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Jules K
28-08-07, 07:11 AM
Hi Everyone! I have just started jumping with my TB and as I only have a dressage saddle I realise I am now going to have to purchase another saddle for jumping.

I really want to get a Wintec as I find them a bit better for sticking too however I dont know whether to go with a jumping saddle or with a GP. My plan in the future is to do some low level eventing so need a saddle which would be best for this.

I'd love to know what you would suggest or what have you found best in the past?


There's no secret so close as that between a rider and his/her horse

28-08-07, 07:44 AM
If you want a Wintec, definately get a jumping one as the AP's are a bit hard to jump in properly after a while..stirrup bars in the wrong spot etc.

As you already have a dressage saddle you don't need it for 'flatwork' as such so buying a jumping saddle would be your best bet.

28-08-07, 09:55 AM
I would go with a jumping saddle, particularly if you want to do eventing as you will find that as you progress you will probably find the ap's a little inhibiting in your position.

That said I recently (read last Monday) bought a lovely Trainers Cross Country AP and find it is so comfortable, I can easily raise my stirrups two holes and find myself comfortable to jump but any higher and my knees will be above the knee rolls. However seeing I dont plan on jumping much higher than 90cm any where in the near future and could only afford one saddle I found it to be the best for me. If I had already owned a well fitting dressage saddle I would have bought a jumping saddle.

Best piece of advice I can offer is to get yourself out there and have a ride in a few of each and see how you feel, also make sure you look closely at the cut and the seat of the jumping saddles, some are very very forward cut and some have very flat seats, feels very odd if you are used to a dressage saddle.

28-08-07, 10:04 AM
the wintec close contact ones are great as they are affordable.
the knee rolls can be moved so it can be used for low level flatwork as well, and they are very comfortable.
I don't own one, but lots of people i know do, and i have ridden in them.

The wintec gps are a bit crap for jumping, i have jumped to 1m sjing and 95cm xc and found it impossible to balance in, with my knees over the rolls! I also found it hard to have control on xc.

A jumping saddle also means you have a more stable position for a naughty horse.

If you get something other than a wintec you will prob be able to find a gp good for jumping, i had a ctd (made by stubben) gp that was great for jumping.

28-08-07, 10:26 AM
If you are keen on a synthetic, have a look at the new Thorowgood T6. I think the jump saddle has been designed with Michael Whitaker. I have been doing some research into the dressage one, and am pretty impressed. Don't go with a Wintec AP, I love riding in the 2000, but in photos of myself jumping I can see that it made my position all wrong, lower leg way back.

Jules K
28-08-07, 12:54 PM
Thanks everyone for your advice! I think I'll go with a Wintec Close Contact Saddle.....now I just have to start saving the $ for it!!

Cheers ;-)

28-08-07, 12:56 PM
I love the Wintec 500 Close Contact jump saddles, and the Wintec Pro jump saddles. They are modelled on the Caprilli jump so help to give a good stable position. I found the cantle of the GP would hit me in the bum when jumping above 1m or so! The jump saddle is definitely preferable to the GP at lower heights too. I would be interested in the Thorowgood mentioned above, as I have an old Thorowgood jump & it is very similar to the wintec but the seat is just a touch flatter.

Jules K
28-08-07, 01:04 PM
I googled Thorowgood but couldnt find much on them?? I'm in SA and havent heard of them before. I guess I have decided to go with the Wintec cause I'm familiar with the brand but might have another look on the net for the Thorowgood.

28-08-07, 01:47 PM
Hi Jules K. Have a look at www.aitkenssaddlery.com.au they are the sole distributors in Australia for the Thorowgood saddles. I have spoken to them about 3-4 times with questions about the saddles and they are so helpful and friendly. Definitely have a look, they are supposed to be good quality for the price. If you google Thorowgood on www you should find some UK forums which discuss them.

Jules K
28-08-07, 02:12 PM
Thanks so much for that! I have had a look and they do look good!! Unfortunately they are a bit out of my price range at this stage :-(
Oh well, maybe I'll check them out again down the track once Klay and I have been out competing a bit.

Thanks again!


28-08-07, 02:24 PM
Oh yeah, meant to add, Newmarket Saddlery are having a sale on Wintecs till the end of Sept. I THINK the 500 jump saddle is $750 fully mounted and with a saddle bag. They are on the net too.

good luck with it!

29-08-07, 12:50 AM
why not look into getting a top of the range saddle 2nd hand? You can get some great saddles (stubbens, wentworths, toptani's) for under $1000 and they are great quality so will last....

Jules K
29-08-07, 05:15 AM
Ok....I actually think now that I have made a decision - I want to get a Wintec Pro - they have the suede seat - good for sticking too!

So I'll start saving towards a new one and while I'm doing that keep my eye out for a second hand one.

Once again - thanks everyone for your suggestions! You've all helped a lot!!

29-08-07, 06:39 AM
I just sold my one Jules K, there is one fully mounted in sydney for $650.00.

However i agree with Jumpa...i sold my wintec and bought a Wentworth Bordeax...i LOVE it, cannot say how fantastic it is enough. I personally would buy a good quality leather saddle second hand.

But different saddles suit different people.


Jules K
29-08-07, 07:07 AM
Saddles are a tricky one cause everyone loves something different! I have always loved Wintecs and I admit I'm not a great one for getting to and oiling my gear so the synthetic saddles are good for me!

I have a Wintec Isabelle Dressage saddle and love it so thought I'd probably like the Wintec Pro Jumping - but I think I will still try a few before committing and and find a saddle that suits me and my horse the best.

Thanks for mentioning the saddle in Sydney - I'm in Adelaide so will have to keep looking!!

There's no secret so close as that between a rider and his/her horse