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02-06-07, 07:07 AM
Does anyone know someone who makes/sells dressage shape (ie longer in the drop) saddle pads in nice colours? I loved the blue Roma WB ones this year but they are too short in the drop.



02-06-07, 07:58 AM
I have two saddle cloths I would sell if you were interested. They are a nice light blue that I have only used once or twice (one maybe not at all). I dont know if they are roma but they were too long and big for my liking esp on my 15.1hh horse so if you are interested I could try and take a pic of them. I bought them cause my old ones had holes in them and only a couple of days afterwards I saw my favourite - airflow ones from horseland, were on special so I bought them instead and havnt touched these since.
They are a thick material - kind of harder than most saddle cloths - thats why I liked them. Not thick like the puffer ones but just more material than those cheap diamond quilted ones (even though they still have a diamond quilted pattern). I think they have a small patterned edging from memory.

02-06-07, 08:52 AM
Hey Jesssica - if you want to pm me with photos that would be great.
Or if the photos wont attach, pm me & I'll send my email addy.


02-06-07, 02:19 PM