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07-09-07, 01:35 AM
just curious to know.... if I was to purchase a horse from Sydney, how long until it could be transported interstate to WA?

I relise the question is no different to how long is a piece of string :-) But I'm just curious to know what NSW people have to say. From what I've read, I'm guessing there will be no movement until the new year!!

Which will really kill my plans :-(

07-09-07, 01:56 AM
Like yuo said your question really is the same as how long is a piece of string. There can't be any horse movement out of NSW until the ban is lifted. That will be a minimum of 30 days after the last case of EI is diagnosed in the state. There seem to be new cases popping up every day so your chances of getting a new horse across inside the next few months seems pretty slim.

Contact your local DPI branch for more info.

07-09-07, 04:18 AM
hehhe i like the how long is a peice of string question..i laughed..anyhow i think youv'e got buckly's of getting a horse transported, id say the new year??

07-09-07, 04:29 AM
Yep, have to agree, to of the BIG TB studs in the upper hunter have today been diagnosed, so will be awhile while it spreads through there. Bascially Im guessing nothing til very late this year, possibly next year. Maybe they should change tactics and try and spread it through the state as quickly as possible to get it over and one with. Im afraid to say they're not going to stop it, that much is already proven.


07-09-07, 05:07 AM
We figured it out yesterday best we could.
Based on at that time 148 infected properties (taking 3 weeks) and DPI expecting 300 to be infected (takes to 6 weeks) then add 50 day for total decontamination our rough as guts guestimate was mid November at the absolute earliest.

(Boy am I missin my pony!)


07-09-07, 06:14 AM
I was thinking maybe by Christmas :-)

NSW to QLD. Would be quicker to ride her here.