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Fair Embrace
04-08-07, 07:21 AM
In the last week my partner and I have had feed reps from pretty much every company in Australia come to our place and try and sell me on the benefits of using their feed. Although I'm sort of set in my ways everyone of them has bagged out another feed company that I use and tried to tell me why their product is so much better.
I haven't really changed my mind on anything yet even though I'm am getting offered ridiculous deals on feed.
My point to this thread is that I feel that there are too many of the same sorts of feed available on the market at the moment yet with all this competitiveness the prices don't seem to reflect this.
Is it just me or is anyone else a little confused?

04-08-07, 10:26 AM
Hi Fair embrace send them over to my place please ;-) !
i've been banging my head against a brick wall, trying to source a pelleted feed that doesnt contain any molasses, but also doesnt cost the earth :-( ! not having much luck though as they all seem to use mollasses to bind the pellets, even my favourite ecnomix has it in it!
and the ups and downs of the pricing scale, doesnt even seem to reflect what you are getting for your money.

Cheers Pauper

Don't go to bed angry, stay up and fight!

04-08-07, 10:35 AM
pauper, haven't you spotted all my posts promoting Coprice M? Honestly, my guys have never looked or done better than since I began them on it. One ran 2nd on Sat, 1st up after 11mths due to LGL & gets too big on more than 2kgs of the stuff. I realise he's an exception but at about $20-22/25kgs bag, you can't go past it. NO mollasses, just rice & soy meal. They told me there's actually no sunnies or lupins in it despite listing them on the bags as ingredients.

04-08-07, 10:40 AM
Thanks GDH will PM you.
Cheers Pauper

Don't go to bed angry, stay up and fight!

04-08-07, 11:01 AM
Hi. We've been feeding our horses on Coprice. M lately, too, along with Weight. Lifter, which I swear by. Weight. Lifter we've been feeding to almost all of ours since I first got back into horses, two+ years ago, and it's the only food I've ever found that will put really good condition on absolutely ANYTHING! But, I found that with WL alone, eventually it got hard to stop them from getting too fat, even when we cut it right back, plus it's not cheap and the protein's pretty high. So, over the last few months we've replaced some of the WL with Coprice. M, and although they don't seem to like the flavour as much as the WL, if we use both it works beautifully. During the drought, we copped so many sarcastic comments and jokes from people saying that we were the only people they knew at the time with a property full of 'overweight' horses. Not bad, I think, when all of our horses are tall TBs and WBs.


04-08-07, 11:46 PM
I have to say I always thought feeds were the same until I got my Paint horse two years ago. I have tried three different brands - each time going through their diet analysis and using the product that was recommended for my horses' individual needs. I found two products (that were expensive and very reputable) did not work well with my horse, and one product actually resulted in him losing weight and his coat becoming very dull. I gave each product 6 months. I am onto my third product and it has made a huge difference. His coat is great (in summer - not so much now), he has filled out more and he has more energy without being too 'hot'. I am sticking to this one. Point of my story is, I think that some ingredients in feeds can react either in a good or bad way with some horses and you need to find one that works for your horse. Just like in people who have food intolerances, horses can have bad reactions to some products and even reactions to the way some products are processed.

05-08-07, 06:20 AM
I agree!!! It really is difficult to choose a premix feed these days. The range is just enormous and each one claims to be better than the next. It really is beat your head against a brick wall kinda stuff. ATM I've decided to do something radical for me and cut out the pellets in my galloways diet altogether. The mare can still have them coz they're fattening and that's all she needs to be. Blaze I'm getting ready for Top of the Range arabian show in Toowoomba in October. My thought is to cut out the economix as he gets very fat towards summer anyway and he spends all summer dieting. Halve the copra I'm feeding him, cut out the muesli and feed him sunflower seeds and barley instead(reason I feed that muesli anyway) so instead of the concentrates in his diet looking like this:

1/2 scoop copra
1/2 rice bran
1 economix
1 museli

it will look like this:
1/4 copra
1/2 rice bran
1/4 sunflower seeds
barley(according to work level)

I'm leaving his chaff level, equilibrium, electrolytes and ACV(just started feeding it) the same. Will add livamol when his coat starts to come through. Will probably add pellets back next winter to keep weight on him.

05-08-07, 07:29 AM
I think the KISS method is best - keep it simple stupid. Natural is best where you can. Mix your own grains where possible and always have your feeds analized so your not wasting money doubling up.

Zampari if your interested try giving you sunnies a quick blitz in the blender to crack the hulls, gives better digestabillity and prevents sunnies popping up over the property. You can do a couple of days worth at a time.