View Full Version : GOT IT

25-09-07, 01:00 AM
FINALLY!!! Bobby, and pretty much the whole of our agistment has it. I've been waiting for a while now (I beleive Bobby will be better off getting it over with now when he's fat, fit and healthy than risk it later) and can finally stop holding my breath.

Its perfect timing to because when he'll approx be over the virus anyway, I'll be going to France on Exchange so he'll get the etire time I am away for rest and when I get back he will be ready to start light lunging and led-work.


Well he's three days in, has a temperature, but not a high one, has started coughing and has a runny nose. Fun. He's certaintly looking better off than the horses on either side of him though.

Anyway my luck goes out to anyone dealing with EI as it really is a pain in the a*** and I'm thankful we haven't got it bad.