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12-06-07, 01:04 PM
Well I stayed away, and now I think the dust has settled I'm back again.
Clean slate everyone please.

Just a quick update on how things are going with Clancy and I.

I brought a new saddle, so she is no longer getting around in a "not so great saddle" I got a wintec 500 dressage with Cair, very comfortable to ride in.

I can CANTER!!!!! Thanks to Clancys owner Jo. Who over this pass weekend was a great help and gave my confidence a huge boost.
Its been a long road full of falls (and trips to hospitals),frustration, tears and me doing my head in not being able to do something a 6yr old child can do!

I'm having weekly lessons- 1 week on Clancy the next week on a schoolmaster. My instructor and I are aiming for me to be at level 5 at ARC by November (its only basic walk/trot/canter & small jump)

My Float is almost finshed, just the rubber, tailgate floor and paint is all thats left to do.

I'm still at Uni studying Nursing, all going well and doing great at exams & assignments.

Still not pregnant, but we know the problem and cant really do anything about it so we lucked out there.

Apart from all this there is not much else going on.

12-06-07, 01:23 PM
Hi LRT Sure have missed you :D sure sounds like you have been kept busy! thats fantastic about the canter and lessons, but whats this about *trips to hospital* nothing to serious i hope!
Did you find your little puppy and how is young Thomas? growing like weed i bet.
big hugs Pauper

I believe in getting into hot water. I think it keeps you clean.

12-06-07, 02:09 PM
Hi LRT and welcome back! I had been wondering how you were getting on, and am so glad you are doing well in your riding. Sorry to hear you had a few falls and got hurt, hope you're all better now. How much longer does your course of study in nursing go for?

Congratulations on doing well in your exams as well. Hope you will keep us updated with what you're up to. :)


12-06-07, 02:40 PM
I was wondering about you just the other day.
Glad to hear all is going well - horsey wise. Sorry to hear about your falls, hope you're ok. Sorry to hear about your not being able to fall pregnant easily too :(.
I'm studying nursing at Uni too at the moment. I'm not doing so grand though - I just can't find the motivation. So congrats on doing so well!
Good to see you're enjoying Clancy. I think we need some updated pics ;).

12-06-07, 02:49 PM
Welcome back LRT :)


13-06-07, 01:21 AM
good to catch up LRT sounds that everything (mostly) is going well for you & you've had a 'great leap forward' into cantering - congratulations!

Prancing Pony
13-06-07, 03:24 AM
Onya luv, glad to hear you got a good saddle, sounds like you're making a good effort and doing all the right things so you'll get there!!

Glad to see you back, we're all adults here and no-one expects you to hide. Hell, if I hid after some of the things that've been said to me or held grudges I'd never be seen on here and there'd be hardly anyone I'd talk to!! In fact I think the experience has made me a better person, I've learnt a lot about myself.

Keep up the good work, let us know how things progress with Clancy.