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Fair Embrace
01-06-07, 04:16 AM
I'm sorry if any of this will upset other cyberhorse users but there seem to be alot of idiots out there buying saddlery and rugs etc from ebay.
I receive catalogues from all the big saddlery chains in Australia and also look at all the stuff for sale in Horse Deals etc.
It amazes me that after trying to purchase horsey merchandise from ebay I decided to look at what my local saddleries could offer me.
Imagine my surprise when articles I have purchased were cheaper from the stores and no postage.
I bought a rug three days ago on ebay starting bid was $59.95 that's what I got it for plus $16.00 postage. Missed out on another one in a different size but purchased exact same rug the next day from saddleworld for $39.95 plus $10.00 postage.
Makes me look a bit silly doesn't it?
I wonder if people bother to shop around or if they just don't like being beaten in auctions.
Anyway for anyone who reads this and does shop on ebay, I suggest you have a look at what is available through other stores before committing to insane prices. Also if you do prefer to shop online there are many companies that offer this service now.

01-06-07, 04:28 AM
I agree with you embrace some what. I bought a rug on there the other day for $60 which is good but once you put the $15 Postage on top you really arnt saving anything are you.

Though I have had a few good experiences especially with min craft branded stuff. I have bout a few show sets and doona sets for $20-30 and in the shop you wouldnt get these rugs anywhere near that price.

Can you give me some ideas and websites of places you look for rugs on. Im actually looking at rugs at the moment for my horse but havent found any at the right price yet. ( I cant justify spending $200 0n a winter rug!)

01-06-07, 04:29 AM
I appreciate your point of 'shopping around' however some of us live in areas where the likes of big saddleries dont deliver to, so we use ebay - I cant see how that makes me an idiot IMHO


Fair Embrace
01-06-07, 04:53 AM
Horse supplies direct, Lowdens Saddleworld in Kilmore, Newmarket Saddlery in Sydney, Goodwoods, ATA Racing Supplies, All these places deliver with Australia Post as well as with Courier companies. I'm not saying that you are personally an idiot, I just think that people should know what else is available to them. My dressage instructor is from Italy and was buying almost everything from ebay believing that she was getting heaps of bargains, after I showed her some saddlery catalogues from Australian Companies she now only uses ebay if she can't find the product else where.
I'm not saying don't buy off ebay, i happen to love ebay, I'm just trying to let people know that there are other, cheaper options.

01-06-07, 05:09 AM
I use ebay in addition to online saddlery stores and local stores (although SW and HL are a minimum of 1 hour drive from me).

I think it's about becoming savvy to the market. When I first discovered ebay I got almost everything exclusively from there, but as I became more aware of the other places to go to shop I started comparing prices and doing the best deal from me.

Maybe we should be looking at helping people out by publicising online shops more or letting people know about great buys. I know some people on here do that already and I think it's great!

WE know that all it takes is a google search, but we have to remember that not everyone has the same computer skills we do.

01-06-07, 05:20 AM
Think us "idiots" can shop where we want, us "idiots" are the ones paying, not you!

Fair Embrace
01-06-07, 05:59 AM
Again I apologised as not to upset anyone before I even wrote my opinion. I don't understand why people feel the need to take evrything so personally.
If individuals don't want to know where they can get better deals so be it. I just thought it might be nice of me to share my experience and let people know that there are alot of other choices out there for them. That's what they call free trade.
If people like to pay over inflated prices for certain items I'm not going to stop them I jyust thought, again, that is would be the right thing to do by letting them know that there are other, cheaper alternatives. The other thing with buying from a store is that you are covered by a warranty and there is always the sizes, styles you need in stock.

01-06-07, 06:18 AM
You will more then Likely find Jamaica that it wasnt an attack of "all yhou idiots" but more in general. When I read what was written EMBRACE even mentioned herself as being one of those people who bought something off ebay when she could have bought it cheaper else where.

The way I read it Embrace is trying to open everyones eyes up to other companies and services that are available and if you read the first sentance it states she does not want to offend anyone ( or seomthing similar)

So maybe read it again but without thinking negatively.. If you arnt happy with what she wrote and if you got offended then ignore and walk away instead of getting cranky and writing sour remarks back

Lisa an Gypsie
01-06-07, 06:24 AM
Depends on what place is having specials at the time, I buy from many places including HSD.

I do like Ebay for getting nice 2nd hand rugs for my babies at dirt cheap prices so that they can wreck them as much as they want. (Tell me where I can get a canvas rug for $15 including postage????)

I just bought an Axiom winter combo off ebay, cost me $25 plus $12 postage...once again tell me where I can get a winter combo brand new for just under $40 including postage?

You can get really nice 2nd hand items off eBay for cheap too which makes it good if you don't want to spend a fortune. Just depends on what's availible.

I don't think people are silly for using eBay, they just have to remember the "market" value of the items they are purchasing and not get excited in trying to win at all costs.



01-06-07, 06:30 AM
I bought a fantastic new bridle off ebay for $120.00 inc postage. It is beautiful and i get so many compliments. For a silmilar bridle in INDIAN leather over here it's $160. So yeah i am rather happy.


Fair Embrace
01-06-07, 06:40 AM
Thank you Kylie, at least someone understood that I wasn't trying to offend anyone.
I'm not saying that you can't get bargains off ebay, i picked up a brand new saddle blanket the other day for fouteen dollars, unfortunately after postage it cost me $32.50 and Saddleworld have them on sale for $19.95. So maybe that puts me in the 'idiot' category.
Like I said earlier, I think alot of people think that ebay is the cheapest way to buy merchandise but that is not always the case.
If certain individuals don't want to know where they can find cheaper products so be it. I'm not trying to tell you how much money to spend or what to spend it on. I just thought I'd try and help people out.
I know that a lot of people buy for their horse before they buy for themselves and that they scrimp and save to buy stuff for their horses. With feed prices as they are at the moment I think maybe everyone could use a little relief on their back pockets.

01-06-07, 06:45 AM
I think its up to the individual how and where they spend there money!
i love ebay, but i also know what the shop price of the goods i'm looking at is!
My woolen quarter sheet was only $30 on ebay, in the shops it would have been about $100 and the lady even embroidered my name on it for free, you cant beat a bargain like that :D !

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

01-06-07, 07:51 AM
I personally have got some great things off Ebay and sold several things on ebay that were great prices (second hand feeders when we moved etc.).

But... I've also just been involved in getting one "business" removed from ebay because they were selling pirated horse training videos and dvds. The quality on Ebay of things is often questionable. This business even said they had licencing for these dvds which is totally false and they are now under police investigation as well and will likely be sued by the world wide distributor also.

As I have an online shop that is just expanding to a Street Address, I can tell you that a physical shop still gets a lot more business that anything online. That's mainly because we move a lot more product and can do much better prices when there is a physical location involved as well.

I think there's pros and cons with both but it is a great idea to shop around.

For those interested, The Dressage Shop has now expanded to a full Performance Horse and Selected Country Clothing store with a new name and location:

The Dancing Horse
71 Main Street
Garfield Vic 3814
shop@dressage.au.com (enquiries)

01-06-07, 07:59 AM
Not all ebayers are idiots. (and I take no offence at being called an idiot by someone who doesnt know me - call me what you like! LOL)

Some are.

I shop around, I even do shopping for my friends. I have one friend gives me her credit card with a list of what to buy. No kidding. She reckons I get her the best deals anywhere and all shipped right to her door. Sometimes that's ebay, sometimes its not.
A LOT of the imported stuff on ebay I can get HEAPS cheaper from e-saddlery.com or similar within a week.

Still, the door swings both ways. One item I purchased second hand for 6 dollars and didnt keep sold for over 250 on ebay :-)
I find some stuff I lose out selling quite cheap but that's OK cause I pick up elsewhere in my sales.

So bring on the idiots I say!! LOL.


Lisa an Gypsie
01-06-07, 08:38 AM
Oooooooh regal :) how's the bridle? Mine is going GREAT!!!! I LOVE it and it's so well made and of such high quality. Am thinking of getting another one (slaps herself over head) am never buying a bridle anywhere else now!!!


Jenny Barnes 1
01-06-07, 09:30 AM
I think what the OP means is that people can get carried away with bidding on ebay for things without really checking out what they would pay for the same thing elsewhere. Something they admit to have done.

If I see a book on there I will check on a secondhand site listing (eg abebooks or others) and see what the same book is available for. Then bid to what I think Im happy to pay - might be alittle over what it is listed elsewhere but much more. However have noticed people go crazy over books (that im left well behind in the bidding) yet with a bit of research you can find the same thing a lot cheaper than the final price.

However think everyone goes through the 'I should have looked around and saved some cash' at some stage buying stuff via ebay. And yes it IS frustrating finding stuff cheaper after spending the money.

01-06-07, 10:21 AM
like anything you must do your homework!!!

I have put stuff on watch items list then googled it and worked out what price I will go to including postage.

I purchased 4 x caribu 1200 denier combos at an average price of 110 each after looking on the open market for similar. I made a 600 dollar saving.

same with my hoofstand, they retail for 180 I got it for 130 including postage.

you must be prepared to go the mile if you want it bad enough or leave it and wait till the next one.

and I never ever bid until the very last minute.


01-06-07, 10:41 AM
I agree with above posters that one should do ones homework.
I buy a lot of stuff from ebay from overseas, and even with shipping I save a fortune. A LOT of tack is of much higher quality than you can buy at the saddleries around Sydney and pay double the price.

Jenny Barnes 1
01-06-07, 02:06 PM
Can be anything too - I was looking for slide preservers (plastic pockets that hold slides individually 20 per page) Anyway best price in Aust online was $56 plus postage found them on ebay for $20 incl postage (sent from the US and they arrived within a week).

01-06-07, 02:33 PM
I understand completely. I put up for auction on Ebay a small pony bridle. Now bridle cost me $49.95, there was a price tag which I stated and took pic of as $49.95, the bridle sold for $74.55....now tell me that ain't stupid????

01-06-07, 02:49 PM
Im with BSR, i have sold a lot of things on ebay for more than i paid for them plus sold them as used! for example quilted saddle cloths, people paid about $10 more for them than they would have from horseland , plus postage! i felt so mean...
i shop on ebay like shaiarabs (sp?) i watch it and then google it to see what i can get it for from goodwoods or newmarket saddlery, then i decided how much i will bid it up to... or i will just get it new from goodwoods. i try and be mindfull of the value of things before listing them and consider the postage added onto it before deciding on a starting price.
i found the Axiom rugs on ebay very good too.


01-06-07, 10:23 PM
I was thinking the exact same thing when I was scouring through Ebay!!!
Some prices on there are more expensive than the shops!!
But, obviously there are still heaps of bargains, you just have to know what you are looking for and have an idea of price in order to compare.
That said, I just bought a 1600D winter combo rug for my horse for $90 including postage ;) Haha, he will love me

01-06-07, 10:30 PM
I've been trying to buy some sencind hand sticky bum jobs on ebay coz I've recently discovered that in the few years I rode in jeans, my size 8 josds stopped fitting me! But I'm not willing to pay $40-60 for 2nd jods in average condition when I could get them new for $80 or so...but it did tick me off that my 2nd hand sticky bums in a smaller size only sold for $17 and $20!!

And I must have a brag here....a few weeks ago i picked up a 2nd hand Isabell for $255...bargain of the year!

Mr Mac
02-06-07, 01:18 AM
One of my first sales on Ebay was for float boots that I had bought one year previously but never used. They ended up going for a touch more than I had paid for them.

I was worried that the buyer had got carried away and not realised that they'd paid too much...so I asked them. It turned out that it was that specific colour that they were after and it was no longer available.

So, although they paid a bit more for them, they were very happy with their find.

I guess that's one of the benefits of buying on Ebay - you can find things in good nick that aren't available any more.

My most recent purchase was a beautiful old pony pad for a couple of hundred less than new. And it's beautifully made and in excellent condition. Won't ever be parting with that!

02-06-07, 02:46 AM
The trick is with ebay, is decide first what you think that item is worth to you delivered. Deduct the postage cost from that, and that is what you make your maximum bid.
I have got some good bargains. Mostly from private sellers, or Minicraft, as far as rugs.

Axiom and Equest cotton rugs i found a rather odd large fit, and I don't use either of the rugs i purchase, as I will need to get the fronts altered to stop them from slipping back.
So i shan't buy any more frm them.

but I've picked up feedbins, a tie-pin, (which i now can't find, now that i could use it), jods, a bridle, horse boots, plus lots of other stuff, that i can'y remember.

02-06-07, 03:05 AM
Hi Lisa & Gypsie,

Would you mind sharing where you bought your bridle from and what brand it is? I'm over the Indian rubbish and don't quite want to pay saddler prices for work bridles.

Thanks, Indigo.

03-06-07, 12:25 AM
You know its funny you should post this cuz yesterday i was trying to buy some things and the bargains seemed to allude me at and i'm gonna have a rant about it!

All i wanted was a white saddlecloth for dressage and a jacket. Both of them were advertised in the horseland catalogue so i thought great i'll go there. I normally dont shop at horseland because quite frankly i dont like horseland but since Newmarket hadn't sent me a catalogue i figured they didnt have a sale on (silly me). Of course i was planning to have a look at newmarket and the two new saddleries Horze and Rug a horse while i was out there.

So anyway i bought the saddlecloth at horseland for $31.95 and they only had ONE of the advertised jackets! ONE! it was too small but thats rediculous advertising a jacket and only having one in stock! I wasnt too happy but not really surprised as I dont really expect that much from horseland. oh and it was the first day of the sale and i got there early in the morning so no excuses.

So off i trot to newmarket and low and behold they have they have the same jacket for $30 less than horselands "sale" price and had plenty in stock. the saddlecloth was cheaper too but only by $2 so i couldnt be bothered taking it back but still p****d me off.

Then i go to Horze and they had the same saddlecloth i just bought for $25 so that made me even more mad at horseland and angry at myself cuz i know better than to shop at horseland but still went there. *sigh* i didnt have time to go back and return it by that stage but sale or no sale im not going to horseland before the rest of them. Never again!