View Full Version : Trimming Courses for layman

05-10-07, 01:57 AM
I know this has probably been done but I didn't take much notice as my farrier assured me he would still come out BUT he rang last night to tell me that his RACEHORSE clients have told him that if he continues to shoe pleasure horses he can't shoe theirs http://www.mfbb.net/reaper/images/smiles/tlab41.gif[/img] he was really upset but I understand he only has 4 clients outside the racing industry they are his bread & butter.

So since my ponies are going nowhere in a hurry I would like to dress/trim them myself but having relied on my farrier for so long I need to brush up on my rusty skills.

I know there are lots of barefoot courses but not sure if this is what I need & have heard some not so nice things about the Strausser method so would like to avoid that.

Any ideas, suggestions