View Full Version : I know you'll hate me!!

07-06-07, 08:01 AM
I'm sorry and I can hear you all sigh, but I've just spent the last bloody half an hour trying to find how to post pics in the archive and search and obviously cannot find it, PLEASE will someone tell me?!!

07-06-07, 08:10 AM
Simigirl posted a thread called "Newbies how to post pics" in April. I printed it off so I'll retype some of it for you.

Step 1 - register with photobucket

step 2 - once you've loaded pictures into your album on photobucket, below the browse buttons is an option for the size you want your photo to be. Website size is good (that's what mine is).

step 3 - if you want a one off picture with your post, just copy and paste the IMG address (below the pictures) using normal copy and paste. For a signature picture go to user menu and edit profile, paste the URL address into signature box..

Good luck!!

07-06-07, 09:09 AM
Thank you Reneem, I knew Simigirl had done the post and that was the one I was looking for!! I was never particularly worried about putting pics up so I'd never taken much notice, then you did that wonderful post and I thought I gotta be in on this. So it's your fault!!LOL!!
Thanks again, Cheers, SS