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27-09-07, 12:08 AM
Good Morning Everybody,

I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Gaye-ann Robson and my husband and I own/operate a successful Horse Stud & Training Facility. Our stud name is Landsons Splash Of Colour Paint Horse Stud and we are located at Woodford, Qld. We stand 2 stallions - a Gorgeous Palomino Overo Paint Stallion called TUNZA LOOT and a Beautiful old Chocolate Liver Chestnut Quarter Horse Stallion called SONITAS CHANCE.

I have a girlfriend who also lives in this area who has paints, and gave me the link to join up on this forum, suggesting it was very interesting and that I would thoroughly enjoy it.

I haven't yet gone through and read all the posts/topics of conversations, but I'm sure I will get through them, I certainly have plenty of time to read nowadays.

I look forward in meeting you all, and will definately enjoy joining in on conversations.

Kindest Regards,

Gaye-ann Robson.
Website: http://www.freewebs.com/landsonssplashofcolourpainthorsestud/index.htm

27-09-07, 12:11 AM
Hello Gaye-ann,


Glad I was able to direct you here with the link I sent you.

Hopefully now people won't get us mixed up..lol...

Will enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions on different things as I have enjoyed participating in.




27-09-07, 12:15 AM
Hi P_J,

Thankyou for the link. Also, I did want to thankyou for forwarding me through that information about that herbal blend people are using to help their horses deal with E.I.

I hope you don't mind, but I will copy and paste the email you sent me below, maybe others might benefit from it as well.

Kindest Regards,



EI - Herbal Immune Restore (Reports so far are positive!)

Posted by equineherbs (Cedar Vale QLD...... Will send Australia wide!!) on 25-Sep-07 12:53 AM AEST
To reply to this advertisement email equineherbs@commail.com.au









27-09-07, 12:24 AM

hewwwooooo there.

I still have a photo on my computer from the day your TunzaLoot boy arrived !

I hope all your horses are going well, and cant wait to see some pikkies.

Cheekyspirt 26
27-09-07, 12:26 AM
It would seem that Painted_Jewels (Nick) is writing to P_J from Gaye-ann. Must have been a little mix up there I think.

See below copied

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Hi P_J,
Thankyou for the link. Also, I did want to thankyou for forwarding me through that information about that herbal blend people are using to help their horses deal with E.I.

I hope you don't mind, but I will copy and paste the email you sent me below, maybe others might benefit from it as well.

Kindest Regards,



27-09-07, 12:28 AM
Hello and welcome to the forum.

Its great having new people join. More people to chat too and bring opinions and experience.

Hope you enjoy.

27-09-07, 12:37 AM
Hello Crisp,

Gee, been a long time since I spoke to you. Gee Love your website, looks like things have changed a great deal for you also.

I am at my girlfriends (P_J) house this morning - am helping her with foaling down a mare who is due and she is working. The mare has wax on nipples and has done since late yesterday evening, and was a very long night I tell you, but she hasn't foaled yet. She still has 3wks to go but does go early, P_J is an absolute wreck.. with worry about E.I. and all... but not to worry.

Hello CheekyS,
Yes, is a mix up (apologies to all.. oops.. only human..lol), as you will read above, I am actually at P_J's house helping out at the moment. And boy are we having a good laugh at the 'cross-post' or mix up post... lol... ehehehe... suppose you just have to be here don't you.

Hi NuShiek8,
Thankyou for your Kind Welcome! (:
I don't have any experience on these kind of forums, but dare say I will learn as I go. But do look forward in chatting with different people.

Oh, and by the way P_J wanted me to tell you all that she won't bother logging on to reply to my posts now, but wanted to welcome me with her own message at the time.
And silly me forgot to log out and back in with my own details...lol...

Not to worry,

Kindest Regards,


27-09-07, 12:40 AM
Hiya Gaye-Ann!

Welcome to CH!!

I dont know much about paints but a friend of mine has just purchased a paint Standardbred, so I would like to learn a little more about the colour differences and genetics etc. So maybe you could kick off your posts with a little genetics and colour lesson for those of us who are colour blind!!!

27-09-07, 12:58 AM
Hi 2006eabbot,

Yes Paints are beautiful horses, but I adore them as much as any coloured horses. My friend has a saying 'A Good Horse is never a Bad Colour' and that is so true.

When I get home I will go through some of my info on Paints for you and post later.

A 'Paint Standardbred' wow that sounds interesting... certainly sounds lovely thats for sure. I'm sure your friend will enjoy it regardless.

I look forward in chatting to you again.

Kindest Regards,


Cheekyspirt 26
27-09-07, 01:05 AM
That is a shame Gaye-ann as I would love to hear more about Painted_Jewels or more so from them as it is always great to hear about other trainers. (As P_J has stated about clients horses in previous posts). And I guess I am making an assumption that they are a trainer from their previous posts. The western world is quite a small world it seems strange that we have not heard of them up that way.

And Gaye-ann I am sure you will find your way around CH quite quickly as you are a member of westernbreedsclubofaustralia forum. Sorry I must be mistaken you stated above you do not have any experience with forums.

Sorry but in going back and re-reading I am a little confused still, one minute you are sitting and laughing (have to be there scenario) but you are there helping out with foaling down whilst P-J is at work?????

Welcome to you and to P_J :)

27-09-07, 01:39 AM
Welcome Welome

Im not into paints ot western at all but i did see a goregeous horse a few weeks ago by the name of "gladiator" was imported from the USA, is an absolute stunner, and very nice nature. Il be sure to check your stallions out gaye-anne

27-09-07, 02:06 AM
Hello Eventa,

Thankyou for your kind welcome! (:

To me, Paints like any horse are not just a 'Western' horse, many compete in other fields like Polo Cross, Dressage, Jumping, Cutting, Campdrafting & Rodeo to name a few. But I suppose generally they are know as 'Western Horses' or Western Breeds due to the higher numbers competeing in these areas, but I do love the fact that they can be just as versatile and any other breed.

Yes, I know Gladiator and have seen him in the flesh and he is a big beautiful horse - quite stunning - but I Do have a soft spot for the Paints - All of them... Simply Gorgeous in my eyes.

Well, Hello Again Hiedi,

Perhaps if you want to find out more about Painted_Jewels then maybe you should ask them???? 'Tis not my place to answer questions about someone who wishes not to be discussed. And Fortuately I DO RESPECT other peoples wishes, and as far as I know at this time P_J isn't interested in giving a tell all story on themselves, unlike some who are quite happy to.

Yes, I spent the night and most of this morning at their place (and I am actually home now, just got in, had a shower, put clothes in the wash and decided I couldn't sleep, too hot, so might chat away for a while - is that enough explaination for you?) - in helping to foal down a mare - and yes while my friend was at work (does shift work), but obviously was home showing me the ropes this morning here on CH.

Yes, I am a member of the westernbreedsforum, have been a long time member, but have not been on line for many, many months, until recently... and actually the way they post is soooo much different to CH... as I can just send emails directly to them from my outlook express. Hence why I did state that I don't have any experience of posting on forums like CH's, much, much different to what I am used to.
But certainly seems easy enough and should be able to get the hang of.

I will now scout around my p/c for some simple explainations for anyone interested in understanding about Paints and their different colours - it can get very technical, and of which I'm not into the technical side of paints.



Cheekyspirt 26
27-09-07, 02:16 AM
Thanks for that Gaye-ann and yes I will definitely take your advice and contact them personally through the CH system.

I appreciate the information.

27-09-07, 02:17 AM
I also see paints/qh's and all the breeds that are associated with "western", as a horse that is more than capable of the english disciplines.

Gladiator is a stunner, he has one blue eye, and is so cute, only 4 years old, but such a big boy, my friend is quite good friends with the people who own him, lives a few minutes away from them and we dropped in there one day. Would be nice to put to a finer built t/b mare with good jumping lines, i think youd end up with quite a nice horse.


27-09-07, 02:32 AM
Hey Eventa,

Another couple of Paint Stallions that I will definately breed to... (not this year unfortunately... ): though), is Ford Shameless Cowboy (Imp) and First Down (Imp). What Awesome creatures. I have a friend who has new foal/s and yearlings/rising 2yr olds by them both and of which I have seen in the flesh and Absolutely DROOOOOOOLLLL over them..... in one word.... WOW!

I am looking at keeping a few of my Beautiful fillies by Tunza Loot out of my Old QH bred mares and then put them back over the 'newer' style of horses, as part of my breeding program.

But, that won't be for a while yet. Thankfully we have our mares with us as well as our stallion/s - and all have been bred, so long as no-one absorbs or looses their 'new pregnancies' when E.I. hits I should have some more nice bubs next year.

Yes, I know of many people who like the Paint - TB crosses, myself personally simply love the Paint/Paint and Paint/QH crosses - but my preference obviously.



27-09-07, 02:37 AM
Welcome to CH Robbos_Ranch - I look forwards to seeing some pics of your lovely horses :)

I'm an ASH afficianado personally, but do like a bit of colour ;)


Horse sense - something that horses have that stops them betting on humans.

Cheekyspirt 26
27-09-07, 02:47 AM
Painted_Jewel I have sent you a private email and I look forward to hearing from you.

27-09-07, 02:54 AM
Just taking the time to mention that MANY paints , appaloosas and quarter horses are just as succesful in english as western.
I might start by pointing in the general direction of
Mighty Outrageous
Hi Point performance appaloosa of Qld this year.. and hi point english horse of Australia this year,holder of 33 National Championship titles..Regular open company winner

Concenting. Hi point Quarterhorse dressage of Australia..and sire of heaps of Supreme winning foals etc..Winning Very regularly in open company at the moment


Dressed In Western
Multi National and State championship winner.. One of the most succesful English OPEN paint winners in the world.


Days of Gold
First Double dilute quarterhorse National champion IN THE WORLD


and the list goes on..SO PLEASE.. stop categorising them as ONLY western horses. Untill the halter industry came along, these breeds were known for their versatility.. not their ability to stand still.

27-09-07, 02:56 AM
ps..no tb in any of the above horses... not in their past 4 generations anyway

27-09-07, 03:34 AM
Hi Belambi,

Yes, they are Truely Wonderful Stallions that you have shown - Ones that I hold high respect for.

Mighty Outrageous is a Favourite of mine within the Appaloosa Breeds, such a Beautiful Man he is.

Concenting - What A Gorgeous boy he is!!! Looking forward in seeing some bubs locally by him.

Dressed In Western - A Good Ole Paint Stallion with an Awesome Reputation - Well Deserved!

Days Of Gold - And yet another Lovely Stallion. I also have a weak spot for Nights Of Gold who is a Pretty Damn Nice Stallion also.

I'm not sure how you thought I was interpreting that they were only Western Horses though (you wrote: SO PLEASE.. stop categorising them as ONLY western horses) and my apologies if you feel I was.

As in my post above where I wrote:

To me, Paints like any horse are not just a 'Western' horse, many compete in other fields like Polo Cross, Dressage, Jumping, Cutting, Campdrafting & Rodeo to name a few.

But I suppose ***generally they are know as 'Western Horses' or Western Breeds*** due to the higher numbers competeing in these areas, but ***I do love the fact that they can be just as versatile and any other breed***.

I certainly was not intending it to sound like they are only 'Western Horses'.

Kind Regards,


27-09-07, 03:53 AM
Firstly I would like to welsome Robbos Ranch, I am new to forums and I think you will enjoy them greatly.
I don't have a breeding mare at present but I must say that if I had to choose a stallion to breed from in the local western industry then it would take ages as there is so many, great quality ones to pick from just in this s.e. Qld area.

Belambi, you are such a sensitive guy, especially for some one who insists on riding in joddies !!! hee hee! how is Boong going?
The fat "western " horse is happily resting in the shade with his friends! and doesn't mind the prospect of 6 months at home.

The one thing about Ei is that it has shown some of us that there are other things to do, not that I am doing them right now but the thought is there.

Does every one know about the Rally tomorrow morning in Logan? Channel 7 and 4BC radio live???


In the final moments whats important is who is holding your hand and whose hands you have held!;-)

27-09-07, 04:29 AM
Nothing sensitive about me..Just fed up with the concept that they cant to english..

Would you prefer I didnt wear any joddies at all?? ;)

27-09-07, 04:34 AM
I would love to breed a coloured eventer/showjumper, preferably an appaloosa to a w/blood, my first ever competitive horse was an appaloosa gelding,15.1hh, he was brilliant, took me to first grade pony club!

27-09-07, 04:39 AM
Well said Belambi!!
I have been rolling around nearly wetting myself!!!!!!
After all this doom and gloom I needed a laugh, LOL.
As you know my big fat fella is pretty good at the ole English bit but unless it is a higher level I am not really excited at watching some of the english. mind you to watch the really high levels like Anky and Mary Hanna gives me goosebumps.. ! oops, can't write, I am still rolling around laughing...
thanks for brightening my day. :+

In the final moments whats important is who is holding your hand and whose hands you have held!

27-09-07, 06:12 AM
Cheeky S,
Thankyou for your rather interesting email. I am sure you could have asked me what you emailed me on here. Unless of course you were wanting my private email, of which I don't give to strangers - for good reason and reason why I am replying to you here.

I'm sure you have plenty of people around you that can help you with your training requirements, one I know of particularly who has done so for you already.

And as you emailed me, I'm glad you understand why I wish to keep my identity private.

I am merely joining in on conversations on this forum to kill time.


Cheekyspirt 26
27-09-07, 06:27 AM
Thanks for your response P_J.

To be honest did not think my email was overly interesting. I would have been very happy to post on here and still can if you wish. I apologise for bothering you privately but you yourself have requested privacy, felt I was doing the correct actions.

Again as I was under the impression your were a trainer I thought you would be approachable for information.
I am assuming that you know about my history from a mutual acquaintance as I have not mentioned anything to you myself. :) For me being a stranger your insinuation of knowing who has done what for me is very interesting.

It is a shame that we can not know more about your stud and training. As so many know CH is an amazing adverting forum. But each to their own.

No doubt you will enjoy the chats on CH

27-09-07, 06:41 AM
Hello CateH,

I still am very new to this whole posting thing 'on here'..... Not too sure how to send in pics etc... but I can give you a link to our website where you will be able to see many, many beautiful horses.

It is... http://www.freewebs.com/landsonssplashofcolourpainthorsestud/index.htm

I will get 'brave' one day and try and send something through, but I am only on 'dial-up' and isnt the best to try and upload decent pics with.

Kind Regards,

27-09-07, 08:51 AM
Hello and welcome to the forum - I am more into the spanish horses but I adore colour too

27-09-07, 09:05 AM
Belambi - I've made it known here before that I am trying to bring in a men's topless riding class to shows and now you suggest riding without the jods! Can we poor drooling women handle such a thing? You may have missed that rambling post - briefly... dress code: boots, jeans, belt, western hat (though approved riding helmet to be worn in riding segment as I don't mind promoting sexist attitudes but safety is always a great concern); approach judge while leading horse, tip hat, half smile, vault onto horse, canter five circles making eye contact with audience and nodding while lifting one casual finger in greeting...yatter, yatter, yatter... while leaving arena leading horse, stop facing away from judge and bend over slowly to pick up something from the ground. sigh. Probably not the right workout for the jodless, though. snort and lol By the way - gorgeous photos!!!!

Hello Gaye-Ann (waving and grinning) - welcome! I was SURE you and P_J were one and the same!!! lol You write SO like each other (having marked many English assignments, you learn to recognise similar writing styles - one hard working student can often churn out several assignments for lazy, well paying class mates!). So, hello P_J (who's not nearly as much fun now that you're not someone we know...or do we?)

Hiya Cheeky!!! (social kissy kissy while EI is around - big hugs later) Chat later, eh?

Leanne G. told Chris at McDonalds today that she'd heard of EI in Forest Hill - any confirmation of that, Belambi, Cheeky or anyone else? Maybe just a horse with a snotty nose.

Bye for now.

Leanne O.

27-09-07, 09:43 AM
Yep ..have heard that..and our neighbours..the other side of the parachute school too..Not sure, and not going over there to ask. However..sooner got..sooner cured!

27-09-07, 10:35 AM
Oh what a picture I have in my mind!!!! thank heavens I know that Belambi is not one to sport a "plumbers crack" I think Leanne, that the "special" test would also have to have basic size restrictions as it should also be pleasureable spectator sport.
you all have me confused about who is who now ( and I don't think I want to know) but keep it up as you can never have too much 'spark', makes it interesting for those of us that aren't doing too much. LOL.
I am new to the forums but am enjoying them immensely.

In the final moments whats important is who is holding your hand and whose hands you have held!

27-09-07, 10:56 AM
The DPI website maps have an IP at Forest Hill

27-09-07, 11:04 AM
Hello Leanne,

Thankyou for your welcome (: Finding a many topics here very interesting thats for sure, particularly about E.I. so many people being affected and so much that we all can learn about it from so many different people.

PJ and I have known each other for many, many years.

I doubt anyone here would personally know her...(maybe a few who are friends of mine and met her at my place) she is only new to the area, and does keep to herself a great deal. I would dearly love her to again start showing some of her own horses - simply gorgeous IMO... but she isn't a big fan of the show ring due to the 'politics' and 'bitchiness' of it... Which I totally understand, but I myself, don't let it get to me these days... The way I see it, while someone is talking about you they are leaving someone else alone for time being...

Hopefully I can kiddnap a couple of her kids and take them to a couple of shows for her next season - she has told me she is 'over showing'... that is if we have a show season...lol.

Anyway, look forward in chatting with you.


27-09-07, 11:04 AM
Yes, saw that Gail. We were going to go to Laidley today to get barley hay, but decided not to after that....

27-09-07, 12:01 PM
Hi Gaye-ann, and welcome (again). Still trying to work out who P_J is, as I know most of you personally by name and face(BIG waves!!)that nominated for Colourama.

WE are very concerned about EI here and ATM and look forward to advise from people that are dealing with it. Confirmed nasal swabs at Guanaba, 500mtrs as the crow flies!!! HELP!!

27-09-07, 10:04 PM
Sharadam - I didn't want to get too 'sizist' or 'fatist' in this event (of course, sexist I can handle) so rather than specify sizes for competitors, I decided that the horses had to be over 15 hands and the men had to ride bareback and vault on board after presenting to the judge...pretty much wiped out any chance of the jelly bellies then and there. Of course they could enter, but they'd be stuck at that first hurdle for the rest of the event, which could be mildly entertaining.

Hi EPL! (waving and jumping up and down exitedly like a twit). Bugger about the EI - we're hiding out up our little road hoping it misses us, but I'll be accepting of it if the gods or a stray duck see fit to bring it here (I look very suspiciously at the ducks around the feed bins each day). There should be no confusion about P_J, dearie, - as Gaye-ann said, they are very good friends who live near each other and do all the same things and it's just amusing how we thought they were one and the same! Aren't we all just so silly? After reading the posts above I'm very clear about the identity. I believe they both used to be vet nurses, they write almost identically (as a teacher, if they both handed in an assignment, I'd have failed one as having being written by the other, so similar is the writing style), they have the same sort of horses, they they even make the same little error with the smiley face ): rather than :) It's great that after friends have known each other for so long that they are virtually interchangable! They even write on each others computers - look at the order of posts starting from Gaye-ann as Robbos-Ranch to all, then P_J as P_J to all, then Gaye-ann as P_J to P_J...sigh, I don't know how many times that has happened to me!!!! I do. You do? Yes, I do. I must go now. Must you? Yes, I must. Oh, early morning rain on the roof! Same here! What a coincidence.

Have a lovely day. Same from me.

Leanne O (being slightly amusing, but not very...oh you are! No, I'm not.)

27-09-07, 10:29 PM
Well Good Morning to You Leanne.

I see that a few of you seem to be very worried about my close friendship with P_J. And the fact you don't know her.

As for the cross posts above, etc..etc.. well this was explained, but for some reason you want to make a big deal of it????

So is there an underlying motive here????

You know not everybody will like to hear what others have to say - as from what I can gather everyone here has their own opinions about things, and if you don't like something or someone then don't talk to them... but looks like you guys aren't content with that.

Actually in some people's eyes it is almost 'bullying', but, well that wouldn't/couldn't be the case now would it. ????

Anyway, I find this 'witch hunt' rather unimpressive to say the least.

Certainly more interesting and definately more important issues going on these days. Don't you think???

I have just come home from spending yet another night at PJ's - was a long night on foal watch and we had good long conversations about lots of things, including this forum and some on here.

Mind you, many of which are wonderful people, but like anywhere, you always have to have that very few minority who just can't help themselves and want to hassel others.

Glad to know you are not one of them.

Anyway, glad you are only be slightly amusing... or are you???


27-09-07, 11:07 PM
Just joshing, Gaye-ann - bit of rain on the roof here this morning, makes anyone a little bit playful. P_J upset a few with her Colourama implications and the 'breeder at Coominya' posts (since most of us get on quite well with the breeder at Coominya, that probably put a few hackles up). And you must admit, you and P_J ARE so alike that it's no wonder we're all having this identity crisis at the moment - make sure she signs off the computer BEFORE you start posting because that really added to the confusion (but I know my son once put an odd post here when I hadn't signed off, so of course that can happen).

And just so everyone knows, I have long admired Gaye-ann's horses - beautiful legs on horses that halter and ride AND, as Cheeky will confirm, Gaye-ann starts youngsters off at halter in a superb fashion. They go to shows confident and calm and beautifully prepared. Absolutely recommend her and her training and her horses and always have - so don't anyone think that I have any personal issues with Gaye-ann. Don't know a thing about P_J except that she got up some noses a bit here so we were all wondering who the heck this person was since she was obviously knowledgable and outspoken, but none of us could place her!

Leanne O.

27-09-07, 11:46 PM
Come on now every one!! you have all gotten off track!! get back to the topless men!! come onnnnn.......!!!! any more suggestions.
Leanne, good thinking about the vaulting on/off as that would definately narrow it down to the nicer quality of man!!
sign me up as the "gear checker" on the gate.
Sharon :-)

In the final moments whats important is who is holding your hand and whose hands you have held!

Cheekyspirt 26
28-09-07, 12:58 AM
Good morning everyone

Well first and fore most as Leanne has pointed out I can definitely vouch for the superb handling, presentation and showing of my weanling filly Divine Nights that Gaye-ann did. And the fantastic work she put in with my Yearling Gelding. I have often stated I can never thank Gaye-ann enough. She has always stated it is always a pleasure. I can also vouch for Gaye-anns wonderful horses muchly admired by myself and my family. In spending week in and week out with Gaye-ann 24-7 either showing, chatting MSM or email we became exceptionally good friends.

Unfortunately not the case now, so please do not in anyway see this as a witch hunt, because I believe Gaye-ann has a lot of knowledge and wisdom to be able to pass on to others on CH. As you Gaye-ann have said PEOPLE MATTER, which I 100% agree with and I truely believed you were attempting to deceive the PEOPLE who utilise CH everyday.

So on that note I must apologise extensively and sincerely to both Gaye-ann/P_J as I also assumed they were one and the same and as Leanne pointed out the similarities are so the same. It must be wonderful to have such a close friend with so many similarities.

Being a member of a few forums you tend to get to know who is who, and to be honest I felt I was in dejavu when reading a post by P_J here are CH and then realising I had read the same exact post on another website Word for Word written by Gaye-ann, honestly it did rouse my suspicions. But as Gaye-ann has pointed out they are very dear old friends and P_J is very new to the area. Yesterday afternoon's last messages from P_J to me and Gaye-ann response to CateH were from the same exact IP address. We can now only assume you were together again in the same house and on the same computer.

In recognising that I am wrong please accept my most sincere apologies Gaye-ann/P_J surely someone as intelligent as yourselves could understand why several of us felt as we did with their being so many similiarities , and even see the amusing side of it. :) I am sorry to read that you feel it is a witch hunt.

I look forward to reading many more informative posts from Gaye-ann/P_J as between them their knowledge will be most extensive.


I do believe we have met, at Nambour in August. I own the little buckskin filly, which I think none of you could work out which was which LOL. If it is you HI and great to see you here and can't wait to hear more from you.

And I want to be a gear checker with you PLEASE!!!! What could be a more entertaining day out. ROTFLMAO.

Hi to everyone else Leanne, Cat, GailR and Ben and everyone else we are currently EI free, but like everyone it will be only a matter of time. :(

With the online support from people it is amazing how we can get through this.

And again APOLOGIES to Gaye-ann/P_J and I do hope that your sense of humours do see the funny side of how confused we all were.

Cheekyspirt 26
28-09-07, 01:01 AM
Sorry to post again

Cat and Leanne and any others interested

TuffRock are promoting a free trial of their product for horses currently suffering EI. It will not cure or prevent EI, what they do claim is it boosts the immune system (where several deaths have occured due to secondary affects after having EI and a depleted immune system).

He is using 3 of my horses in the trial (Free product supply just pay postage and handling)

23 year old broodmare with foal at foot (has been AI'ed confirmation 5/10/07)

10 year old broodmare due in 23 days

yearling filly with previous illness (respitory condition as weanling)

If you are interested then contact Steve Hurley Ph 0249 361899 mobile 0419511145 or email shurley@tuffrock.net. Their products are 100% natural volcanic liquid, Steve will be happy to elaborate further on the product

I hope that I am allowed to put this up here and please if you have any information about this product please let me know. Good and Bad.

We don't have EI yet but feel it is only a matter of time.

28-09-07, 01:16 AM
Yes, Well thankyou for your so genuinely honest thoughts on this topic CheekyS26, that obviously, as I have previously stated, has so many of you on a witch hunt.

Oh, I'm sorry, did I say 'witch hunt'.... Well as you seem to be so 'SURE' of things about PJ & I (who of which by the way you have met in person), and you not 'witch hunting' gee, certainly sound like it to me.... just as YOU were IMPLYING that I was trying to deceive people on CH....

Nice try CheekyS26.. but if you want to continue 'stirring the hotpot' then becareful that the water doesn't boil over and burn you.

However, so glad to hear that you are wanting to recognise that you were WRONG... but somehow I just don't believe your so called intentions... and with good reason I believe. But I know you different to others don't I.

And as for my sense of humour, well, I certainly have one that DOES NOT find hasselling people amuzing.
And don't really see a funny side to it at all actually.

I along side many enjoy a good laugh, but certainly not at someone else's expense.

Oh, and by the way... my apologies to you if I have offended you, but sometimes when you poke a caged animal too much, expect to get bitten.

28-09-07, 02:45 AM
To try and bring us all back on track thought I'd mention a lovely Appy I used to own who was started by a bloke called Burt Purcell. The horse was a quiet gelding called Yukon Gold and I got the pleasure of owning him for most of his life. He took me for miles trail riding, moved with me when I shifted from Qld to ACT and was an amazing dressage and show horse....even turned his hand to side-saddle and did displays with Wendy Tidbold and I in the early days. He went on to teach several friends to ride as well. I have now "moved on" and ride arabs and WB's. I have many riding students however who LOVE their 1/4 horses and coloured horses. I personally feel a couple of the stallions in the above piccies are a little "high behind" for the job being asked of them, however I know the coloureds and 1/4's are more than capable. Welcome to the forum by the way!

28-09-07, 03:02 AM
Hi Bag,

Thankyou for the welcome.

Many, many years ago, I used to have a big Appy mare who I called 'Brandy' - she was a red/roan with a blanket. I used to do horse sporting on this mare and boy could she go... Awesome!
Had a great deal of fun with her, thats for sure.

You old Appy sounds lovely also.

Thanks to the help of BeckStar on another thread, she has been able to show me how to upload pics here... (:
So now I am like a kid with a new toy...lol

Below are a couple of pics of foals born the last couple of weeks by Tunza Loot.
I have a weak spot for small pretty heads, big bums and of course that 'different' colour.

SPOOKZ O LOOT 'aka Spook'

TUNZA LICIOUS 'aka Gracie'

Nice talking to you.



28-09-07, 03:17 AM
Hi everyone

Gorgeous foals Gaye-Ann, looove the paint one !!!

Well said, Belambi. Great photos too, how are you ????

As for the topless male class, mmmmm well years ago I started a thread on the Meet Market here about who is the hottest showjumper/farrier, well that thread was still going 18 months later LOLOLOL.

Perhaps we could have a Who is the Hottest Western Male thread, just for a laugh ??? Cant go past some of those rodeo spunks !!!


Cheekyspirt 26
28-09-07, 03:21 AM
See now I am with you Bowerbird that would be good for a laugh.

Mind you on previous posts there are some pretty hot looking guys out there, that may have been unkowingly posted on here :) could be a tough battle between the boys.

Anyone up for it?????

28-09-07, 04:53 AM
I believe I'd be an excellent judge for the the TMR events (topless male riders) - I don't want to touch the artwork, just walk through the gallery and admire it all, so the TMRs could feel perfectly comfortable with me in the centre ring. Could be an awful sight if the judges were to dress by the rider's dress code, though - ha!

Leanne O.

28-09-07, 05:14 AM
Hi RR, welcome to CH you have some beautiful horses.

On the whole TMR events/competions, you have my full support! Good bad or ugly it would definitely be entertaining!!!!!!!! I wouldn't want to take part in the female equvalent though - OUCH

Cheekyspirt 26
28-09-07, 05:26 AM
Hey Leanne O

Now I don't know if I want to steward or judge the TMR!!!!! LOL

28-09-07, 05:32 AM
Hi Robbos ranch welcome to CH :) ,
i have to say this is the most unusual newbie thread i have ever seen ;-)

Hi KD33 we will need a new competition as my beloved Patrick Swayze won the last one (actually he was the only competitor LOL)

and just so the boys dont feel left out, you can post half naked pics of your favourite male to :P

cheers from "waiting to perv" Pauper

It is inexcusable for scientists to torture animals; let them make their experiments on politicians.

28-09-07, 05:32 AM
I actually know a show organiser that could see these classes where added to the programme lol, don't think she'd have a problem with the President approving them?? Tuff Rock is great stuff, all mine are on it! (told you so Cheeky lol)

Cheekyspirt 26
28-09-07, 05:36 AM
Hey Cat

Could definitely be a good class. Now I have to start thinking about entrants hmmmmmmmmmmm :)

Glad to hear good reports about the Tuff Rock hopefully mine will arrive ASAP. Very nice people to deal with too, very helpful.

Lets hope your kids (four legged) won't suffer to much being on Tuff Rock. How are the other two holding up?????

28-09-07, 05:41 AM
Hi BowerBird,

Thanks for the welcome and kind words about our lovely foals.
Quite an interesting position your horse is showing us in that pic on your post as well... (: Beautiful colour from what I can see also (: What do you do with your beautiful creature?

Yes the Dun Overo Filly -Gracie - is kinda my favourite... hard not to be, I recon' she is pretty damn special thats for sure - certainly do look forward in taking her out into the showring - if we get one - next year.

Hi Sam,
Again, thanks for the welcome and kind words also. (:
Yes, we love our horses very much and am very proud of them all.
What breed of horses do you have? Are you an English rider or Western rider, or perhaps preferring not to be categorized into any of those and just say perhaps a Performance Horse Rider? (:
Would like to see a pic if you have any?


28-09-07, 05:51 AM
Hi Pauper,

Thanks for the welcome, and I yes, I would have to tend to agree on how 'unusual' this 'newbie thread' is....

So, as I have asked others, do you have horses yourself and what do you do with yours?

Look forward in chatting with you.


28-09-07, 05:52 AM
Hi - I guess I'm an english based performance horse rider:P
My poor horses have to do everything dressage,eventing, hacking, breed shows,barrels, sporting, campdrafting, cutting,ASH working etc , sidesaddle, and yes we have had a go at western but I had to borrow all the gear!!

I would love to show you pictures but I still can't work out how to!!
I know, I know I'm just a bit slow when it comes to computers.

28-09-07, 06:20 AM
Good for you Sam! (:

Your horses sound Lovely - and definately sound like fun. I am a strong believer in 'versatility' regardless of the breed of the horse.

The more you can do the more fun you can have. (:

I kinda thought the whole 'post piccies here' thing was a little daunting at first too, believe me... but actually it isn't so bad.

I did have a thread earlier asking how to upload pics when we post and got some good advice - check it out, you might find it not as hard as you think.... and believe me a computer wizz I aint...lol.


28-09-07, 06:21 AM
Hi Robbos ranch unfortunately we dont have any horses in our family at the moment :-(
but i do have a "pony" his name is little Will, hes not much good for anything but i think he's cute anyway :7


this is a pic of my TD and her last horse,

i tried to be "a upset Mum" when i found out what they got up to at playtime,
but really was very proud, actually i still am LOL :D
cheers Pauper

It is inexcusable for scientists to torture animals; let them make their experiments on politicians.

28-09-07, 06:28 AM
Hey again Pauper,

Love 'Will'.... He'd be easy enough to keep, thats for sure.. ;)

And as for your TD last horse... well Very Impressive!!

Yee Harr!!

Yeah, I would most definately be a very proud mum at that... :7

Looks like your daugher is quite a talented young lady. Good for you both!


28-09-07, 07:50 AM
Hey there Cat - consider the classes approved (probably will have to have GailR on gear check just to keep everything above board, though).

Meant to say, Gaye-ann, love that last foal you had up there - can't see it now that I'm posting - but is that a double cream dilute? And is it overo as well? I'll have to have another look once I've posted this.

Pauper - your little brown and white pony looks like he could be a Thoroughbred - will he get vaccinated when those other racehorses get done? Should get a good sized grant for feeding that little commercial equine.

And perhaps if we have the likes of Patrick S. in the classes, the TMRs will be asked to put in a small dance routine before vaulting into the saddle. They could go country and to a knee slapping square dance tune briefly 'promenade that judge right round, and promenade her home', though Patrick may have some ballet in his background so perhaps just prior to vault he could Glisse, Pirouette and Saute then Cabriole while facing the judge (in which case, jodphurs may look better and slightly more revealing than Wranglers).

Oh, this class has such potential.

Leanne O.

28-09-07, 08:02 AM
Hi Leanne,

Yes, he is a lovely colt thats for sure. He is by Tunza Loot out of an awesome big Dark Palomino QH mare - Bills Crocket/Cassius Deck (Imp) breeding. So I am presuming a 'double cream dilute'.. is that what you call it... I'm only learning abou the whole double dilute thing, of which is your expertise I know.

Thinking he is minimal overo, but hard to tell at this stage with him being so cream, and the whole pink skin all over doesn't help much...lol..

If not then he is a solid 'cremello' paint-bred. The owner is Thrilled and will definately keep him, and totally peeved that they can't bring the mare down to re-breed her due to the standstill - they can't do A.I. as their local vet doesn't do it - alongside the 20 other mare owners who are in the same boat. ):
Like yourself, not good at all for our businesses thats for sure.


28-09-07, 11:13 AM
Reply to Leanne O (58)

Hmmmmm, well, I think I can be persuaded to take on the onerous position of gear checker for the TMR classes!

My only stipulation is that the gear checker MUST inspect at close quarters and also touch (stroke) if necessary! If I can't do this, then I ain't doing it!!!!!

Will certainly liven up the shows. Just this discussion has certainly livened me up, I can tell you! (Look out, Peter!)

As my father used to say - "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as ever I was. lol

28-09-07, 11:45 AM
lol, GailR... poor Peter, he can steward for the female equivalent with us old biddies flopping around bareback (the word 'saggy' now describing what was once long, long ago, in galaxy far, far away, parts of the anatomy that were described as 'perky'). Hmm, can't see our female topless rider class lasting much longer than it takes to revive Peter after fainting in horror! Goodness, some of us would knock ourselves out at the canter these days! (Just picture it and roll about laughing...canter, canter, flop, whack, aghhhh)

Glen_Lomond, are you there? You do understand that the Scottish half of you must enter these TMR classes, don't you? The entry fees are paid for by judges and stewards, and there will be a large cash prize for the winner (paid for by spectators when the winning rider passes his hat around the audience...should get good money...maybe more if he passes his jeans around). So, we'll have Patrick Swayze (spelling?), male half of Glen_Lomond, Belambi (I'm sure we can convince/bribe/beg/trick Belambi to take part) and I fancy the look of some of those western guys, sigh, always have had a drooling problem over a swagger and a stetson. So, dear reader - some more suggestions for entries to this class? Preferably live, but I wouldn't mind reviving Clark Gable for a quick canter round.

I'm thinking that while EI is on we can still hold this class, afterall, the horse may be nice, but we can fake the horse part (remember the great Monty Python Knights (K-niggets) who went searching for the Holy Grail slapping coconut shells together to make the sound of hooves?). Cheeky - you can do the coconut slapping as they canter around the judge after GailR has inspected their gear and EPL has double checked their entires (sorry, meant to write entries). I'm sure some of the other females here can volunteer for various jobs we haven't thought of yet in this class...suggestions?

Leanne O.

28-09-07, 12:00 PM
Thanks Gaye-Ann, in his day Chum was a halter/showmanship horse, and I rode him everywhere except the show ring LOL.

Now he is retired, he gets ridden very occasionally by my step-kids,but we all just love him and look after him. At the moment he has a mild case of EI and I am hoping like crazy he doesnt get any secondary infection, as he is now 20 years old, and still looking good .... here is a recent photo.

Cheers, Bowerbird

28-09-07, 12:58 PM
reply to Leanne O re TMR classes!!!!

Girls, girls, I read on another forum that Vin Diesel is coming to Oz (Victoria) and they are buying tickets to see him.

Do you think we might be able to talk him into coming up here to compete in our TMR classes???????

They even have a pic of him on there. Pic is of him sunbathing. Drool!!!

28-09-07, 01:04 PM
Hey BowerBird,

What a Lovely, Lovely Boy! (:

And correct me if I am wrong, but is he a 'fewspot' appaloosa?

Gorgeous and I have no doubt you would have done exceptionally well with him.

Wow, and from the recent pic of him - I wouldn't have picked him a day over 10 (:

I wish you and 'Chum' all the best in recovering from his run in with E.I.
I am sure he will be fine, he obviously is very well cared for and very much loved.

Take care & bye for now,


29-09-07, 01:45 AM
In response to post 56 by Pauper.

~Does your horsie have a saddle on? Or even a bridle for that matter???

29-09-07, 01:58 AM
Hi Jasmine nope, only a bit of baling twine :) .

hehehe got to the stage i wouldnt even ask Td what she and the pony had been up to, i'd just wait to see the pics LOL.
cheers Pauper

It is inexcusable for scientists to torture animals; let them make their experiments on politicians.

29-09-07, 02:04 AM
How high is the jump? Do you know?

29-09-07, 02:17 AM
Welcome to the forum.

There are a lot of Paints around the Woodford / Caboolture area. I'm from that area.

I don't breed, but I do have a lovely mare by Overexposed.

29-09-07, 08:14 AM
Hi Nicko,

Thanks for the welcome (:

Yes, there are a LOT of Paint People over this way.

Do you have any pics of your mare? Would love to see some. What do you do with her - ie.. compete/show or just for fun?

The people who own Overexposed are lovely and very good friends of mine.

I also have another good friend up Eumundi way who has a BIG mare by Overexposed, who they love dearly and who also does very, very well in the showring.

Will look forward in chatting with you.


29-09-07, 12:37 PM
She is just for fun Gaye-ann. She is a brilliant horse, and I am being encouraged to do more with her by some. SHe is way too good to be a pleasure horse, but I guess she doesn't mind her easy life. I haven't seen Overexposed's owners for a while. Is it you that has their Pally QH mare on loan? If so, she is my girl's dam.

Queen_V's daughter has a mare by Overexposed as well.