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23-06-07, 11:38 AM
Hi everyone, I have been inspired by some peoples posts about finding horses they use to own.

So I am on the hunt for my two original horses I owned. Please, If you know where they are or you think you might know I would so dearly love to hear...whether it is good or bad news....

I just want to hopefully see them and let them know that I had to let them go, but I still think about them every day.

Anyways, Here goes.
First cab off the rank is a gorgeous little leopard appy whom I use to own from 1996-1999. His name when I owned him was "Sonny". I can't quite remember how old he would be now but would surely be late teens. I sold him in 1999 to a lovely man I met called John O'Shea out the back of Gatton. He told me on the phone tonight that he sold him to "Sonshine Ranch" which is out at Minden. Not sure if he is stilll out there or not but if anyone has an clues, ideas or maybe even knows his where abouts I would so dearly love to find out. Sonny and I shared a lot of wonderful memories...but I wont go into that now...picture below..

The other horse I am looking for is Bobby. His racing name was "Stolen Property". He has very distinct markings, he has a white star with separate white strip and separate snip. On his near side fore he has a long stocking with black ermine
(black) dots on it. And on his near hind he has a white ring around his cannon about half way up...I have never met a horse like this before. His brands are "TT" on his near side. Bobby was the first horse I ever owned. He was 16.3hh at least has the sweetest nature and I would love to know he's doing ok. John also told me that he sold this horse to a wonderful horseman who past away last July. He had onsold Bobby to a person who lives on the outskirts of Brisbane somewhere. If you know this horse, please contact me, I have so many wonderful stories to tell. Bobby would be 22 this year. Please understand that in the second picture below, this is how I bought Bobby. He was half starved and just a skeleton, as you can see by the second picture he did fill out....these photos are from way back in 1997 and 1995.


Please if anyone has any information, please contact me via email, PM or call or sms 0402095854

23-06-07, 12:56 PM
good luck with it<and this is a good place to tell us some of those memories!> someone else suggested qldhorseriders site although i havent checked out this place myself its got lots of those ads apparently.

23-06-07, 01:14 PM

www.qldhorseriders.com and www.outbackaustraliaonline.net
both have equine search (for past & new owners)on them. I came across them and thought it a good set up. No harm in trying (which I need to do again)



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23-06-07, 01:38 PM

sitting home on a friday nite so thought id try googling 'sonshine ranch'
not sure if its the place youre after, tho the page does look very promising. Not sure if you already have the ranchs details but thought id post just in case :)
the site http://www.sonshineranch.org.au/ has a pic on it and beneath it reads-

For all Sonshine Ranch or Camp Minden enquiries
Call 0-7-5426 8388

and i think qld is 07

anyway i hope my boredom has lead you in a right direction
let us know if you have any luck!


24-06-07, 06:15 AM
Thanks guys for all your suggestions.

I have rang Sonshine Ranch and left a message for them to call, hopefully hear from them tonight and will go to the other sites you have recommended and will do what I need to do.....

Gosh i'm so excited....

24-06-07, 07:06 AM
OH MY GOD....there is a horse registered with the EFA called Y Stolen Property!!!! OH MY GOD...and it's a 16.3hh Chestnut Gelding...OH MY GOD!!!!

It doesn't say who owns him though....booo hoooo

25-06-07, 12:17 AM

26-06-07, 11:35 AM
Just a quick update.

finally got to speak to people from Sonshine ranch and i've emailed them with some pictures and they are going to let me know if they remember or still have Sonny the appy....

Fingers crossed it's good news....but sadly I think it wont be...