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30-08-07, 07:06 AM
currently circulating via email -
A Stallion called Schnitzel recently came back from standing at stud in Japan (with the flu.) Quarantine let him out. He lives at Centennial Park. On the ABC country hour today, 29/8/07. I heard the powers that be are going to levy ALL horse owners $10:00 p/head to cover the costs of this outbreak. They plan to go through registrations of Breed, pony club, racing etc to get the total so they can bill you! They did say double registrations will have to be taken into consideration when making the accounts up.

Anybody heard anything to this effect to clarify whether this is true or not? Don't mean to cause any panic but would be good if information distributed is factual.....

Fair Embrace
30-08-07, 07:16 AM
Schnitzel is not and was never at Centennial Park, He is Eastern Creek. Also to clarify he was immunised against the Equine Flu prior to go to Japan and then again prior to entering quarantine to return to Australia. He was also not the first stallion at Eastern Creek to show symptoms of the horse flu that was Encosta De Lago another horse who was immunised and came from Ireland not Japan.(I think)
Now I would be very surprised if we were made to foot the bill for this because it has been caused by a flaw in Australias Quarantine procedures.
Also no one is certain that the flu started with these stallions it is actually widely though that it started with horses at Centennial Park and was passed on to the stallions from there.
If the Australian Government thinks that horse owners are going to pay for their F%*k up they can go to hell! Realistically anyone who makes a living out of the horse industry should be able to sue the government!
Sorry edited to add; I just read that article and I think that if they are really planning on asking people to pay a levy it's hugely ridiculous!

30-08-07, 07:18 AM
What a load of crap..... Schnitzel does not live at Centennial Park he lives at Arrowfield Stud, Scone (when he is in Australia)and a levy on all horse owners to cover a breach of quarrantine border is about as believable as my fat aged shetland winning this years Melbourne Cup! If it is even on!

Honestly, Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see!

Fair Embrace
30-08-07, 07:26 AM
Schnitzel only lives at Arrowfield Stud in Scone for the Southern Hemisphere Season he stood the Nothern Hemisphere Season in Japan. But he wasn't at Centennial Park, he is at Eastern Creek.

30-08-07, 07:27 AM
I was listening to a talk back program this morning while having a coffee with a friend at her shop. I think they were talking to a politician. I don't know what station it was but they were discussing EI and (in between my friend serving customers) I did hear mention of charging a levy. Not sure who they were talking about charging (racing industry/pleasure horses ect) but there defintaley was mention of re couping the costs through a levy.

I suppose no-one really knows at this stage so we just have to sit back and see what happens.

30-08-07, 07:33 AM
thanks guys - a bit disconcerting to have this sort of thing being circulated via email - I was a recipient of it....

me thinks we are hitting the "hysteria" stage.....not good at all...

30-08-07, 08:04 AM
Yes Fair Embrace he is in Eastern Creek along with all the others, some of which were due to serve our mares this season!

Isn't it strange how the dpi can tell you that recreational horses from the Maitland ODE have tested POSITIVE, yet they can't give a definitive result on the shuttle stallions.

Either way it doesn't look like we are going to have much of a breeding season this year.

30-08-07, 08:05 AM
If anyone tries to get you to pay anything please confirm it via a phone call or direct contact with the supposed 'business' billing you. Do not use email!

Sounds like someone setting the ground work for a major scam to me.

30-08-07, 10:59 AM
There has been a bit of angst over this topic on another forum so just to give you the facts :
The Australian Horse Industry Council, in conjunction with the Australian Racing Board and the Australian Harness Racing Council have been negotiating with the Federal Government since a meeting of the major Horse Industry representatives on the 24th June 2004 to agree, in principal, to the Horse Industry contributing to the cost of eradicating an emergency disease. The Horse Industry was the only industry that did not have an agreement with the government. The implication of not having an agreement is that the Federal Government are under NO obligation to eradicate any diseases that affect horses. This means our horses could get sick and die - and we may not be able to do anything about it.
This agreement has been advertised extensively in all the major magazines and papers over the past three years (some full page colour) and there was an entire stand at Equitana two years ago explaining what it was about.
The proposed levy is ZERO BASED and is only used AFTER a disease outbreak has been eradicated. A $10 ONCE ONLY levy would then be collected from all NEW registrations from that date until our share is repaid. This would be collected through the registering body as part of our registration fee.
I, for one, am more than happy to pay $10 to help keep my horses safe!

Judi Tainsh
Australian Horse Industry Council
and Breeder/Competitor and Mother of 2 kids who ride

30-08-07, 11:10 AM
horses don't die from it, unless they are immunocomprimised (spelling) anyway, ie old/young or sick.

30-08-07, 12:28 PM
Well, to the Horse Council = NO. I'm not prepared to pay extra to the government. Once you allow a "levy" we will cop it over & over again. We pay huge taxes & government bodies are funded by us to do their job, properly. If they make a mistake, let them fix it & pay for it.

The horse industry is worth billions to this country. People with horses in quarantine PAY to have them there, it's not a free service, but we do expect them to protect us from diseases which may harm our horses. They haven't & as a consequence people are losing money all over the place, with expenses & impositions they could never have dreamed of having. How the hell can they expect compensation from the VICTIMS?

Judi, you may be happy to reward incompetance but I'm certainly not. That would be a really good way of teaching them that their mistakes don't matter. That won't protect any of our horses in the future.

30-08-07, 01:08 PM
A levy may be fair enough if the problem is caused by the horse industry. In this case it appears that the Federal government is the cause via inadequate quarantine procedures.

In that case they can use some of their $17 billion surplus paying for the cost of cleaning up their mess. I sure as hell won't be.

30-08-07, 01:21 PM
hi Pookies girl i think you may find that the idea of introducing a levy turns out to be a stupid joke or as Gypsy dreamer suggested someone thinking up a scam!

with so many horses unregistered, it would be impossible to inforce it on all horse owners!

30-08-07, 01:27 PM
Sorry Judi, i am guilty of not reading the full thread!

i think it would be incredibly unfair, to ask horse owners to pay for something that was not of their doing!
if the original source could be found and then proved that the owner knew full well that there horse was unwell (and i highly doubt that this was the case), well then make them pay a fine.
but dont "punish' everyone

30-08-07, 01:37 PM
How about "punishing" those who deserve it? Get those fines happening for the ignorant above-the-law fools still riding their horses out. Sounds like there are enough of them out there to go a long way to covering the cost!


30-08-07, 01:39 PM
What is the point of casting our glances backward instead of forward, there has been an amazing f-up of untold proportions. We will not move forward if we ar stuck on the past. What needs to happen is to develop failsafe secure protocol in relation to quarantine as well as disease outbreak. Australia has really ##### up in these instances(sorry for the language) we once had world class)and better, quarantine protocol; now with the immense push from the racing industry we have let our standards slip to sub sub standards. Wake up Australia lets set our standards beyond world class and let this issue teach all of us a lesson, we are not a safe "island" from all that ails the world, we have had good luck in the past and Australia is a sitting duck for much worse if we don't tighten protocols. lesson learnt from EI is a lesson well earned.

30-08-07, 01:59 PM
I find it highly unlikely that the disease would have originated from Centennial park and travelled to the quarrantine centre from there, how would it have gotten from overseas straight to Centennial park??? Far more plausible that it landed in the quarrantine centre and made it's way from there.

I also find a levy to horse owners for this outbreak somewhat ludicrous given that our taxes pay for the quarrantine system to be put in place and government departments to enact control measures, as they do for every other risk to animals and humans.

30-08-07, 02:56 PM
You do realise that all other industries that are signatories to the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement pay levies already to deal with animal health and welfare. At the moment the horse industry is getting a very very very nice free ride.

Did you know there is a $5 levy paid EVERY time a cow is sold. And this isn't just sold to slaughter - a beast can go through a number of hands before it gets to slaughter and each time it changes hands the levy is paid.

This levy is split to cover a few things:

1) Meat and Livestock Australia gets $4.38 which is split between research and development and marketing programs
2) $0.29 goes to paying for the National Residue Survey which ensures the food safety of meat going to the domestic and export markets
3) $0.13 goes to Animal Health Australia for all animal health and welfare work conducted through this service provider.

Yes - this has been a HUGE eff-up BUT to have the capacity and capability to deal with a disease outbreak BEFORE it happens I really do think the horse industry needs to be able to provide some funding. We have had a fantastic free ride to date but we really need to pitch in to ensure we continue to have the national animal health system available to our horses.

I am HAPPY to pay a one off $10 fee if it means protecting the industry in the long term.

30-08-07, 11:06 PM
Sorry, but if you think paying a fee will ever protect the industry, or that it would be a one off, you still believe in the tooth fairy.

As you explained, most of the cow levy goes into marketing their product & ensuring the safety of their commercial food product, the meat.

We don't have a free ride at all. We're up to our ears in memberships and taxes which are supposed to provide the protection you're suggesting we now should pay extra for.

We already have the capacity & capability to deal with a disease outbreak BEFORE it happens. It's a government body known as quarantine & we already pay for it. Don't for one minute believe that paying a levy will prevent mistakes or mishaps in the future. Sometimes these things just happen & for many, many years quarantine has done a brilliant job.

On the other hand, a help fund for the pleasure horse VICTIMS would be a better way to go. The TB industry is perfectly capable of looking after their own & should be doing so.

31-08-07, 12:08 AM
I will put diamonds to dollars that the revenue from the fines for people moving there horses after the stop movement ban donít go directly towards this! it will go into the gov's 17bil surplus and we will all still have to pay and they will get a pay rise or something.

31-08-07, 12:49 AM
You've got to be kidding???

As I stated before, $0.13 of the money goes DIRECTLY into funding Animal Health Australia activities. These guys don't just throw money around for the sake of it. If you don't believe me, go to their website (http://www.animalhealthaustralia.com.au) and download their business plan. For the feedlot industry alone that's at least $338,000 annually not to mention the money from all the other EADRA signatories including Cattle Council, Sheepmeat Council, Wool Producers, Goat Industry, Australian Racing Board, Australian Harness Industry, Australian Dairy Farmers, the Alpacas, Australian Pork Limited, Chicken Meat and Chicken Eggs, etc etc etc. For gods sake, even the Honey Bees are involved. And yes - the State and Territory governments DO fund this work to a tune of 50% industry, 50% government. So why shouldn't the horse industry pay a little bit?

Our memberships, fees, etc are a luxury - we are paying for our riders to get to the olympics, pay for insurance for competition venues, paying for these clubs, organisations, etc to keep ticking over and the pay for a whole range of things... OTHER THAN ANIMAL HEALTH.

So yes, we have the capability and capacity to deal with animal disease outbreaks but that is due to the generosity of the OTHER industry partners in the National Animal Health System.

I stand by my word. $10 is a small price to pay.

31-08-07, 01:07 AM
Well, I for one have no problems if all horse owners are hit with a one off levy of $10 (which is what is being suggested).
This is a whole industry problem regardless of how it came into the country and has to be tackled in that light. It might well have come in via one avenue this time but who is to say it might not have come in some other way.

I am getting a little frustrated at the 'us and them' attitude of factions in the industry with respect to this crisis. All equestrian pursuits in this country are interlinked and woven into the whole fabric that is the equestrian industry. Lets approach it as a whole industry problem and get on with the task of eradicating the EI virus from our shores!!!!!

31-08-07, 01:20 AM
I aint paying a levy to prop up the billion dollar racing industry. Do you think that the money would really go where it is needed? hell I dont!

As Bill said, AQIS can pay the damages - it was their fault.


31-08-07, 01:49 AM
OK, I am getting of my 'nice' backside here and fully expect someones wrath but here goes.

Autumn, it is just such an antagonistic mind set that is doing more harm than good at present. Since when has blaming others and finger pointing ever achieved anything. And at this stage there is a lot of speculation but no concrete evidence of how this virus has entered the country.

The entire equine community has benefited from the TBs and their approach to shipping horses around the world. Now others can go O/S and purchase their dream horse and know that they can ship it to Aus with the minimum of fuss. How the hell do you think such a process evolved? Through the TB people trying it and the international carriers developing a tried and true method for shipping horses internationally as well as developing the infrastrucure to accomodate it. If they weren't doing it no-one else would be either.

And where the hell do you think the huge pool of affordable TBs come from that so many people in Aus have bought. The TB industry.

I will say again what I said in my previous post. We need to approach this as a WHOLE INDUSTRY and stop this stupid 'us and them' mentality.

31-08-07, 05:27 AM
I agree with Bill -

I think EI is the governments fXXkup! Lets not forget that all those horses in quarantine pay money to be there. It is not a free service.

As Bill said a Levy would be fair enough 'if the problem is caused by the horse industry'

EI should be cleaned up by the government - if it was not for them we would not have this problem.

BUT - in saying that - maybe we all - as a collective of horse owners need to start asking 'What if this was a problem that was caused by the horse industry', what if we paid a levy that could also cover horses in drought affected areas, floods or fires....

Maybe if we have a professional body we can have more of a say in improving animal welfare laws for horses. It is just a thought...... I would be happy to pay a fee....

Maybe as a collective of 'horse owners' our profesisonal body could give this proposal to the govenerment to say - EI is your fault and we are not paying!! However, we will set this up for the future

Why don't we empower ourselves!

I know there are many people on CH that give time, money and energy to helping others in hard times - so, many of these problems are covered up and masked... Lets look beyond EI

It is just a thought!!!

31-08-07, 05:59 AM
Kymj - your comment along the lines of "....immense push from the racing industry has let our standards slip...." You really have no idea what you're talking about. What facts do you base this comment on????

It's got NOTHING to do with the racing industry, quarantine is quarantine for all horses, there are not just TB's up at the eastern creek station at the moment there are pleasure horses in that mob as well.

31-08-07, 06:31 AM
Err... there is an industry body called The Horse Industry Council. Just a shame no one knows about them. And the only reason I knew about them is because I go to meetings with them.

And yes, if horse owners actually did pay money into the national animal health system then we would have more say... but currently, the HIC reps don't have the funds to attend all the meetings they could / should be attending.

31-08-07, 08:16 AM
Shipping with minimum of fuss got us into this mess in the first place and yes there is a HUGE pool of surlus TB's sadly a lot of them are starving in paddocks and yards around the country.

Sorry I'm with the rest, paying for a breach in quarantine is not on my todo list. I don't get $220.000.00 a service for my boys, hell that would damn near buy the property next door I want, and due to the stuffup I probably won't get diddly squat this yr as I'm in Qld and live cover only.

I'm not blaming the TB industry, I want to know how a pos horse landed here in the first place, shouldn't it have been picked up while the horse was being held for the required amount of time in the country it came from? Don't they have to spend more than a week in quarantine at least? I know nothing about the requirements for importing, just curious.


31-08-07, 09:59 AM
Err... Caz that is my point - 'The AHIC exists through the voluntary services of elected Directors and Trustees and the expertise of individuals co-opted on to sub-committees'....... Financial support for AHIC activities is derived from subscriptions from associations and individuals.

I said we need a 'professional body' - with a more money to the AHIC they would have more of a leg to stand on, more resources.

People don't voluntarly pay membership or a levy it is something if they don't have to, they won't...........

Most people at the moment are receveing the e-mails and text free!!!!

31-08-07, 10:20 AM
I agree with you Horsekeeper,
Listening to 2ky racing channel, the presenters are asking ASB authorities why aren't they using up to date technology being AI which in there opinion would have/would be a lot safer.
ASB could not answer nor would they budge with there own laws.
Just think how easy life would be!!!!!

Freds Mum
31-08-07, 10:29 AM
NO WAY! I will NOT pay for something which was clearly caused by the Governments inefficiency! NO WAY!!

31-08-07, 02:52 PM
It might probably have come in with the shuttle stallions horsekeeper and hopefully a definitve answer will be found as to how it did come in. However my point is that I haven't heard anyone bringing horses in who are part of the performance/recreational side of the industry say "I think I want my horse to spend an extra 2 weeks in quaratine just in case they have been exposed to some illness".
And there are a whole heap of excess horses that don't have the most ideal post racing existance. But I have bought cheap TBs 'cause they were all I could afford and they are great horses. I am sure a large number of us have done so.

I know nothing of the importation process either but I do know that where ever people are involved there will be some out there who try to take short cuts or who think they know better or who just get complacent or who are distracted by something. Perhaps the procedures are entirely adequate but some one slipped up.

There are spin offs from the TB industry that we all benefit from and I don't think it reasonable that all non-TB people back off with their hands in the air and say "'Twas them, not me". The same as I don't think the TB people should say "'Twas the leisure people who spread it around first so it is their fault". Think of the advances in vet science or nutrition. Think of the availability of medications, feed supplements and such other goods as you can think of. These come about from an industry prepared to pay for such research and developement (the racing industry being a major player), not from the weekend riders like most of us are. But we all use these products when we want or need to.

What if the virus is proven to have come from one of the other horses up there at Eastern Creek? Would we like the TB people to turn their backs and let us struggle on alone.

All I am trying to say is that we need to see this problem as a complete horse industry problem and work together to help all factions in the industry. We will all happily take the advantages of the industry with a willing smile, how about we all help in the down times.

Shakyl, the embargo on AI is not only an Aussie one. It is an international one and the local TB industry has to be in line with the rest of the world on this.

31-08-07, 03:49 PM
True or untrue it seems pretty unfair that only the registered horses get hit and those that have a pony or more in the backyard get of free. I just would register the nags for awhile let the Government clean there own backyard hell we pay enough tax.
Ow and for the posting of the shetland winning the melbourne cup - Can you let me know what number its going to wear I'd like a few dollars each way think I'll get good odds on the TAB at the moment.

01-09-07, 01:00 AM
ok - so you don't want to pay the $10 horse levy but you'll pay an annual fee of $350/year (at the very lowest) membership fee to be a member of a Peak Industry Council that will provide proper industry representation.

Fair Embrace
01-09-07, 01:30 AM
For starters, laying blame will not help anyone! Can anyone positively tell me that this was actually bought in by a thoroughbred for the purposes of breeding or racing? That is yet to be established. Keep in mind that there are other flights into Australia with horses of all disciplines, there was a flight in only a few weeks ago of horses of this type.
Yes, there is a definite flaw in the quarantine system for this to happen, but until the dust settles no one should be laying blame with anyone, or any section of the horse industry.
As to paying a levy, I think that is ridiculous, but if I have to I will pay. Personally I think the government should clean up after themselves but look into setting up some sort of fund for reseach and future issues. I look at it this way over 100 people have been caught since the ban came in transporting horses in floats, maybe the government could use this 'fine' money to bail themselves out!?!
Now with the $220,00 service fees, how much do you think these stallions cost in the first place? How much do you think insurance cost of the stallions? How many people do you think these studs employ? How much do you think it actually costs to look after these horses when each of them has their own full time groom? How much does it cost them in the first place to transport them?
Yes, the prices in the thoroughbred industry get a little ridiculous but when you have that sort of money to mess around with and you can possibly sell your horse for millions or win millions with it people are willing to pay these prices! Nothing in the world is worth more than someone is willing to pay for it!(unless we're talking sentimental value)
As to AI in the thoroughbred industry, they will now probably look into doing that, but when you are talking about such huge money figures, people are worried about possible mistakes being made and I personally agree with that, think of the repercussions if the wrong mare is served with the wrong vile, also fresh semen is better than anything for getting a mare in foal and with AI in the thoroughbred industry this won't really be feasible. On the plus side AI will keep the numbers down!
For some reasons alot of people seem to hate the racing industry and want to lay blame with them, I don't mind this if it makes you feel better or makes you sleep sounder at night, but unless you have a vast amount of first hand experience in ALL facets of the horse industry don't bother comparing one to another, it's not fair!

01-09-07, 01:15 PM
Every horse owner in Oz is a potential victim of EI.......that it came from a Quarantine facility means someone stuffed up, pure and simple. The TB breeding industry runs around shuttling stallions, I would think for an industry so big on taking advantage of every new equine scientific breakthrough, study and application, from dietary supps, additives, drugs for racing longevity, rehab and fitness programs and ops for limb repair......that they could join the 21st century and adopt worldwide best practise AI reproductive techniques?
And save the planet from the transmission of equine diseases not in that country?

What about we all get a few hats and stand out in front of the big TB studs in the Hunter, see how much they chip in for the debarcle....or contact Cost Delotta Monee's owners and ask for a sling? Why do the 'little people' have to cough (excuse the pun) up for a State facility stuffup?

Not likely.......bending over big for kissing.


01-09-07, 01:43 PM
I certainly don't hate the racing industry - I think it's phenomenal! However I am hugely offended by the spin being put about by some racing industry mouthpeices. When things are being manipulated politically, it rings loud warning bells. And if the racing people had not been so sneering about "the pony clubs set" (when clearly referring to eventers) I'd be less negative about their message to date.

And Bindi - Quarantine is a Federal responsibility..."We decide who (what) comes into Australia ...." etc.

01-09-07, 01:58 PM
Ta, State or Federal........I'm just glad it wasn't privately owned like an agistment facility.........wouldn't the powers that be be asking for a scalp and a big payout fine if a Mr & Mrs Joe Average had the pleasure of starting this episode from their place!


02-09-07, 03:58 AM
I too feel that laying blame is of no benefit to anyone whatsoever.

A lot of articles in our local paper have been saying the focus is being put on the event at Maitland and laying blame there. This is ridiculous, as if there were any imported horses of any breed at Maitland they would have had to have been passed through quarantine first so it's hardly likely EI originated there. It is more likely EI escaped from Eastern Creek quarantine centre. For all we know, no one person is to blame for that. As EI is known to travel 8kms on the wind it's highly feasible it escaped quarantine like that. As we all know Centennial Park is within the 10km lockdown radius. We may never know exactly how it escaped, but it did. We have to deal with the repercussions of that and hopefully we will learn from that in the process.

It was inevitable with all the travel horses are doing these days that at some point in time a disease was going to get past quarantine. We accidently 'export' snakes and spiders to New Zealand frequently. If a living creature can escape quarantine so can a virus.

As for the levy in question, I'm not opposed to paying a levy for disease eradication, as someone has already mentioned the beef industry has done it for years. It would be very hard to control though as there are so many unregistered horses out there. However, with the multi millions of dollars the racing industry turns over in taxes for the government every year, quarantine fees and the many other taxes we pay for owning horses shouldn't this money be put towards disease eradication instead of hitting people up again for something they already pay so dearly for owning.

02-09-07, 05:38 AM
Bindi, certain things have traditionall been seen as too important not to be in federal or state government hands - like quarantine, border security, the armed forces, the police, health, education, banks, airports, prisons and detention centres (oops, scrap those last half dozen...they are already in private hands).

This EI disaster is an opportinuty to look at the raw underbelly of politics at work - and it's not pretty. Most of us vote for our leaders with plenty of guidance from the media and based on personal history, belief systems and experience. Not often are we involved in issues which give us insight into the "system". I believe this is one of them.

02-09-07, 08:25 AM
I have already posted on another thread, but here goes.

Personally I think we all pay enough with our registrations etc... EFA is extremely expensive and if you have a breed that you want to register with an association well you pay all over again, so as a stud, paying all of the above is almost as much as I can afford.

$10 per horse may seem reasonable if you are only a one horse owner, but if you own multiple horses and with the price of feed at present, no I would not be happy with that.

AQIS, has a lot of questions to answer at present, do I think they do a good job, ofcourse I do, thank goodness this was not a disease that meant loss of livestock as well. And they have kept this country disease free for a long time. However it was a government dept that let the disease out.

Seeing as it is the racing industry that is screaming the loudest about loss of revenue, and keeping in mind that the government earns a lot of money from the betting system.

I propose a 50cent levy to come of every bet placed, and go towards paying for the cost of the outbreak, and of hopefully it never happening again.

Just my two cents worth.

02-09-07, 09:10 AM
MD now thats a great idea! And if someone were to say that 50cents was too much they could drop it to 'your two cents worth'.......every bet placed at 2 cents would still bring in some dosh....LOL

I just think considering the Federal budget surplus, the wealth of the TAB and the TB industry that those guys have more than enough to kick a few tins.

I mean they don't call it the "Sport Of Kings" for nothing.....LOL


02-09-07, 09:55 AM
That is a great idea MD. I'm not too sure the racing industry actually benefits too much from the revenue raised from their taxes. If that system was put in place at least they would reap some benefit from the dollars they pay out.

02-09-07, 10:15 AM
Poor Judi and the Aust Horse Industry Council must be tearing their hair out at some of the emotive and, dare I say it, short-sighted posts on this thread. As Judi tried to explain, the levy has been mooted for a number of years to provide a future fund for responding to emergency disease outbreaks. It is not "a levy to pay for the ****-up of AQIS". Where has the Govt said that they will make horse owners pay for the current EI clean-up? No-where that I can see.

Yes, we pay a crap load for EFA and other society registrations. Shame these don't cover emergency disease responses. People seem to put a lot of faith in quarantine but, as this EI outbreak has shown, some viruses are so sneaky and contagious that next time it could arrive directly at your place via an overseas visitor. Who you going to blame then?

02-09-07, 11:07 AM
Property owners/farm owners/registered breeders already pay enough in Government fees for the priviledge of having horses or stock...there are environmental levys, noxious weed levies, and cattle levies even if you don't run stock at all on your land.

Yes the racing industry is hurting....but lets face it, TB racing is a spectator sport for most individual Australians.....therefore its a hobby only??? Other work in ancillary areas like farriers, hands ect, and another percentage own, train, or breed. The economic affects for that lot will be realised at tax time when they make claim for allowances for the 'very bad season that was 2007'.

AQIS is a Government instituation just like the Health system or the education system.......when it fails everyday Australians surely it is not those very same Australians who have to not only cop the fallout but pay for the cleanup as well?

If the State labelled this as a 'natural disaster' as first touted, then isn't it just as worthy of compensatory government funding as any other natural disaster? Or is a stuff-up at a facility just not Act of God'y enough?

No I object to paying one cent let alone $10......and I can afford to pay $10. But where does accountability come into play here.....they prolificated the crime, they can pay the fine.
I am asking for an inquiry into the whole affair.....I mean if we can't keep out an invisible equine enemy, can we keep out any bio hazard.....and trust me thats a question that has been asked of quite a few Ministers?
I think free vaccines for horse owners who care to register on a list from the HIC, so that they can also receive regular updates on how things are managed and the outcomes, straight forward education material about bio security ect, and your free vaccine......maybe it could all come out attached to the Woman's Day or something....those free lipstick or moisturiser issues fly off the shelves!....LOL


03-09-07, 03:54 AM
I register my weanlings before selling them - some have up to six registrations. Why should I pay a levy of up to $60 per horse ($10 per registration as it is reported above, it doesn't state '$10 per registered horse') when others in the district breed horses by the dozen, register none, take no health precautions, and sell them off through sale yards or petlink or 'horse for sale' signs on their gate for pets, dogmeat or riding horses, whoever is willing to pay the most?

If it was "$10 per registered horse" it would be a paperwork nightmare to prove that $10 was paid on one registration through one society while the other five registrations did not need the $10 levy. We don't need more hours of paperwork. Registrars of societies don't need hundreds of hours of more paperwork to ensure each new registration has $10 paid through one of the other societies with which the horse is registered (especially if registrations take place over a few years - some done at birth, some done at 2yrs, etc). It would be unfair to levy $10 per sale as most sales of horses are private.

The cattle levy system is at least fair in that ALL cattle are levied, registered or otherwise, at point of sale and since the NLIS tags there are almost no private, unrecorded sales of cattle compared to tens of thousands of sales through yards or to abbatoirs. All cattle in Australia have to have an NLIS electronic device in their ear or stomach and all movement of cattle off their property is recorded and all sales of cattle recorded - all this in large part because of disease control. This proposed horse system has no fairness to it at all. You can't do it at 'point of sale' like cattle because, oppisite to the cattle selling system, for every horse sold through public auction, hundreds are sold privately. I'm sure horse owners pay enough in GST for all the saddles, bridles, feed, etc that they buy to cover this without introducing one more levy.

We pay far too many levies, taxes, this and that as it is. Sorry, the government (any one - labour or liberal or coalition) is very good at collecting money from us but not particularly good at spending it wisely.

Leanne O.

03-09-07, 07:50 AM
I think a levy would be a good idea if it went to the right places... BUT... I don't believe it would...
Personally I feel this **** up wouldn't have happened if the quarantine system was like it used to be and the animals in quarantine were offshore on Cocos Island or something...
but now that it has, we ned to be more careful in future to keep other exotic diseases OUT. Imagine the disaster if Foot and Mouth got into the country as well!
I feel pressure needs to be put on the TB industry to accept AI and Frozen semen and that would decrease the risk of disease entry to the country of shuttle stallions...parentage can be verified by DNA and since racing stock get DNA tested anyway it would not be a new thing for them.
It is no good playing th eblame game and we just need to be more aware of the dangers.
Personally I want to know how it got from Eastern Creek to the eventers/ dressage horses/ etc. in the first place!