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01-06-07, 06:20 AM
OK so i can not for the life of me get the songs ive downloaded in limewire onto my god damn ipod..anyone any good at this?

01-06-07, 06:23 AM
mac or pc?


01-06-07, 06:26 AM
Well regardless you need to make them save to itunes...

you do that by going into library and clicking SAVE on the song.
It will ask you where you want to save it to.
Click itunes.
Or a folder that you can make call it "songs" (this is if it won't let you just put them into itunes.)

Then you drop and drag the file into your open itunes. The songs will then be transfered.

I have a mac but that is how you do it with a pc. Macs do it automatically i think.


01-06-07, 06:27 AM
meaning? LOL
ive got windows xp?..
on the computor, itsa shuffle

01-06-07, 06:28 AM
Ok windows xp means you have a pc...mac is a different operating system. Do you understand what i said below or do you want me to do screen shots?


01-06-07, 06:30 AM
Hi eventa, I, too have fallen victim to the impossibilities of downloading songs onto my ipod...

My OH found me once crying, tearing my hair out and threatening to inflict great harm onto my computer and everything that plugs into it after 3 days straight of trying to download songs onto my ipod....

I don't know for sure, so hopefully someone more competent can confirm, but i came to the conclusion that you can't download songs onto an ipod unless you buy them from the ipod store... I was using bigpond and they seemed to be in the wrong format for ipod (Apple vs Microsoft...I should have known!!). Someone might correct me if I'm wrong...I hope they do - as i haven't to this day even tried to get a song on there from the net as I'm worried about my mental health if it fails again...

If you ever do figure it out...LET ME KNOW!!!

Good luck!!

01-06-07, 06:32 AM
You can convert the files using a special program but i can't do it myself properly let alone explain how to.. Ipods are great things but a bugger to work!


01-06-07, 06:33 AM
Hi Eventa if you dont mind waiting till about 8pm i'll get TD to pm
you, she downloads all my music for me.

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

01-06-07, 06:51 AM
I know they are so frustrating!!

I only have ancient songs on there that randomly were present on my computor!!

I can tell you that in my itunes i have SHARED and below it says owner's limewire tunes...but you can not drag them or save them to anywere..

I tried saving a song in limewire to itunes and it wasnt there when i went to import it!!

bastard rat is my word for it!!

I wont be on at 8pm but would love for TD to pm anyhow if she can

01-06-07, 07:04 AM
Okey dokey will get her to PM you the details! that reminds me i need to get her to put more songs on my player!

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

01-06-07, 11:46 AM
Can someone pm me the details too??

I was only trying to do this again last night and just getting nowhere!


01-06-07, 12:37 PM
hi its paupers daughter... from what i know about ipods, you can only download songs only through apple because you have to pay from them... its some legal thing but you can buy prepaid cards from places like safeway, kmart etc. its annoying how it works so sorry i couldnt give you better news lol

Birthdays are good! they mean your still alive!

01-06-07, 12:48 PM
Ok, well all my songs i have gotten from limewire, but i was shown how to do it, so ill try and explain it the best i can, this is just what works for mine, so it might be a little different for yours.

1. Download the songs, they will then go to the library of limewire.
2. I click on the 1st song i want, hold "shift" then click the last one i want, so they are all highlighted/selected from the library then click the "Enqueue" button, this puts them in the little list below.
3. I highlight all the songs in the list below like before, then click the "Save As" button below it and the little box will pop up where you want to save it, just chose a place, give it a name and remember. I do "My Music" and in its own folder in "My Documents". This saves them as a playlist, they are like a group.
4. Open Itunes, and up the top, there should be the "File", "edit" ect... tabs, click the "File" tab, and then down to "Import..."
5. Find the folder that you saved them in and find the playlist, click on it and the songs should appear in your Itunes Library, and the playlist should be on the left with the rest of your playlists. You can deleat the playlist without deleating the music or else you will get hundreds lol.

Well good luck with it! and can anyone figure out how to get movies onto a movie ipod?

spazzy jazz
01-06-07, 02:58 PM
i had crap loads of problems with my ipod and operating it. i took everything off, reset my ipod, and downloaded real player instead. its free and it is so much easier to use than itunes. no downloading problems either.

02-06-07, 12:53 AM
I too literally spent days trying to download music onto my daughters' ipod. The sheer frustration levels reached the point where I totally lost it! I ended up crying hysterically on the phone to the Apple Centre who were not being helpful at all. I took it back to the place where I bought it and even the 'expert' there could not figure it out. I could not believe that such a small gadget could be giving me so much grief! I ended up telling them what they could do with their ipod and got a 'sansa' music player instead. It cost a fraction of the price, is sooo easy to use and I can download music from limewire no problem. Daughter happy, stress levels back to normal, problem solved!

02-06-07, 01:00 AM
To top things off with these ipod problems, mine this morning is now showing up ERROR, this happened with my last one and they wouldnt return it 4 me or help me in any way, i have the recipt this time though, it is so going back on the weekend!!

Goodbye ipod, it will be out of my life!!!

02-06-07, 01:17 AM
Slightly off track. But geez I'm sick of listening to my OHs podcasts ( all computer talk, it just is sooooo boring). He uses his PSP so I get to hear it at breakfast, in the car, at night when I'm trying to watch TV, and in bed.
I could probably ask him about your ipod problem, but it's about the only tech gadget we don't have (what does that tell you).