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Lauren Bradford (lozza)
06-04-01, 01:24 AM
one of our horseys has a crack running around his hoof about 1cm below his corronet band to about the middle of his hoof starting almost from his heel, it is gradually getting wider, and we have been putting hoof dressing on it! The farrier was meant to look at it the other day but didnt as he wasnt reminded by my sisterrrr who was holding the horse grrrrrrr, does anyone have any idea what it would be caused from, what we can do about it etc ?

06-04-01, 01:34 AM
Sole Pack liquid & cornucresine. The liquid tobe used immediately & the conrucresine rubbed around the coronet band.
You farrier should be well aware of these products.
I also suggest you purchase some hoof food.

06-04-01, 02:28 AM
>one of our horseys has a
>crack running around his hoof
>about 1cm below his corronet
>band to about the middle
>of his hoof starting almost
>from his heel,

does anyone
>have any idea what it
>would be caused from, what
>we can do about it
>etc ?

Loz, it sounds like where an abcess has broken out when at the corronet band or some sort of coronary band injury that (trodden on , knocked on a jump...)is growing out. I wouldnt stress too much about it provided that the hoof above is looking healthy. Im sure if it was something to be concerned about the farrier would have said something without having to be reminded. Just may be keep it clean so crap doesnt get stuck down into it.


07-04-01, 07:33 AM
all the abovr sounds great in addition if your farier hotshoes get him to 'burn'a few lines in the opposite direction to the split.. hoof is like hair and melts so will help support the crack...

Under run sole
08-04-01, 02:39 PM
I had a mare with something like you describe early this year. My farrier called it an under run sole as the result of a long standing deep abscess. He basically removed the sole to reveal a lovely new healthy sole underneath.

09-04-01, 04:39 AM
Lozza,hearing about your situation and reading some of the other suggestions,(re-Anja)do not attempt this, nor have your farrier attempt it, it is an old wifes tale.
A crack in a hoof is like a crack in glass, burn a line in the opposite direction and that is the direction the crack will start to go,also giving the foot an ugly appearance.
By the sounds of your problem your has had an absess close to the coronary band where it has broken out, maybe some 4-6 weeks prior. The hoof is growing down quite well by the sounds of it,so if you keep the crack clean and also sprinkle some blue stone/copper sulphate inside the crack, this will prevent any seedy toe or rot starting in there.
As well you may mix the above with vaseline 50/50 and packed into the crack with cotton wool. This will prevent moisture from entering the top of the crack. Let nature take it course, it will grow down and out.
If your horse isnt lame, basically leave well enough alone.
P.S. Dont be frightened to ring your farrier, most of them arnt bad.