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11-08-07, 08:43 AM
Now that my fiance has a horse, we need to get a more powerful car to legally tow two horses in the double float. I'd be interested to hear what vehicle you suggest.

11-08-07, 08:48 AM
PAJERO!!!!!!!!!!! i love my Paj to bits... but PLEASE only a diesel (in terms of fuel efficiency!) - i get 1000km to a tank, only slightly less when towing (my 1 horse), and am so stoked with it.
My OH is a mechanic and insisted i get the Paj (i didnt want one initially) and i gave in and bought it, man am i glad i did...

My OH tells me that 2002 onwards are ok (mine's an '03) as there were mechanical changes that make them more reliable than the older models.

My good friend has a petrol one the same as mine and although its more powerful from takeoff, mine's much better pulling up hills, and kills hers on the fuel consumption...

anyway! thats my speil!!

11-08-07, 08:54 AM
Hi Carly, thanks for the feedback. How big is the Pajero motor? Would it tow two horses?

11-08-07, 08:56 AM
Give me a P, give me an A, give me a J, give me a E, give me a R, give me an O ! ! !

I can not fault my Pajero. A+++++ all the way.

11-08-07, 09:18 AM
ummmm???? i have no idea to be honest... 3.something litre..? (sorry - i leave all the mechanical info to my boy!!).
Mine's a turbo-diesel, and i dont think it would struggle with 2, it tows mine very easily, and my mate tows her 2 17hh horses with her petrol (with diesel being 'tougher' in terms of towing-uphill-ability - as i understand it)

11-08-07, 09:19 AM
kjh...have PM'd you... :)

11-08-07, 09:22 AM
oh - and yes i have spoken with my dealer about getting a discount considering how much i plug Pajeros!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

11-08-07, 10:39 AM
Hi All,

I have a VZ SS crewman that I tow with that and it handles everything extremely well. It is fitted with electric brakes etc and easily handles my angle load float with two 16.2hh horses on the biggest of hills. The only downfall I would say about it is the fuel consumption when towing. Averages at 16 litres per 100km which is a bit crap. The crewmans are rated to 2500kg (SS only) and the other models of the crewman are rated to 2100kg. Good thing about the crewman is you can throw all your crap in the tray of the ute and it doesn't stink your car out. If I was to buy another car I would happily get another crewman.

Kind Regards

Pally Lover
11-08-07, 10:51 AM
I have used a pajero and they are good. I have a 3ltr v6 and while it's not the best on fuel it very easily has towed to large quarter horses up ranges. I have it for sale now though as I've upgraded to a ute to get a gooseneck. But it's a great car. Highly recommended.

Pally Lover
11-08-07, 10:56 AM
I've pmed you!!

11-08-07, 11:15 AM

We have a 85 Toyota Landcruiser turbo-diesel, and we have never had a problem with towing. She has been all around Australia towing a caravan with no problems, and still going strong, with 300 000ks.

We have two thoroughbreds as well and have no problems, I personally like the older cars they seem to go further. Parts are cheap, and easy to get. They are also very easy to work on, your self.

Elwood stinie
11-08-07, 11:35 AM
I have a Landrover Discovery 1995, Absolutely love it! Its on Gas and tows well on gas. Its my first towing vehicle so I have nothing to compare it with fuel wise.
It tows two horses in my big float (go tender deluxe!)with ease.

11-08-07, 11:39 AM
we use our mitsubishi challenger on lpg and petrol, when we tow one horse we use the lpg and when we tow two horses we use lpg and then petrol up the hills.

11-08-07, 01:30 PM
I have an 07 Pajero VRX Turbo Diesel - bloody fantastic. I can tow 2 big WB's no worries.

11-08-07, 01:42 PM
I have a Landrover Defender, and though I chose a few years ago to tow with hubby's Beemer X5, I have now gone back to the old faithfull - even though my kids complain that it is noisy, the sound system is crap, and it is draughty, and slow up hills, Fact is, being a long wheelbase, it is designed for towing two big horses and a long fat Ranch and heaps of gear. And the fuel consumptin is excellent. I can't wait for the 2007 model - has a Discovery dashboard, is much better insulated and has better seats, but is still a fix-it with-a-wire -coathanger type of vehicle. I want one! The ppor Beemer, despite being rated at towing 3500kg, is not really designed for the job. It has already had a new gearbox and had the back end rebuilt. Today I talked to some people who use a Merc 4WD to tow a HUGE Pegasus float - and they are absolutely thrilled with it, despite it looking even smaller than our X5. I have heard very good things about the Mercs for towing - apart from the affordability. Ideally, I'd have an F250 and an Americaln aluminium gooseneck....wishes!

11-08-07, 01:49 PM
I used to tow with a pajero, but when fuel went up I went to a landcrusier on gas but still a 6 cylinder. Well now I have a V8 f100 duel fuel 351 pure power and I dont even know the float is on with two huge 16.2 hh + horses.

11-08-07, 02:28 PM
Where are all the Toyota People???????????

I have a 2001 Prado (Petrol) which tows my two 14.2hh FAT horses quite easily,although it is not brilliant on fuel (not bad but not great)I have heard that the turbo diesels are brilliant, and diesels are definately better to tow with. My car is lovely to drive, wouldn't buy anything but Toyota!


12-08-07, 05:53 AM
well we tow our horsefloat with our 20yr old toyota landcruiser mostly. It has been everywhere! It is good on fuel but it needs something cleaned (i am not very technical lol) often for it to be good on fuel and to go faster. Very slow going up hills. HAs been over the great divide many times and has never died. Very reliable. Tows our otto tuza float and our heavy 15.3hh horse and occasionaly other horses easily. Great vehicle. ANd it has the canopy over hte back for my gear.
We also have a 2002 F250 which is hte best towing vehicle EVER. Though it is a bit rough on the fuel. Speeds up hills and its jsut great. Idealy i would absolutely luv a gooesneck with it but i think i am dreaming with one horse lol.
ANd we have jsut bought a new toyota landcruiser 100 v8 turbo diesel. HAve not towed the horsfloat yet but it is supposed to be extremely fuel economic. We will be taking this on long trips now rather than other landcruiser.
All of our towing vehicles are on diesel.
So i would have to say either F series or there is a new toyota version of hte F series coming out. The Ford and Toyota cars are great and would strongly recommend one of these vehicles to tow your horsfloat.
Reagards Pilchybabe http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x157/pilchybabe/Picture0111.jpg

12-08-07, 09:44 AM
We have a land cruiser and it is great for towing two horses with ease. Lots of room in the back for horse gear and I love the way the rear doors open - top and bottom rather than barn doors - so you can get your stuff easily when the float is attached. Ours is a 2001 model with 120,000 kms on it and I reckon it will do another 120,000 the way it is going.

13-08-07, 08:17 AM
I drive and tow with a 2004 Toyota 4.2 Turbo Diesel and you can not tell I have a float on the back, it is a bit heavier on the fuel, but well worth it, the motor can take the weight well, it is a large car that also has a good weight capacity.

Do a search on the old posts and you will find heaps of post on this same thing, no-one will agree on what is the best to tow with.

My suggestions to you are, find out what your float weighs, what your horses will weigh and all your gear, than see what cars can tow that weight legally. Once you know this go and test drive as many as you can, all brands have good and bad examples, also factor in your budget, you will usually pay more for a diesel.

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