all in the name of chasing a buckle and some adulation. Those poor horse's are the ones who are really suffering for the sake of the "Champion" tag...


30-05-07, 12:27 PM
Hi All!
Breezin, BWT, Katey, BB, Megs,Bindi, Eclipse and all others,it's good to know that you feel the same! I don't EVER comment on other peoples horses, we all are different and like different things. But this colt freaked me out. If that what a halter horse is going to look like in years to come here in Australia, God help us all! And who's mentioned ethics? Soon no one will know what it means.

30-05-07, 12:32 PM
Sound argument FOR performance halter I reckon!!!!

30-05-07, 12:42 PM
No worries Eclipse. LOL - I just finished a 4 day workshop covering ethics & values, workplace heath & safety, and implementation of organisational policies & procedures, so call me anal, but I had to correct you. One of my many faults actually!


30-05-07, 12:44 PM
C'mon Deb, where's those new pics?????

I'd love to see the performance halter classes take off over here.

30-05-07, 12:59 PM
Hubby is watching NCIS... cant possibly download the pics for me!!! I will pester him during the ads!!!.

I would like to see performance halter get a start.... I would also like to see something like 'novice amateur' or similar.... something to split the amateur classes a bit. I know it has been said that 'beginner' type amateurs should get experience at smaller shows before doing the larger ones!! but, its still pretty daunting at the big shows..... huge amateur classes.

30-05-07, 01:02 PM
Actually Tanya... o/h is already multi-tasking...he is watching NCIS and in the ads is using weights!!!!....cant possibly ask him to do something else at the same time!!!!. hmmm will just have to wait till 9.30pm......

30-05-07, 01:06 PM
Over the last couple of days I have been doing some Showmanship Training with Harry (I'm hoping to do the Amateur Showmanship with him at the Gatton Halter and Performance Classics as well as the QLD States) - I must say I am pretty chuffed with him, he's a pretty smart boy but apart from that his manners have been improving a lot.

He can be quit a nippy and fidgety horse when I train/show him at halter, but just by doing some of these exercises with him I have noticed a big difference in how he is seeing me as his handler/trainer. Just thought I would share this little break through with you lol.

Here are a couple recent pictures of him drying off after a bath, your honest opinions of him as a QH would be much appreciated :)(BTW he is not that colour unfortunately, he is still wet after his bath, he is a lot lighter once dry) - but you can see just how hairy his winter coat is :(


30-05-07, 01:11 PM
I agree Deb i think those classes would be good but there are some people for whatever reason, they may not know how to ride or just dont want to? that just like to do halter and i think thats fine too.

I will agree that the mature photo of that horse its butt does look a bit dodgy but i still like the horse overall, doesnt mean i dont have any ethics!

My weanling filly has stuck her hind leg under the stable door somehow and cut it :-( not too bad, is on some antibiotics and bute and have been hosing it. I never leave them in through the day but there was thunder, lightening and very strong winds this morning so i thought i would leave them inside.

Deb I would love to see some pics too.

RD how is Blush?

30-05-07, 01:17 PM
take him out and enjoy showing! For a first X quarter horse your boy's looking very quarter horsey! Lol! I like him! Don't worry about everybody else, just do what you want to do and have fun! Life is not about winning or loosing, it's about living it to the full potential and trying different things! Good luck!
Cheers, lena.

30-05-07, 01:18 PM
Oh Katey, he's looking great! Haven't seen him for a while and I'm sure he's grown. Don't worry if his coat is a bit long for Showmanship. As long as he's clean and immaculate like you always have him looking, he's sure to impress! :)

Deb, you're right about the Amateur classes, and as all the youth are getting older and moving up into Amateur, there's going to be some stiff competition. Some of the Youth showing atm are awesome!


30-05-07, 01:36 PM
Ok have some pics of Cheri with Al riding her and one with Di riding her. I will try not to bore everyone with a million pics of her.

These are just my happy snaps.... i have quite a few to wade thru. Mel Cruden and Nicole from Ace photography took some as well (i think) so they will be much better than my 'attempts' haha.


30-05-07, 01:43 PM
nice pics deb she is looking a treat.


30-05-07, 01:48 PM
OK, maybe I should have opted for clarity rather than subtlety. What I meant was...

I do not believe that it is ethical to breed for conformation that predisposes any animal to unsoundness.

Who knows, this horse may be sound for the rest of it's life, time will tell.


30-05-07, 02:08 PM
I think that is my point to Breezin......some breeders will breed their NH horses and be ever mindful of choosing the 'right' sire. But for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would actively pursue to breed FOR a known genetic abnormality!! It is quiet obscene really. When science has provided us with a blue-print to eradicate it, why would any breeder chose differently.......surely not in the best interest of individual horse or breed as a whole.

It really is one of my pet horsey hates.......I am a mild mannered lady who even appreciates the love and passion of halter showies and breeders, but I simply cannot come at those who would breed a HYPP horse on purpose......who does it serve?

What a legacy to leave behind.....the QH being remembered for a destructive disease, prolification of that condition, and allowing it to pollute other breeds. Or into the greater equine population?

I think the noble QH deserves better, and I will shout long and loud about the active breeding of HyPP horses. The victims past have my sympathies, both horse and owners......

I would like to see some influencial breeders and showies show some balls and stand up to be counted. How any of 'them' can tout devotion to the breed, talk of their passion and love.....what rot. Its about making money pure and simple......nothing wrong with that in any stretch.....but yep "first do no harm".

Medications for treatment.......a warm and fuzzy story to fall asleep to, the drug companies clapping their hands.....please breed more HyPP horses so we can fleece you. Money driven....you bet, at the highest levels no doubt......you breed em, we'll treat em and together we might make a bundle!!

Yep if we ate our horses in the greater western world, there would be no HyPP........mad horses disease?


30-05-07, 02:10 PM
Deb she's looking great :)

Katie, go out there and enjoy yourself and dont worry about what anyone else thinks, your out there doing it cause you enjoy it and in the end that's all that matters :) I'm probably going to have go at showmanship myself too next season, with a couple of the youngsters I have, will certainly be interesting LOL

Can anyone suggest a selection of trail patterns to set up for practice at home? I will be setting up the + shape plus an L shape but any other suggestions would be great. I have a bridge almost ready to go and I have a mock river thingy (thick black platic stuff with poles down each side which makes a bit of noise when you go over it, which is a great desensitiser) and I just have to wait till Scotts got a spare few mins to weld a gate up for me.

I agree there looked to be some very stylish competitors at the shows, from the pics on HD, especially DG, who looks grate in her pics. I've seen a couple of jackets on Ebay, but they are about $1000AU buy it now....... very very nice though....maybe in a couple of years I'll treat myself, or get one made similar for a fraction of the price :)

30-05-07, 02:31 PM
Hi Tanya,

Try this link for some trail ideas.



30-05-07, 03:03 PM
Hi all and congrats to all who competed and showed at NPHA some great results.

Deb Cheri looks good and was turned out beautifully. Haha i've done the tent thing and never again :)

RD hope blush is ok you certainly are having a bad time at the mo. Send them all off to me here in WA ;)

Congrats DG on the sale of your horse although i cannot find anywhere that you posted it so hope i have correct info = well done.

TP congrats on Beej continuing success well done girl :)

Just picked my jaw up from the ground looking at them last pics of CK, i cannot believe how extreme and awful looking that looks. JMO and not meaning to cause offense but i think its so unatural and you have to wonder at what level this will stop. If the pics were taken as kaddy said ".... are taken at play, by a good photographer to show his muscling, that is the whole idea of the pics" that is bull*h*t! The photographer must have a very good photoshop edition to make that bum slip off the end there like that. Not bagging halter horses and don't think anyone here is, we are all entitled to an opinion like yourself who seemed quick off the mark with your comment ' but much better than the narrow, weak backed, ugly headed horses some of you seem to think is the ideal!!' but thats ok you are entitled to an opinion too! It would be very dull and boring if we all wanted the same and I will say there are some lovely halter horses out there.

CS sorry to hear your girl is not well seems there are some nasty bugs going around at the moment.

Coliban bunnys leg looks amazing, looks much better than mine does 3 years later!!!! you have done an amazing job

Hi megs, good to see you show your face, you will be counting down soon till your filly arrives.

Keep smiling everyone will go an watch all saints now with my fire suit on :)

30-05-07, 03:10 PM
Proud moment...

Thought I would share some of Prini's super model side.

She is this months & next months appaloosa cover girl;


And is the new Gal for Ranvet:


30-05-07, 09:59 PM
Bindi i totally agree with you about the HYPP issue, it does seem if you look at the websites fron the States many of their breeding horses are positive and thats sad JMO

Deb your filly looks awesome!

Love Prinnis new port folio Skip

30-05-07, 11:35 PM
Morning all!!.

Thanks for all the nice comments about Cheri. I had a lesson on her Monday morning before I drove home to Junee. She is so light and responsive to ride and has a mouth like butter. I'm rapt with the job DNA have done with her. I am proud of the fact that as a 2yr old she is only ridden in a snaffle and is the product of good old fashion hard work. My aim is for her to be a amateur horse for me to go have fun on. I was a tad disturbed to see all the shank correction bits used on 2, 3 and 4 yr olds in the warm up pen, then a snaffle or other show head gear put on them to go show. IMO overuse of the shanked type bits leaves you no where to go later on. I am a big fan of a snaffle and again IMO a bigger bit should mean the a bigger brain on the horse (ie....more educated) - shove over Zoo, lend me your fire suit!!!. lol. again all MO so dont go shooting me. But it could also be pointed out that Cheri wasnt 'finished' like some of the 2yr olds at the show..... but she improved every time she was ridden in the pen and I am very excited about her future prospects. This was her first big show (not her last hehehe)..

I will be really game this morning and make another comment..... regarding judicious use of photoshop!!. Its a great program that can easily change the odd detail.... but heck, why be making muscles where your horse doesnt have them...... OR making that neck finer than it really is!!!. Not talking about any horse in particular.... we have all seen the use of photoshop to do this!!!, however, it comes as quite a surprise if you do happen to see the horses in the flesh and they dont look anything like their 'pictures'. I reckon horses at stud, and sale horses should be offering photos that arent touched up.

Its cold and overcast here in the Riverina this am.... back to work for me today, but only short 9 hr shifts instead of the 12's. Working from midday till 9pm yaay what a lovely shift NOT. Going to semi part time hours till they sort out my med's.

Hope everyone has a lovely day and those that need it are getting more rain.

rodeo chick
31-05-07, 12:29 AM
Skip, your filly is a SUPERSTAR!
Congratulations, well done with everything that you have achieved with her.
You must have almost lost count on how many times she has taken out SUPREME.

31-05-07, 01:12 AM
Thanks Vicki for the link have got a few more ideas now, so should have enough of a selection scattered over my area to practice on now :)

Skipa, Prini looks awesome and certainly deserves to be a covergirl :)

Thanks Zoo :) I'm very proud of what he's done and how he's handled all his new experiences this season, but am certainly looking forward to next season :D

Deb you should be very proud of her, she looks like a lovely ride in her pics, bet you cant wait to get out there too next season :)

31-05-07, 01:18 AM
Hi all!
Deb299! Your filly looks very good!
Wilkie, keep on using honey on the wound and it'll heal no probs!
Zoo, I can't believe myself how neat and fast Bunny's leg has healed! If i didn't see it with my ownd eyes I would not believe it!

hey, guys, have a look at this! This is a quick comment of a fully qualified and practicing for a long time equine vet, who rides and competes on QHs, on CK, aka Willy.
Hi Lena,
Managed to find the horse I think you're referring to - this "Willy" - chestnut colt whose arse appears to be prolapsing from his tail? He's got a pretty head,chop off the rest of him - horrible straight hocks & stifles = OCD for sure.Sloping that much from the loins because of grossly huge arse end will mean sacro-iliac probs later,flat wither long back upright shoulder,he'd be a shocker to ride.How gross "

I like to see a good hip on a QH, but not to the ecxess of this one.

Cheers, lena.

31-05-07, 01:30 AM
Thanks Tanya, actually I am being really game (or foolish lol) and have entered to ride her in 2 classes at Q7!!!!. I will have more lessons on her with Al before then, but I reckon I should be ok. The amateur classes ARE huge however, she showed me at the State and NPHA that she doesnt mind getting caught up in traffic in the arena... just digs in and works her way around horses. I guess I am just worried about me riding her in such big classes - I really dont want to do the wrong thing...... and wreck someone elses run. But I can just give it a go and be aware of show ring etiquette and TRY not to get too close to anyone else!!!

Gotta go to work, have a lovely day everyone!!!.

31-05-07, 01:40 AM
Hi everyone

Thanks Coli for that honest vet's opinion on CK, I agree totally with him and it is good to get a qualified vet's opinion, esecially one that is into the QH scene.

Deb your horse looks great, nice and soft too. I like how you are taking your time with her, she will last a lot longer that way.

JVQ spilt the beans on DG selling her boy, DG hasnt posted a thing yet, it seems DG makes a habit of selling her horses at the NPHA lol.

This months Horse Deals has an ad for Show Pony Western Wear on pg 22, the jackets look beautiful, I havent had a chance to look at the website which is www.showponywesternwear.com.au. Might be a hell of a lot cheaper than $1000 !!!! Sheplers and Rods have some nice jackets on their website, and with the value of the aussie $$$ at the moment I think they are pretty reasonably priced. You could always take a picture to a dressmaker, its amazing where things can be sourced from.

Prini looks a picture of health, well done skip.

Showmanship is fun, and teaches your horse to listen a bit more to you. Some of those 360's are a bit tricky. Dont worry about his coat, your horse looks real nice, you could always clip him if you wanted to. My chummy looks like a yak, but he is warm and needs to be with our current night temperatures, and this beautiful woolen kersey rug that WV made is doing the trick too, thanks WV.

Okay better go do a few things, the ironing basket is insurmountable grrr, but its raining so a good time to get it done.

Have a great day everyone, btw to the All Saints watcher wasnt last nights episode boring, I hate having to stay up late when the show isnt good, at least tonights Mcleods is on at a decent time for sooks like me who like early nights and electric blankets !!!


31-05-07, 02:14 AM
Mornin' all,
Deb299 - your filly looks like a nice ride, congrats.
Skipa - what a superstar, you might have to start selling signed autographed front pages.

31-05-07, 02:26 AM
I'm scared that if I clip him now (June) he will go very white with palomino head and legs (this happened to my filly when I clipped her!)I had clipped him last year in August and his coat wasn't to bad but I think the extra bit of time for the summer coat to come through really does help. I have 2 more big pally shows to do with him this year and really don't want to jeopardize his chances lol. To think I wouldn't have this problem if my OH wasn't so damn lazy and would make the stable for me lol!

Red Dun
31-05-07, 03:40 AM
Hello All :)

Welcome Country Bumpkin and Pally Lover ;)

A very kind CH'er looks like she's got me some lucerne hay and I can only thank her from the bottom of my heart :)

Thanks to WP2, Cheekyspirt, Bowerbird, Katey, Coli, Bindi, Rodeochick, DG2, Skipa and Breezin (and any I missed) for asking after Blush. SHE's doing fine thanks very much :D it's Mum that's bawling at the drop of a hat and has a churning stomach at the thought of undoing the bandage etc.

Coli: Yep, owning a horse comes with these 'delights' but it was such a shock as we have 'safe' post and rail paddocks. I kept telling myself 'It's only a SCRATCH' compared to Bunny's injury' but when it's on your own spoilt girl those words were not sinking in! Bunny, by the way, is looking superb and you should feel extremely proud of what you and your OH have achieved.

Rodeochick: Sounds like you've had a shocking injury with your boy. I do hope it soon heals properly for you. How long ago did he injure it. You did say 2002 in one of your earlier posts.

Bindi: You make me laugh .... Blush like your gardenia's - LOL. Poor girl is just having a bad run, she's been good up until the past couple of months. (I think 3 year olds are like teenagers and get up to mischief :P ). I googled that 'Bringing Light to HyPP' site you suggested. OMG :o Dreadful!!

TP: Belated congrats on Beej's latest showing success :) He's a star!

CS: So sorry to hear about Diva's illness. Fingers crossed she comes good quickly for you. As Mad Hatter said, best not travel with a youngster not 100% and give her time to recover.

Deb1959: Your photos are lovely. Shawnee is doing very well for you.

DG2: Congratulations on the sale of your boy. Sounds like he did you truly proud - what a darlin'?

WP2: People killed by the saddle horn? I guess it happens, but always a very scary thought. Every time I think about a saddle horn I get the giggles as my OH (no longer horsey :( ) went for a trail ride on a beach up near Port Douglas and couldn't get his horse to canter so I switched as my mare was lovely. Well, he can't ride and this mare was a typical rough big girl. All I remember hearing is OH screaming and I turned around to see him do a perfect pirouet on the saddle horn and grip her neck like a circus monkey. Then a perfect dismount to stand on her near side ready to re-mount. LOL :D He had a lovely bruise on his beer belly to proudly display a couple days later!
So sorry to hear your weanling filly cut herself in the stable. I do hope it's not too bad. And you just had Basil's head fixed!

katey: Yes, go for it. Your boy looks lovely and it will be fun for you.

Deb299: Cheri is looking gorgeous and it sounds like she did you proud in her classes. As did Ruby for you. Sorry, but I also giggled at your tent debacle. Me and tents - nuh uh! They sure can be cold!!! I bet you were pleased to see your boys when you got home.

Bowerbird: Very happy to hear that mare held her foal and all looks good.

Zoo: I may soon be sending some of my horses up North and Promise may be one of them. Wish you were closer - Promise would love a playmate in your grey filly :P

Skipa: I do hope Blush becomes a 'superstar' for me, but I already think she is :P Prini looks superb and her portfolio of modelling jobs is growing! Congratulations on all your successes at the show, including off-spring from your boy.

MH: Thanks for the info on H/H and N/H horses, it would be nice if the N/H horses could go earlier .......... like 2010. How sad your stats that 95% are either NH or HH at the World Show :(

Hello to Glenda, Kaddy, HK and everyone ;)

Cheekyspirt 26
31-05-07, 04:19 AM
Ok Red Dun my hat goes off to you. Do you sit there and take notes to be able to answer everyone. I am very impressed.

(And I try and read everyday when at work) and I have missed half of what has been said in your response.

I hope you are coping OK with Blush's leg and I hope all is good.

I am interesting in looking at the HYPP info you also looked at as I can honestly say I have not understood it fully and I need to.

Skipa I think the signed autographs might be the way to go. Your filly is just gorgeous and can imagine just how proud of her you are.

I have been confused on the two Deb's (until now did not realise there was two) sorry to both of you. but congrats on successful showing.

Coli - I must say my stomach churns everytime I see your Bunny's injury. My admiration for yours and your OH's care and attention to her leg is way up there.

I now understand why no one has managed to get me into a western saddle yet LOL they sound terrifying. But my friends do keep trying. :)

Anyway Diva is doing OK, not enjoying her needles to much but she is coping. She is being a remarkably good patient and is still nickering to me when she sees me. As I had booked the time in advance to have off next week for Nats I still am. May give me the chance to pull out a ridden horse and get back on board and enjoy. Mind you I don't think she (ridden horse Kate) will be too happy about it and she has been happily being a paddock ornimant for quite awhile.

Being so new to Quarter Horses/Western Showing whether it be riding or haltering (I have only been doing this for 18 months)I am surprised at what seems to be the great divide between haltering and performance. All I can say is that it is going to be a very interesting industry to watch over the next few years.

Another question for breaking two year olds. Do QH people wait to break their two year old until their knees have closed or do they break them anyway but do it lightly so they are ready to compete as a two year old?

Anyway must go and finish some more work. (It is pay day and it is the one day I am very popular at work and everyone wants to be my friend) :)

Red Dun
31-05-07, 04:52 AM
Hi Cheeky

Yep, I take notes - I wouldn't remember otherwise :P

This is the website I googled on Bindi's advice. It's not an enjoyable read and the video is especially not nice - how the foal didn't get hurt I do not know :( http://www.bringinglighttohypp.org/

Pleased that Diva is doing well, even if she doesn't like the needles. I hope you enjoy your time off.

Blush is so forgiving with me as I had to wind the bandage off as I didn't have sharp enough scissor to cut through the whole lot. OH ended up bandaging her for me as he's done lots of bandaging for dogs. After her eye and now this, my OH is particularly taken with her, for her calm, kind nature. Gotta love the QH temperament hey?

31-05-07, 05:25 AM
RD every time you mention Blush well to me she is Gardenia!! Hope she blossoms!! Yep no matter how safe, how much money is spent, they find a way....I am testament to that too after our loss. I know exactly how you feel.

Well HD mag has some real nice 'my type' horses this month. A couple of Roc O Lena mares!! Priced what I would call reasonable for these sort after commodities. There is also a couple of well bred performance youngsters also well priced.....might make the NCHA sale look a bit expensive. Anyone wanting a horse should fine tooth comb the mag before they bid!! Private treaty allows room for some haggling too which you won't find at an auction? Be sure to check it out.

Deb you'll do fine, don't worry about the other drivers, remember how we gotta drive with our horse floats on.....just make them wait or go round!! I will be sitting on your shoulder!! Good Luck my gal!! Its your day.

Maybe the owners of 'that colt' should register him as "Willy loose his Butt" LMAO or LWAO
Ladies and gentlemen....."Willy Loose His Butt".....applause... Or to music "Slip Sliden Away"

Ok enough of the arse jokes......but he does make mine look small!


31-05-07, 09:15 AM
Sorry to interupt, but I was wondering if you all have heard about the AQHA plans to combine the junior and senior amateur classes?

I just got my YVQHA newsletter and there's a notice by Liz Keating stating that the AQHA Board of Directors are lobbying to "combine the Junior and Senior Amateur classes to trade for the Select"!!!!

Apparently there is going to be an urgent Amateur Owner meeting at the Q7 nationals on Thursday the 7th at 7pm in the amenities room. Primarily, the meeting has been called to hopefully re-instate the Amateur Division as it was (in Liz's words).

If you can't attend Q7 but would like to voice your support of the Amateur Division you can -
Email the AQHA - qhorse@aqha.com.au
Send the AQHA a letter - AQHA PO Box 979, Tamworth, NSW 2340
Contact Jan Miller to put your signature on a petition - ph 03 5964 8148

Sorry if I'm repeating something that's already been mentioned, but I think this is very important. Why combine the Junior and Senior Amateur classes which usually have heaps of entries just to accomodate the Select Amateur which usually only have one or two entries?


31-05-07, 09:57 AM
I'm just looking at the program that was the NSW State Show that has just been run. There was 18 nominated in the Jnr A/O W.P., and 17 in the A/O Snr W.P.

Wow, if this goes ahead, the classes are going to be HUGE! They'll have to split them anyway.


31-05-07, 10:41 AM
This most recent brainwave rule change from the AQHA makes no sense to me whatsoever. According to the Amateur list on the AQHA website, there are currently 857 Amateurs and only 49 Select Amateurs in Australia. That's over 21 to 1!!!

I'm already drafting a letter to send off to the AQHA tomorrow. Boy, the AQHA REALLY p@ss me off some times! And I STILL haven't recieved the DNA kit for the rego I sent off months and months ago.

Acording to the letter from Liz Keating (Amateur Sub Committee Member) "The AQHA say they want to see the support from the Amateurs before they will consider re-instating the division". So PLEASE, if you want the Amateur classes to continue to be split into Junior and Senior, PLEASE write or call the AQHA as soon as possible. And if you will be at Q7, then attend the meeting on the 7th.

You can also call Maria Fraser, the Amateur Conveyer. Her number is in the AQHA news.


31-05-07, 10:51 AM
Whoops, that should be over 17 to 1, not 21 to 1. Hey, maths was never my strong point. :+


Pally Lover
31-05-07, 10:54 AM
Hey all,
Thats the stupidest thing i've ever heard!!! I'm going into amatuer next year with my (now) 2yr old and DO NOT want to going up against amatuer horses that have been doing this for 5 years or more..... thats just not fair. The Junior horse and Senior horses are split for a reson, they same reason that the amatuer ones should be. Could you imagine the trail classes alone!! how long would that take.

I agree with the idea that the amatuer classes should be split down a litle further, especailly with the halter and showmanship classes. A amauter class for the lessor experienced riders would be great. There are a lot of times I see a horse that lives and trains 24/7 with a trainer and at the show the amatuer owner will take the lead or reins, do the class and the horse goes back to the trainer. While this is great for those that can afford (i even made the sacrific this year and got my filly pro trained for her 2 year old year. but for those that do all the riding and training in the bit of spare time they have and thats what I while be doing next year, it's a bit daunting to be up against those amatuers that are as good as, even better then the pro's. I'd love to see a classes for amatuer trained and riding horses.

I'll definatley be signing my name at nationals!!!
hey Deb229, it's good to see someone else agrees with my idea with the shank bit being used too freely with the younger ones. The longer on a snaffle the better. In saying that there are some younger horses that benifit from being in a shank, but each horse is different. as you were, I'm very happy with the fact my filly went around quietly and strongly, with a 14 year old riding her no less!
I love your baby at the NPHA! Look forward to seeing you ride her at Q7.

I'm hoping to do a heap of Pally shows next year in south Queensland. It'll be great to meet a few of you there too. I'll try to figure out how to post pics and post one of dreama in her full gold coat.

31-05-07, 11:09 AM
Hi Pally Lover,

Here's a link that shows you how to post pics.



Pally Lover
31-05-07, 11:56 AM
I'll try to get a pic posted.


Pally Lover
31-05-07, 12:00 PM
thanks Vicki but I'm not very computer literate and the instructions keep losing me. I don't know what the URL is or IMD or any of those things, can someone give me the dumbed down version of how to put a pic into my post. Just a once off, not a regular one. I have infraview.

31-05-07, 12:09 PM
Hi pally lover!
to post a pic on CH, you should first download it to www.photobucket.com. You should register and sign up, it is a free site. then you should resize your pic to the size of a message board, you'll see the options. When your image is resized, click on the top URL line under it and copy it by pressing Ctrl C.
then log onto the CH, and in your post type then click Ctrl V
remember, no spaces in between! you should be right then!
Cheers, Lena.

31-05-07, 12:15 PM
PL, I don't know how to get rid of a pic icon, but type the word image in square brackets on bothe sides, the, press ctrl v, then [/image]. it should work.

Pally Lover
31-05-07, 12:41 PM
I'll try again, this is a pic of me and dreams at the qld State show last year.


31-05-07, 12:46 PM
Oooh she's lovely, PL! Will you be going to the State show this year also?


Pally Lover
31-05-07, 01:50 PM
She will be, I don't if I will. I'm taking time off work for the Nationals so might not be able to get there, but will try.
Heres some other pics from her as a weanling to now.








So she's the one that didn't do so well at NPHA or NSW State, but really, those 2 yrs olds winning were AWESOME

31-05-07, 02:48 PM
welcome pally lover. nice horse youve got there, great colour.


01-06-07, 01:25 AM
Pally Lover she looks lovely :)

Oh Deb I wish I could be at the nats to cheer you (and all the other WSies) on from the side line, but I'll just have to sit here and wait for the results (AND PICS) to come through :D Dont worry too much about the others in the ring, if they are sitting up your butt then they are only doing themselves (and their horse) and injustice by not going around.

01-06-07, 01:38 AM
Welcome Pally Lover :+

What pally shows are you planning on doing in SE QLD? Our two major shows coming up are the Colourama Spectacular in August and the Dilute Champs in October - both of these are held at Caboolture. Are you a member of the UPWB&D?

Queen_V - I think I have come to the conclusion I will clip Harry as close to the State Show as possible, once the shortest day of the year has past they reckon they don't continue to grow a winter coat so I hope it's true!!

01-06-07, 01:48 AM
Tascon i will have my camera at Nationals and will be clicking away !!
Cant wait one week today till we leave :-)

My weaners are going to a trainers for a weeks full on handling while i am away that will be good for them and that way its easier for the person looking after my horses if she doesnt have to worry about them.

Deb colt will be there too!

Cheers Michelle

01-06-07, 01:53 AM
Hi Katey,

I must admit I know nothing about clipping and how their coat will turn out, but I'm sure he will still look beautiful. :) So you've definitely decided to go to State? Halter and Showmanship?

(my MSN is being naughty today :( keeps going wierd :( )


01-06-07, 02:37 AM
Yup, my Amateur form/money has been sent away so hopefully I get my card next week in time for entries :) I've gotta start some where so these two shows might as well be my first - no time like the present aye lol!

01-06-07, 03:06 AM
i just sent my email off to the AQHA on their changes to the amateurs, ive never heard of anything so ridiculous.. this will just cause more amateurs not to show, especially at the larger shows, can you imagine the size of some of the classes!!!!

01-06-07, 03:14 AM
Hi everyone

Pally lover that is a nice horse, and a beautiful halter jacket - I have one almost identical LOLOLOL

What ?? Another stupid idea from the AQHA ??? Who does the thinking in there, obviously not someone with an amateur ticket. Its not very fair is it, having to compete against an experienced senior horse. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Queen V it appears that MSN has crashed, mine is playing up too and you get some sort of message saying that the system is temporarily unavailable.

Woo Hoo someone is buying something from me on ebay, its the first time Ive sold anything so Im a tad excited, mmmm maybe I do need to get out more often !!!


01-06-07, 03:16 AM
Yes I suggest everyone let the AQHA know how they feel about their proposed idea of combining junior and senior amateur classes.
I personally feel its a total no brainer. Why would a ridiculous idea like this come up. The classes have enough entries to support the split age groups. What will happen is that the amateurs will have to adopt the one horse one rider. We wont be able to have our trusty senior horse and be bringing a young one along.
It means less entries at major shows because you will have to decide whether you ride your trusty senior horse or the young one in classes, instead of entering both. Also how does this sound for the struggling local shows???
Total non thinking at its best.
I believe that a select should be able to still compete in the junior or senior amateur classes, but as with the now standing rule, decide which class, before the show will count toward high point amateur.
Grrrrrrr......how does crap like this even get to be note worthy???????
Wake up AQHA and really have a good think about it.

My soap box moment for today. LOL

01-06-07, 03:23 AM
Very good point DG. I'll email them this arvo.

BB, I hope it's not on that blanket, I've been watching that....

01-06-07, 03:24 AM
clipped pallies and buckies don't look very good (especially when clipped before the show). Think twice before you do it. We used to show a lot of pallies, but not once was I game enough to clip any of them. We don't take a pally out untill its coat is naturally looking right. Ask Zoo, she is an expert in showing pallies.
Welcome,PL, your mare is very pretty.
CS, how is Diva? Is she getting better?
RD, how is Blush?
Skipa, congrats on the big wins and fancy pics in mags!
Cheers! Lena.

01-06-07, 03:33 AM
Shelly, I read your post last night, but was too darn tired after work to reply!. I have to say that I also I think that combining the junior amateur and senior amateur classes is quite simply ridiculous. I think someone already posted stats about numbers of entries in classes at the recent shows but I will post them again...... NSW State Show: Jnr Amateur HUS:14, Snr Amateur HUS: 15, Select Amateur HUS 5. Jnr Amateur WP: 18, Snr Amateur WP: 17, Select Amateur WP: 5. Jnr Amateur Trail: 13; Snr Amateur Trail: 14, Select Amateur Trail: 7. NPHA: Jnr Amateur HUS: 9, Senior Amateur HUS: 14, Select Amateur HUS: 4; Jnr Amateur WP: 18; Snr Amateur WP: 17, Select Amateur WP: 5. Note that there was only the one combined Amateur Trail at NPHA with 18 entries.

I dont think there should be any 'trade-offs'.... in fact I think we should be making MORE divisions....... the AmQHA has the following divisions in their amateur ranks and I think we should again follow suit: Amateur (regular one), Novice Amateur (not have earned 25pts in each 'skill set' ie halter, wp, trail, reining etc) Limited Rider Amateur (step between Novice and Regular amateur competitor)& Select Amateur. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable on the American system can give more info. Heck we follow the rest of their trends...why not this one as well!!!!. lol

If the BOD are lobbying to combine Jnr & Snr Amateur classes then its a darn shame nothing has been made public ie.....on the aqha's website. Sure the details of the Amateur meeting is on there but nothing further. Perhaps another example of the lack of transparency in their decision making process. The 'black box' approach to decision making should no longer have a place in our Association.

I know I will be at the Amateur meeting....heres hoping that those that can make it do, and those that cannot make it -> write or ring and make their thoughts known. Thanks Shelly for keeping us in the loop!.

On another subject..... cyber hugs are sent to Glenton40. Axel managed to injure himself last Sunday and last I heard the situation was quite grave. Hang in their Glenda, my thoughts and prays are with you matey.

Edited: just read the latest points.... trust DG2 to bring extra perspective to points!! plenty of amateurs have jnr AND snr horses. Is this another knee jerk reaction to save funds?????? The amateur ARE and ALWAYS will be the backbone of our industry!!! IMHO.

01-06-07, 03:39 AM
Well said DG

Yes it is the saddle blanket Tanya, but theres still 2 hours to go !!
What about the number holders, they are really nice but not for going on clothes LOL Ive relisted them a bit cheaper, but they did cost me $40.


01-06-07, 03:43 AM
I agree totally Deb, what a good way to split the amateur classes. Lets follow this yankee idea, and not their latest look in sloppy arsed halter horses LOL

Good luck Glenda, a lot of us here have had horses come through horrific injuries, so fingers crossed for you.


01-06-07, 03:59 AM
Hi Glenda
what happened? I hope Axel will be OK!

Cheekyspirt 26
01-06-07, 05:17 AM
Hey Coli

Diva is doing Ok, we still have 10 needles to go and she is handling it like a tooper. I am very impressed with her. But she has always been a very settled filly, stubbern, but settled LOL.

All things considered she looks well. It makes it all the more harder to not be going to Nats as she seems ok, but I know she would not cope with it all and she would get extra sick. Her immune system is way to low.

I hope everyone else has a very quiet horse injury week. fingers crossed.

01-06-07, 05:38 AM
I got a standard reply back from the AQHA on my email

Thank you for your email, I have forwarded it on to our Show and Events Department, they will respond to your enquiry shortly.

Kind Regards

so i cant wait to hear back from the show and events department, will let you all know what they reply says.

thanks carolyn

01-06-07, 07:55 AM
Another question for you all.. points with AQHA, ive found lately that sometimes points from the same show are not reflected at the same time. I've asked a few times when this has happened as i dont want t miss out on any, since they are hard to come by! then by a miracle they appear. Im not sure if its cause they do them in parts, or if they are missed and only picked up when queried. Has anybody else had similar problems?

01-06-07, 08:10 AM
hi and welcome BRODIE68, I wouldnt rely on them doing it in parts. If you notice points are not on there, ring and query it. I havnt had this problem, but if you arent viligint in checking on them, things slip through.

01-06-07, 08:18 AM
Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well - congrats to those who went to NPHA.

Lot's of rain and freezing cold this week so haven't had a chance to work the horses myself, hard to get motivated when it's wet and windy!

I also don't agree with the joining of senior and junior amatuer. I'm about to join as an amatuer this year and would love it if they instead had like mentioned above - a 'novice amatuer'. I did novice last year (from memory can only do that for a year) and as we are still relatively new to the scene, will probably not stand a chance against the senior or junior amatuer horses, but want to give it a go. It would be nice to have a bit more of a 'stepping stone'. Anyhow, we will work our butts off this winter and hopefully Zeus will settle a bit before next season so we can at least work nicely. He's a bit of a stress head at show's and it shows in his work :( Lot's of outings to the indoor this winter I think!!
Also love the idea of performance halter - absolutely fantastic idea and I will keep hoping something like this comes up in the future. I also would love hunter in hand to be a QH event - I really enjoyed this at a show held by the Paint Society. Good numbers too so obviously was not the only one :)

Few questions for you all though. Firstly - training excersises. What are some handy hints you could perhaps share on getting the horse more consistant and balanced? How do you handle horses who tend to rush? Any excersises you find invaluable? Just like to pick all your brains since we have some great resources on this site!

Another question - does anyone have the pattern for the western blouses? Or know anywhere that makes them for a good price? Even just people who do it as a hobby and then sell would be fine. I know someone who does, but have lost her email... Karen if you read this - please email me!

Oh and another one while I'm at it :) For hunter under saddle, would it be unacceptable to use a breastplate type number holder? I will be using a numnah, but not one of the number ones - so could I use one of these other number holders instead? I noticed a lot of people use breast plates so thought maybe these would be ok too?

Thanks :)

Pally Lover
01-06-07, 09:59 AM
Hi all,

i'ma member of the UPWBDA so will be doing all those shows. i just got terrible news though. My girl won't be going to the nationals now after all. She's hurt her leg and is just not quite right. Not for travelling that far to show. So she getting kicked out into the big paddock for 3 weeks then revaluated for the QLD State, so crossing my fingers and hoping. It broke my heart today, it's been a long process and a lot of money to get her to here to have it snatched at the last moment. I was told the other day the she is too big to pleasure or hunter!!! I think she's fine, theres bigger shouldered horses out there then her! She is big for a 2yr old, but I'm going to halter and showmanship her from now on anyway. I've been doing showmanship with her since she was a weanling. We even got a 4th last year at the QLD State, beating some very expereinced people and horses so I think she should be a excellent horse for it

I have clipped my Pally's many times. I find that it you run your hand against the hair and look at the colour close to the skin, thats the colour they will go. I clip about easter time and they don't change colour. I did clip her last year at about this time and she was very white but after about 3 weeks a very deep gold coat came through. But she was under lights from the day she was clipped too. I have clipped Dreama's a week agao and she went a white colour with a gold glint. But we need to decide whether you rather leave them in thier natural coat cycle, (as clipping does stuff them up pretty bad) and have a whiter shorter coated horse OR, a fluffy coated horse for show. I find with showmanship, it's meant to judged on mainly the ability to show your horse and to manurve together. It'd be awful to clip them for a show to have the judge decide that your horse isn't thier type or to go off course in the showmanship. I think as long as you have the horse very clean and presentable it's fine for showmanship. It's of course more desirable to have a short coat, but is it worth it for one show (is it one??). If it's for halter then it's better to clip a couple of weeks before the show to allow the clip lines to grow out a bit and the gloss to come back, as a hairy horse in my expereince won't do as well as a short coat. I find that with pallies, we can get away with clipping as there are many many naturally white pallies. It doesn't look out of place.

Well that my advice for you on pallies and clipping. I have HUNDREDS of tips for showing and prepping Pallies, from washing, clipping, feeding and makeup. Everything learned the hard way too!!!

So I hope to meet some of you at the QLD State. I've been there many times before on my old Buckskin gelding. I like it as a show.

01-06-07, 10:15 AM
Oh Pally Lover, so sorry to hear of your filly's injury. :( Hope she makes a quick and complete recovery in time for the State.
Let us know how she goes.


01-06-07, 10:45 AM
Thanks for that Pally Lover, I have been showing pallies now for 4 years but last year was the first time I clipped this fella (for the Brisbane Royal)It's to bad these bigger shows aren't later on in the year lol!

I wouldn't just clip him for the sake of two classes, his coat is that thick and wooly it makes it really hard for him to cool down after I have lunged and worked him, it really is a ugly hinderence lol.

Queen_V - I need some major help from Danni with getting Harry to pivot properly for showmanship - it's so hard when you've never done these things before or had someone to teach you how! Tell her he is much more responsive then what Sassy was lol.

Pally Lover
01-06-07, 11:01 AM
Thats why i choose to clip, it's so cold here and if they can't cool down and dry off quickly then they get a chill soooo quickly.

I have few tips for training showmanship horses if your interested. I have learn off a few different people over the years. Let me know.
Maybe I can get some tips of you for pallies even!!!

01-06-07, 11:15 AM
No worries PL :) Have you done any pally classes with your lot as yet or just QH?

01-06-07, 11:17 AM
For the sake of those on Dial up - 118 has started.